A countdown to professional success


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All professionals need strong interpersonal skills as they are a fundamental requirement in any business environment. In our ten to one countdown, this presentation highlights some of the key subjects covered in 'The Human Touch', which will guide you on your path to professional success.

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A countdown to professional success

  1. 1. Personal skills for Professional success The Human Touch
  2. 2. Countdown to success www.bcs.org/bookshop You Others
  3. 3. TEN - idea generation techniques www.bcs.org/bookshop Use a framework for thinking to give sufficient structure to enable creativity without engendering panic and ‘freezing up’. ‘Think outside the box’ ‘Supply an alternate box’
  4. 4. NINE – steps and strategies www.bcs.org/bookshop 4. Close 3. Conduct 2. Prepare 1. Identify Negotiation process Conflict management strategies Competing Collaborating Compromising Avoiding Accommodating
  5. 5. EIGHT - team roles Experiments by Dr Meredith Belbin concluded that the most effective teams had a balanced combination of these eight team roles: www.bcs.org/bookshop Team worker Good listener, diplomat, team focussed Monitor- Evaluator Highly analytical, non-emotional Resource investigator Make contacts, find resources Completer- Finisher Great attention to detail, often pedantic Implementer Turns ideas into practical solutions Coordinator Chairman, provides consensual leadership Shaper Proactive leaders, thrive on pressure Plant Creative input, ‘innovators’
  6. 6. SEVEN - coaching skills To be an effective coach, you need these critical skills: 1. Listen actively 2. Suspend judgment 3. Give and receive feedback 4. Recognise feelings 5. Summarise 6. Question 7. Silence www.bcs.org/bookshop
  7. 7. SEVEN - coaching skills Avoid these coaching pitfalls: 1. Sitting opposite the table from the coachee 2. Imposing ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ on the conversation 3. Pushing your own perspective… ‘what I think…’ 4. Calling ‘time’ when the coachee is mid-flow 5. Not asking enough questions 6. Focusing on the coaching process at the expense of listening 7. Forgetting the ability for ‘silence’ www.bcs.org/bookshop
  8. 8. SIX - thinking hats Edward de Bono’s approach defines six different perspectives from which to address a problem and direct the thinking process. Team members should wear each hat in turn, limiting to one perspective at a time. www.bcs.org/bookshop
  9. 9. FIVE - culture dimensions Examples: • Latin America (high power- distance rating) • USA (highly individualised) • Japan (most masculine) • Latin Europe (high in uncertainty avoidance) • The Netherlands (high long-termism) www.bcs.org/bookshop Based on: Geert Jan Hofstede, Michael Minkov, Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind. 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill USA, 2010
  10. 10. FOUR - information discovery techniques These techniques combine approach (writing or speaking) with group or individual participation. www.bcs.org/bookshop
  11. 11. THREE - Vs in face to face communication Professor Albert Mehrabian’s defines three Vs: • Verbal (words) • Vocal (tone of voice) • Visual (body language) Ensuring congruence between our own three Vs is fundamental for building rapport, trust and empathy in a face-to-face conversation. www.bcs.org/bookshop Words 7% Tone 38% Body language 55%
  12. 12. TWO - leadership myths MYTH 1 – LEADERS ARE BORN NOT MADE Although truly great leaders appear to be wholly superior from birth, the truth is that the major competencies of leadership can be learned. MYTH 2 – LEADERSHIP EXISTS ONLY AT THE TOP OF AN ORGANISATION Most modern organisations are creating small entrepreneurial units and high performing teams. The opportunities for leadership at all levels are growing. www.bcs.org/bookshop
  13. 13. ONE – book that covers all this and more www.bcs.org/bookshop • Building rapport and sustaining relationships • Management and team building • Negotiation and conflict • Leadership • Coaching techniques • Managing expectations • Creative problem solving Available to order from all good bookshops and online
  14. 14. Bestselling author team www.bcs.org/bookshop ‘Working with people can bring unique pressures – find out how to avoid them.’ Debra Paul, Managing Director, Assist Knowledge Development Ltd. ‘When you say “our people are our key resource” – show you mean it.’ James Cadle MBCS CITP Director, Assist Knowledge Development Ltd. ‘You perform to your best when you have great personal and business skills.’ Philippa Thomas, Director, The Celyn Group Available to order from all good bookshops and online
  15. 15. Review quotes www.bcs.org/bookshop ‘This book provides practical tools that can be put to work immediately.’ Donald H. Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Performance Institute ‘A useful guide for managers and employers alike.’ Ann Brown, Senior Vice President HR, Capgemini Available to order from all good bookshops and online
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