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Business Relationship Manager


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An introduction to the first in a new series of books that looks at best practice guides to key IT roles. The book covers skills, responsibilities and career progression for those interested in or already pursuing a career in business relationship management.

Business Relationship Manager

  1. 1. BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES: Business Relationship Manager
  2. 2. Business relationship management The process responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with customers, identifying customer needs and ensuring the service provider is able to meet these needs with an appropriate catalogue of services. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) ITIL is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Ltd. BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 2
  3. 3. The role of a BRM… • Varies from maintaining a relationship to one that is deeply engaged in the business of the customer • Is critical to the success of the IT service provider and its customer • Is fundamental to getting IT services and the business into line with each other BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 3
  4. 4. Key skills, capabilities and knowledge • Technical and professional skills − Stakeholder relationship management, account management, consultancy, innovation, business analysis, project management • Relationship and interpersonal skills − Conflict management, interpersonal skills, communication, negotiation • Intellectual capability − Problem solving, analytical capability, lateral thinking, time management • Local knowledge and skills − Culture and values, rules of engagement, legal/regulatory framework, business processes and functions BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 4
  5. 5. Key interfaces for the BRM… • Request fulfilment • Service level management • Service portfolio management • Service catalogue management • Demand management • Transition planning and support • Change management • Capacity and availability management • IT service continuity management • Financial management for IT services • Continual service improvement • Information security management BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 5
  6. 6. BRM art and good practice BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 6
  7. 7. What this book includes • An introduction to the Business Relationship Manager • Tools, methods, techniques: − Standards − Good practice frameworks, procedures and processes − Tools and performance metrics • Career progression and CPD Plus…. • A week in the life of a BRM case study BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 7
  8. 8. What this book includes ‘The definitive guide to BRM… plays a symphony in the depth and coverage of the human role in the context of process, systems, methods and technological change.’ Brian Scott MBCS IT Management Consultant and Chair the BCS SMSG BCS GUIDES TO IT ROLES 8
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