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Etug paper


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Etug paper

  1. 1. ETUG HISTORY As a grassroots group, etug has been in existence since 1994. Over the years etug has presented the following activities and events in support of innovation and best practices in educational technology in bc: - Annual face-to-face workshops held in the fall and spring - Annual bc innovation awards in educational technology - Online discussions on topics of interest to members - Real-time web-based events - Institutional updates - The etug news (a monthly newsletter) The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) is a community of BC post-secondary educational practitioners focused on the ways in which learning and teaching can be enhanced through technology. Our community is diverse and members include: - Post-secondary professional staff (e.g. instructional designers, media developers, technical support) - Instructors and learners - Academic and technology administrators Our core value is a commitment to nurturing a vibrant, innovative, evolving, and supportive community that thrives with the collegial sharing of ideas, resources, and ongoing professional development through face-to-face workshops and online.
  2. 2. IDEAS WORTH REMEMBERINGCollaborative work by SCETUG putting The division of working Communication Ideas Recycledtogether the website requirement list group into: Aim is to send out digital package to all Review all topics that were suggested ETUG reps. The digitial package will for the spring workshop (mlearning,- PLE access and traditional site - Web Group include: an executive summary re: synchronous learning, storytelling, etc)- RSS feed, Flexible permissions, Collaborative workspaces - Communication Group memberships (why become a member?), that dont end up being the theme for- Ways to publicly acknowledge members who contribute - History Group awards, highlights of current members, the spring workshop and plan to do- Ways to share what ETUG is about and what we do - Awards Committee (quotes, fall workshop feedback, etc). something for those as a smaller /online- Know who the members are and what theyre up to /scope event- Ideally a place where presenters can self-post presentations,bios, pre-reading/resources etc. for attendees year in review or last issue of ETUG NewsCommunication Media Work Showcase Ideas Box Project Execution Instead of PC Award, how about EdTech We need to be able to handle what we take on !Sylvia: Hi! Im at the ALT-C conference in and have been noticing a SHOWCASE....Think of it as an opportunity for too much. We have lots of ideas for cool thingsfew neat things about the way the people to showcase the good work of their to do but we need to be able to sustain the colleagues, or their own good work. Being This idea box is a great idea! A space created for work required by these projects. !conference is organized. This struck meas a neat and simple idea for selected by an adjudication committee or by everyone to shout their ideas. What if we open thisconferences -- voting American idol (pop peers is just a bonus. And we can only hope space for all member in ETUG? Bringing the senseidol in UK :-) ) by mobile phone. This that there are LOTS of people who arent of ownership for everyone in the community. A lot of the ideas we have in our archive is worth trying.could also be useful for quick yes/no selected. I think back to when I nominated What if we form a “project execution” group that willpolls. Throughout the conference weve Devin Gambler from NVIT. He was selected pick and choose from these ideas and make it happen inbeen receiving messages about room for an award, but if he hadnt been I would our community?changes, reminders about events, etc. Its have though gee what a shame that nobodybeen really useful. knows about the great work he is doing.
