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Keys to success


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A workshop that covers some basic tips and ideas on how to succeed in college.

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Keys to success

  1. 1. The Keys to College Success: What Every Student Needs to Know
  2. 2. High School vs. College • There are many difference between high school and college. Because of these differences, students often find the transition to be very challenging. • 1 out of 3 students who enter college does not complete his or her freshman year. *BCTC-68.5% retained from fall to spring 11-12 • The real key to success is understanding the differences and creating a strategy for success that works for you. • The problem is that many students never figure out what works for them.
  3. 3. Important differences • The academic work is more difficult, you will probably need to study 2 to 3 hours for each class hour. High School College Time spent in class Time spent in class Time spent studying outside of class Time spent studying outside of class
  4. 4. Important differences • Tests in college classes are given less frequently and cover more information. • You are going to have to be an independent learner in college. • College is not simply a continuation of high school. It is a new experience that requires you to approach success in new ways right from day one.
  5. 5. Keys to Success Overview 1. Why College? 2. What You Think You Need To Know 3. What You Really Need To Know
  6. 6. Why Is College Important • Education Opens Doors-the more education you get, the more choices and opportunities you will have. More options often lead to greater success and happiness in life. • Education allows you to choose your career-it allows you to choose a career that interest you and will enable you to achieve your dreams. • Education expands your mind-it exposes you to a variety of people, topics and experiences. • Education improves your life-research shows that college graduates tend to be healthier and have higher rates of satisfaction in many areas of life. • Education increases your earning potential-college graduates can earn as much as $1 million more in their lifetime!
  7. 7. What You Think You Need To Know To Be Successful • ?? • Go to class • Study • Take good notes • Set goals • Balance school & life • Finances • All of these are important but there are few things that are even more crucial.
  8. 8. What You Really Need To Know To Be Successful • Take Control-You are responsible for your education and for your success! • Go to Class-Whether your class is in-person, online or a combination class attendance should be a priority throughout the semester. • Put in the work-Study more--not less than you think you need to be successful. Tutoring should be a regular part of your academic activity, schedule study/tutoring time as if it were another class. • Connect with others  Instructors-Get to know your instructors and let them get to know you. Meet with your teachers before you start having problems.  Campus Resources-Know where to go if you need help, examples include SSS, DSS, Tutoring, Career Development & Counseling, Learning Resource Centers, etc.  Other Students-Research shows that one of the most significant factors in college success for first generation college students is studying alone! Connect with other students to form study groups, share notes or eat lunch. It will make a difference in your success!
  9. 9. What You Really Need To Know To Be Successful • College is hard work and completing college is even more challenging but it can be done! • You will need to be resilient to acclimate to the differences between high school and college as well as to overcome the challenges that are part of the college experience. • Plan to succeed and don’t allow setbacks to derail your academic goals!