Custom Office A to Z in Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 & MAS 200)


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This presentation was the topic of the Houston, San Antonio, Denver and Honolulu Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200) User Group Meetings held throughout March 2014. During the user group we discussed the reasons we customize using Sage 100, the benefits of the Custom Office Module, a review of the key concepts and terms, and how to find examples of VBScript. Then to top things off we ended by covering come of the newest features in Sage 100 and covered some tips & tricks.

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  • Presenters:This slide illustrates the starting point to add a custom button to the Sage 100 Menu. Continue the topic with a live demonstration. Select the “Customize” option from the drop down menu (right click in the menu header). Select the Custom Buttons Tab. Click New Program and navigate to select an external task to be added as a button on the Sage 100 screen. Some examples of buttons you might add include Excel, Go to Meeting launcher, DropBox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Illustrate that clicking the newly added button will launch the task.
  • Use Business Insights Explorer to find data quickly without the need to print a report. In this example, we are searching customer invoice history for all invoices with a comment of RUSH. Business Insights Explorer quickly finds two invoice records that meet our criteria.Presenters:Company ABC demo data has invoice records with the text RUSH in the comment field.
  • When posting A/P data to the General Ledger, Sage 100 defaults are set to post vendor name and invoice # or vendor name and check number. There are other options available that allow users to include, for example, comments entered at the line item or header level of the invoice. Many customers find the availability of comments in the General Ledger detail convenient.
  • The cash flow statement is additional financial report available in the General Ledger Financials reports menu and is driven by the cash flows codes assigned to certain GL accounts. The Statement of Cash Flows reports the amounts of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company and illustrates how a company's operations are running, where its money is coming from, and how it is being spent. Cash flow is determined by looking at three components by which cash enters and leaves a company: core operations, investing and financing. Assign a cash flows code to those accounts that offset cash entries.Print the Statement of Cash flows through the G/L Financial Reports menu option. Presenter: please show the sample of the Statement of Cash Flows that prints from ABC demo company as of 05/31/2010.
  • Custom Office A to Z in Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 & MAS 200)

    1. 1. Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90 & MAS 200) User Group Meeting March 2014
    2. 2. Agenda • Greeting and Introductions • Lunch • All Things Custom Office • Tips and Tricks • Q&A • Adjournment
    3. 3. The Reasons We Customize • Tailor system to organizational needs • Change to fit user specific needs (i.e. tab stops) • Utilize familiar terminology
    4. 4. Benefits of Custom Office • Menu driven functions that do not require programmer • Lower cost • Easier to upgrade than a custom modification.
    5. 5. A Review of Key Concepts and Terms • UDF – User Defined Field. • UDT – User Defined Table. • UDS – User Defined Scripts. • UI – User Interface. This refers to Sage entry screens • API – Application Programming Interface. • Business Rules – validations that are enforced to ensure proper data is written to a table.
    6. 6. A Few Possibilities • Change Tab Stops and Hide Fields on screens • Create User Defined fields and add them to screens and reports • Create User Defined Tables to store data or to validate against • Add buttons to launch programs or tasks • Create scripts that can run processes without user intervention.
    7. 7. Examples • Add a User defined field to Sales Order Entry and to the Sales Order work file • Hide a field on an existing panel and change the tab stop • Add a Link to a Dialogue box • Create a new panel in AR to store udf’s. • Add a button for a multimedia link to an inventory item to view a video or listen to an audio file. • Create a link to push data from customer maintenance to Microsoft Word • Add an additional level of security to data entry tasks and screens using a vb script
    8. 8. Recap • UDF’s within existing MAS 90/200 tables • Data flow through the framework • Standard Screen Customization, to add new fields • Scripting
    9. 9. How to Find Examples for VBScript • Google is your friend!! – How to read a CSV file? Google “VBScript how to read a csv file” – Interested in creating an Excel spreadsheet? Google “VBScript how to create an Excel file” – Want to know how to interface with outlook? Google “vbscript how to invoke outlook”
    10. 10. Tips and Tricks
    11. 11. Add a custom button to the Sage 100 Menu
    12. 12. Using FIND in Business Insights Explorer
    13. 13. A/P Posting Comments in General Ledger
    14. 14. Cash Flow Reporting
    15. 15. The shamrock, a symbol of Ireland, has how many clovers? 2 3 4 5 Trivia
    16. 16. Once in a blue moon Travel overseas Green with envy Decipher the following Pictograms
    17. 17. Please Note • Sage 100 v2014 General Release March 5 • Customer webcasts in March and April TBA • Check with your Account Manager for assistance with downloading and installing
    18. 18. Questions?