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International skills and competency framework


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Ensure you have the skills for your IT organization, now and in the future. Learn how you can use SFIAplus, the international skills and competency framework, to address the major challenges faced by the IT industry.

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International skills and competency framework

  1. 1. SFIAplus International skills and competency framework
  2. 2. SFIAplus - international skills and competency framework Ensure you have the skills for your IT organization now and in the future
  3. 3. How can BCS help? • Organizational design • Skills mapping and profiling • Talent management • IT career pathways
  4. 4. Why do we need to change? We need to address the major challenges faced by our industry: Adam Thilthorpe BCS Director of IT Professionalism
  5. 5. Organizational design • Translate business requirements into technical solutions • Benchmark IT against industry best practice • Provide a consistent language and methodology • Resource management • Ensure right people are placed in the right role • Measure organizational & departmental skills gaps • Capture technical and behavioral skills and capabilities
  6. 6. Skills mapping and profiling
  7. 7. Skills mapping and profiling
  8. 8. Skills mapping and profiling
  9. 9. Skills mapping and profiling
  10. 10. Talent management
  11. 11. IT career pathways
  12. 12. IT career pathways • Visual representation of a career path framework for each IT job family • Illustrates how you can progress your career in a particular subject • Summarizes the characteristics and development needs that support your career • Illustrates how certification supports career development, showing progression through the SFIAplus levels and alignment with BCS membership grades • Illustrates the potential career progression you can make in your career • Ability to align the internal levels and salary grades of the client to SFIAplus • Indicates the transitions you can make between different areas in IT, depending on your skills and experience • Maps to industry recommended training & development • Maps to the learning catalogue of the client • Recognizes the importance of certification and experience, and provides a high level alignment with SFIAplus and the Institute’s membership grades
  13. 13. Client feedback ‘Access to SFIAplus has made our professionals think proactively about their own professional development. We don’t want to tell our people how to develop themselves, so the willingness to do so needs to come from them. If they show initiative and take proactive ownership of their own career path, we’ll support them at every step’. Ian Tutts, Head of Research and Development-Sage ‘The most unanticipated benefit to Colt since implementing SFIAplus is the reduction in vendor resource costs. ‘We ask contractors and suppliers to benchmark themselves against the framework ensuring consistency of skills and expertise. For the first time we can accurately compare the rates we are paying for resource and, as a result, our costs are reduced by 30%.’ Chris Hewertson, CIO, Colt ‘SFIAplus offered the flexibility to tailor roles to the specific needs of our customers. We now have a basis in which to build future talent management programmes…. Standardizing some of the roles in our company proved difficult at times. However SFIAplus offered the flexibility to tailor roles to the specific needs of our customers.’ Gene Bernier, Director of Integrated Solutions Delivery-Kimberly Clark ‘The Framework enables our people to identify the skills and capabilities that would be required for any future role they would like to pursue…..the credibility of the Institute’s badge – that label of industry best practice – meant that our Career Framework was easily accepted….In terms of relevant scope, and in terms of geographical uptake, we have found nothing similar to SFIAplus’ Daryl Beck Director of IT Academy-Unilever
  14. 14. Some of our clients..