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BCOER Alberta Presentation


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Association of Alberta Academic Librarians - November 19, 2015

Published in: Education
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BCOER Alberta Presentation

  1. 1. Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to use, modify or distribute any or all of this presentation with attribution
  2. 2. ● Librarians & OER ● BCOER Beginnings ● Our Projects ● Learning & Sharing ● Future plans
  3. 3. Librarians & Open Education Resources
  4. 4. Mission BCOER is a group of B.C. Postsecondary librarians working together to support the use of quality Open Educational Resources (OER).
  5. 5. Participation BC Postsecondary Institutions and BCcampus
  6. 6. BCOER Hackfest OER Awareness was identified as a key need. Talking points for an advocacy poster and ideas for librarian professional learning were discussed. We tested an assessment rubric for OER repositories. 40 science repositories were evaluated.
  7. 7. BCOER Project: Advocacy Poster A poster was developed with talking points to engage faculty in conversations. It is an OER made available on bcoer-librarians/bcoer- tools/
  8. 8. BCOER Project: OER Assessment Rubric The OER Repository rubric developed and tested at the Hackfest is now available on files/2014/07/OERR- Rubric.pdf
  9. 9. BCOER Project: Subject Guides These OER Primer Libguides were the first ones developed by a BCOER librarians. The links are available from
  10. 10. BCOER Project: Librarians & OER Event
  11. 11. BCOER Project: Web space Web site Collaboration site
  12. 12. BCOER: Community feedback Awareness Discoverabilty Quality & Longevity of OERs Licensing – understanding CC Resistance to Change Knowing about Opportunities Thinking session on identifying OER Challenges
  13. 13. BCOER: Connecting & Sharing #bcoer
  14. 14. BCOER: Connecting & Sharing Open Textbook Summit May 28 & 29 BCcampus Webinars March 9 - 14 April 22 - 24 Spring Workshop June 4 & 5, 2015
  15. 15. Future Projects Currently exploring & testing a collaborative space to develop/maintain OER subject guides
  16. 16. More Project Ideas • Pro-d opportunities offered in variety of modes (e.g. f2f event, webinar, podcast, discussion forum, or self-serve resources) • Host a resource sprints or hackfests for/by librarians • Facilitate an OER librarians community of practice
  17. 17. Acknowledgments Icons are from “The Noun Project” ( licensed under a Creative Commons –Attribution license (CC-BY 3.0) • Brainstorm by Jessica Lock • Celebration by Scott Lewis • Collaboration by Krisada • Digital-Classroom by Dan Hetteix • Librarian by Wynne Nafus Sayer • Open-Education by Berkay Sargin
  18. 18. Thank YouQuestions? Caroline Daniels Erin Fields Leva Lee