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ETUG Tell January: Sound in Education


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Tell January Session
January 29, 2013
John Born, BCIT

Published in: Education
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ETUG Tell January: Sound in Education

  1. 1. SOUND IN EDUCATION@bornaudio #SoundEducation
  2. 2. About Me•  Sound enthusiast, Designer, Teacher, Student…•  The Auditory Hierarchy in Instructional Message Design•  STLHE Presentation 09•  HITS: Harnessing Images, Text, And Sound for Education 09,11
  3. 3. Learning Activities•  To accomplish a learning objective, you need learning activities. Lets begin with an instructional design process from eLearning by Design by William Horton...
  4. 4. Absorb•  Presentations•  Field trips•  Readings
  5. 5. Absorb for Sound•  Listening – guided sound walks. Listening to field recordings online•  Presentations – on sound and recording•  Reading – and viewing videos on sound equipment and recording techniques.•  Learn about the Soundscape: Keynote, Sound signals, Sound marks
  6. 6. Do•  Practice•  Discoveries•  Games
  7. 7. Do for Sound•  Practice – with the sound equipment•  Discover – and experiment with recording out in the field.•  Game – Identify the sound•  Try and capture an animal in the environment without being too disruptive.•  Soundscape challenge
  8. 8. Connect•  Research•  Ponder•  Stories told by learners
  9. 9. Connect for Sound•  Learners will research what they hear on recordings.•  Learners will answer questions about the entire process.•  Link sounds to projects, i.e, SoundCloud…
  10. 10. Connect: Job Aids with Sound
  11. 11. Connect: Job Aids with Sound•  Sound only lessons as a diagnostic tool for challenging students on technical repair.
  12. 12. Get Ready To Share!
  13. 13. The Social Sound Path•  Absorb – SoundCloud: Stream & Explore•  Do – Recording with SoundCloud•  Connect – ASC = Add to SoundCloud, Share & Compare…
  14. 14. Advanced Options•  Question:•  What about advanced options editing and creating Soundscapes?•  Answer:•  Audio editors and Multi-tracking options•  Learn and apply film “Sound-layers”
  15. 15. Audacity
  16. 16. GarageBand
  17. 17. The Production Process•  Pre-production•  Production•  Post-production•  Delivery
  18. 18. Pre-production•  Identify the objective of your audio message•  Write out your script – Chunking Material•  If it’s multi-tracking – List your Sound Layers!
  19. 19. Production•  Recording•  Troubleshooting
  20. 20. Post-production•  Editing•  Mixing•  Listen over headphones and speakers
  21. 21. Delivery•  Selecting formats for exporting and uploading•  MP3/QT makes listening from the Browser possible•  Using embed codes to have custom players•  Stay with it, build community, have fun!
  22. 22. Thank YouStay in touch!