Internship workshop


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Internship workshop

  1. 1. Internships and You!
  2. 2.  Internships provide real world experience (How much overtime do we work?, How much time is spent in the office vs. the field) Internships allow students to gain valuable hands on experience while in college. Internships can turn into full time employment.
  3. 3.  Opportunity to network within selected industry. (Would I be happier in MKT?, Am I comfortable working with patients or in a lab setting) Acquiring new skills. The opportunity to “test drive” a career. Gaining a mentor in the field. Opportunity to understand the culture of the field.
  4. 4.  Paid Unpaid For Credit Non Credit
  5. 5.  Internships on a students resume can give them an advantage in the hiring process. Interns many times fulfill a void of full-time employees which can make their experience and efforts that much more valuable.
  6. 6.  Career Services at College Prospectivecompany (if you have one that you are interested in) Internet
  7. 7.  The earlier the better! Do not wait until the last minute, many operate off of application deadlines. Think about looking for an internship the semester before you plan to complete it.
  8. 8.  Consider an internship that is career focused (the field you are interested in) Will the learning opportunities you need be provided by the company/organization you are considering interning at? Consider whether the summer or regular school term will work better for your lifestyle in regard to an internship. Make sure the perspective internship will complement your career goals.
  9. 9.  Arrive On Time/Stick to your schedule Dress Appropriately (find out the dress code/culture) Speak Professionally Use Professional Protocols (Confidentiality) Go above and beyond the internship description---show initiative Keep an open mind
  10. 10.  You may be able to receive academic credit depending upon your major and department requirements. Many employers require that you are able to receive academic credit. Before starting your internship, you and your intern supervisor Must complete an internship contract.
  11. 11.  Internship contract/paperwork as required by academic department/career development center. These documents are necessary to ensure student interns are aware of their rights and responsibilities. The internship documents also state that YOU and your supervisor agree to the conditions of the internship.
  12. 12.  Please see the hand-out
  13. 13. ???