  3. 3. ETUG TIMELINE Data taken from wetpaints and ! All the great things we have done, let’s continue the great work! 1994 1997 1999 2006 Nov 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 June 2009 Three groups SCETUG First Spring Workshop: Fall Workshop: Spring Workshop: Fall workshop: Spring Workshop: Fall Workshop: Spring Workshop: converge to First chair Innovation Open and on the Tales from the Running the Web 2.0: Whats, Creativity Learning on From Implementation form ETUG Award Move Trenches Rivers Whys and Hows the Edge to Innovation Oct 2009 June 2010 Nov 2010 Jan 2012 Feb 2011 June 2011 Nov 2011 Mar 2012 June 2012 Fall Workshop: Spring Workshop: Fall Workshop: First T.E.L.L Wordpress and Spring Workshop: Fall Workshop: Wordpress Spring Workshop:Learning Design 3 Cups of T Stop Tugging and session buddypress Open4Learning You Are Here website launch Innovation Start Bridging (monthly) website launch
  4. 4. PAST ETUG COMMUNICATION Data taken from SCETUG : ETUG Flickr ETUG Facebook Innovation Awards Learn together ETUG Twitter Submissions Collaboratory Networking at ETUG workshops: Fall and Spring with 110 plus attendees SCoPE Discussions Broadcast message to approx 1100 community members SCETUG HUB / ETUG planning wikis ETUG Communication ETUG Online Community community.bccampus. SCETUG Virtual Office ca/etug (elluminate Live Room) ETUG Workshops (Wordpress) SCETUG Listserv etug-scetug@community. Monthly Meetings SCETUG working groups SCETUG Online communities page and (workshop wiki) membership Join ETUG ETUG monthly news ETUG mission to all members Secure SFU site statement to register
  5. 5. CURRENT ETUG COMMUNICATION! ETUG Flickr We have condensed our communication medium to simplified the process. How can we keep improving this? ETUG Twitter Networking at ETUG workshops: Fall and Spring with 110 plus attendees SCoPE Discussions Broadcast message to approx 1100 community members SCETUG working groups SCETUG PBworks and notes (Wiki) ETUG Communication Mailing list (email) ETUG Workshops (Wordpress) SCETUG Virtual Office (elluminate Live Room) Monthly Meetings ETUG monthly news SCETUG to all Online Event by (workshop wiki) membership ETUG ETUG mission Secure SFU site statement to register
  6. 6. ETUG COMMUNICATION CHAIN Maling lists Web posts Monthly Online Meetings ? SCETUG Do member use Twitter MEMBERS Twitter? ? twitter to contact SCETUG? ! How effective is our communication chain within SCETUG, SCETUG to member (vice versa), and member to member? How can we improve them?
  7. 7. ETUG SPIDERGRAM 2009 Data taken from activity from SCETUG meeting in 2009 Workshops MEETINGS PROJECTS 5 Micro blogging OPEN ENDED ETUG not there yet CONVERSATIONS 4 3 2 ACCESS TO Who at institution Enhanced presentation EXPERTISE With possible ETUG (visual) members input 1 related skill sets CONTENT PUBLISHING Social recognition RELATIONSHIPS showcasing of membership welcoming of new memberBe able to customize INDIVIDUALtheir own experience PARTICIPATION BC - based membership CONTEXT The current shape of the community Extending ETUG events to related COMMUNITY The desired state of ETUG community Curated by members, communities CULTIVATION info accessible to anyone (SCoPE, LTC)
  9. 9. PAST AND CURRENT PROBLEM ! Community needs assessment Sometimes it’s not just about what the community wants, but more to UNDERSTANDING what it needs. Asking the members directly what they want might Reaching out to member generate too much input that might cluttered the system. So instead, THE COMMUNITY how do we identify their needs? How do we involve the member? Member ownership of the process ! Too many platforms used for communication ONLINE To foster our communication within ETUG and SCETUG, we have been using a lot of different platforms which grows out of hand and scattered COMMUNICATION Buddypress incidents in different places. How can we centralize our communication? Space for online interactionPROBLEM ! Organizing the notes The communication among SCETUG members has been well organized and proved to be productive in fostering new ideas and activity. How do STEWARDSHIP we keep track of the documentation? How do we share this to the Sharing the work report members? How do we involve the member in this process? to member ! Who is our member? These questions have been a mystery to our community. How can we MEMBERSHIP keep track of our membership? How to be a member?
  10. 10. INSPIRING IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE “You may think you know what your community needs. You may even be right. Nevertheless, you must still consult the community first to find out what it wants - And you must do this genuinely, with a mind open to change.” Community needs assessment article What the community wants may not always be the same as what it needs - your job may be to persuade it that it has needs it hadnt turned its mind to - and if there are large differences between wants and needs you need to know about that, too. You may decide to change your direction, or you may decide to spend more on community education, but you must establish a clear link between your goals and the goals of the people you want to involve. PUTTING THE "I" IN ONLINE AND REAL-LIFE COMMUNITIES CAN RESULT IN A STRONGER FEELING OF "WE." Sounds counter intuitive, right? In reality, powerful individualism is often what leads to strong communities. Many of the most successful communities are created when people are empowered to take ownership and have a voice. “PROMISE ONLY WHAT YOU CAN DELIVER. AVOID TRYING TO SOLVE ALL OF THE COMMUNITY’S NEEDS." Andrew Shea