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New Semester Basics


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Published in: Education
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New Semester Basics

  1. 1. Transition to CollegeNEW SEMESTER BASICS
  2. 2. HIGH SCHOOL VS. COLLEGE There are many difference between high school and college. Because of these differences, students often find the transition to be very challenging. 1 out of 3 students who enter college does not complete his or her freshman year.
  3. 3. IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES The academic work is more difficult, you will probably need to study 2 to 3 hours for each class hour. In high school you are required to attend every class. You are going to have to be an independent learner in college. Your schedule of classes in college will be more spread out than your classes in high school. It is very important to carefully manage your time. Tests in college classes are given less frequently
  4. 4. IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES To do well in college, you must take good notes in class and from your textbooks. You should have good test taking skills. Make-up test and late work are usually not permitted, neither will you be allowed to do extra credit work to raise low scores. College is not simply a continuation of high school. It is a new experience that requires you to approach success in new ways right from day one.
  5. 5. HOW TO START THE SEMESTER OFF RIGHT Whether it is your first semester in college, or the start of your last semester in college the beginning of a new term means that you are back at square one. You need to make sure you start off as strongly as possible.
  6. 6. NEW SEMESTER BASICS Get a time management system. Take a reasonable course load. Have your life logistics worked out. Get your finances in order. Plan to be involved in other activities. Get information on where to go for help, just in case you need it.
  7. 7. NEW SEMESTER BASICS CONTINUED Have your books purchased or at least on their way. Go to the first class. Show up to class on time. Be attentive in class. Stay focused and appear interested, no outside reading, sleeping, or texting! Be respectful to your professor and fellow classmates. Submit assignments on time. Sit towards the front of class. Make an appointment and visit your instructor sometime during the first three weeks of class. You are responsible for your education and for your success!
  8. 8. NEW SEMESTER BASICS CONTINUED How To Get To Know Your Professor Go to class every day Turn in assignments on time Ask questions and engage in discussions in class Go to your instructors office hours Ask to sit in on another of your instructor’s classes
  9. 9. NEW SEMESTER BASICS CONTINUED Know Where To Go If You Need Help Student Support Services Free Tutoring Services on each campus Study Skills Specialist Transfer Center Disability Support Services