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Job interviews 101


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Job interviews 101

  1. 1. SSS Workshop
  2. 2. Job Interviews 
  3. 3. Before The Interview  Review the job description  Research the company  Think about common questions and how you would answer them  Ex. “Why do you want to work here?  What are some other common questions?  Try to prepare yourself for the odd questions and how you would answer them.  Ex. “What kind of animal would you be?”  Have you ever been asked an odd question in an interview?
  4. 4. Before The Interview  Think about questions you want to ask  Ex. “What is typical workday like for this position?”  What are some other good questions?  Relieve some of the stress by practicing with a mock interview with a friend, advisor or career center  Get plenty of sleep the night before.
  5. 5. Day Of The Interview  Dress appropriately for the type of job you are interviewing for  Dress neatly – clothes clean and ironed  Leave early so that you can be sure to arrive on time – arriving late is a good way to guarantee you won’t get the job  Turn off your cell phone  Bring a bottle of water with you
  6. 6. The Interview  Be confident but not arrogant  Be polite & respectful  Sit up straight, don’t fidget, and make eye contact  Have copies of your resume on-hand and offer a copy to the interviewers  Bring a copy of the job description with you
  7. 7. The Interview  Answers questions clearly and concisely, but don’t just give yes/no or simple answers  Be prepared to adjust your answers based on how the interviewers respond  Ask questions!
  8. 8. Things Not To Say  “I really need this job.”  “My last job/boss was terrible.”  “You’d be stupid not to hire me.”  “I don’t have any weaknesses.” Or “My main weakness is that I work too hard.”  “I don’t have any questions.”
  9. 9. Questions Not To Ask  “How much does this job pay?”  “How much vacation time do I get?”
  10. 10. Things Not To Do  Answer your cellphone – under any circumstances  Appear bored  Fidget or move around a lot
  11. 11. Final Tips  Use your common sense  Be prepared  Be yourself  Utilize resources such as the Career Center to do mock interviews, get your resume reviewed, get job search tips