Fostering a Culture of Innovation through a Faculty Learning Community


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by Rajiv Jhangiani, KPU and Erfan Rezaie and Mary Gionvannetti, Capilano University

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  • Use post-it notes to have participants write down their topic and then we can organize the topics by themes.
  • Have participants in groups of six and give them three topics of which they will choose one to work on.
  • What would the benefit be to you to join such a group?

    Eight – twelve members

    : Deepen knowledge and expertise in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Fostering a Culture of Innovation through a Faculty Learning Community

    1. 1. 1. Ice breaker 2. Activity 3. FLC? 4. Activity – Next Steps 5. Questions
    2. 2. Find out from your partner a teaching topic that they are so interested in and excited about that they would commit to joining colleagues for an ongoing professional development session.
    3. 3. 1. Describe an activity you use on the first day of class to get your students excited about learning. 2. Share a planned or spontaneous experience/activity that uses humour to engage students in learning. 3. What is your favourite activity to build a sense of community in the on-line component of your course?
    4. 4. 4. Come up with an activity that requires students to involve their whole body. 5. Describe an activity that works well every time you use it in your class. 6. What successful activity have you used to enhance or discourage the use of technology such as cell phones, laptops, or Ipads in the classroom.
    5. 5. Purposeful Voluntary Structured Community of practice Participants Focused
    6. 6. With the members at your table, brainstorm three goals for a FLC.
    7. 7. To foster collaboration and collegiality across university faculties To research and reflect upon the complexities of teaching and learning To create a safe, respectful, trust-filled community that allows participants to share their successes and challenges To design and undertake individual or group FLC projects, which can be presented to the university community, at conferences, etc.
    8. 8. Elicit topics Choose a topic Provide FLC description, purpose, and details in call for applications
    9. 9. On the handout provided, write down three hot topics that you would like to discuss in an FLC. On the handout provided, write down five names of people you would like to participate in an FLC with you.
    10. 10. Contact Mary Giovannetti 604-986-1911 local 2373 Capilano University