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PFLA Newsletter—Spring 2012


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The spring 2012 edition of Private Forest Matters—a quarterly newsletter distributed to members of the Private Forest Landowners Association.

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PFLA Newsletter—Spring 2012

  1. 1. Private Forest Matters Spring 2012 Issue Show and Tell Tour, see page 3In This IssuePFLA “Show and Tell Tours”Want You! 110 Wildly Successful WildfirePrevention Tips 2Out and About with PFLA 3Save the Date! Private ForestLandowners AssociationAnnual General Meeting 4 Domenico Iannidinardo (Manager of Resource and Environment Integration—TimberWest) and Morgan Kennah (Manager of Sustainable Timberlands and Community Affairs—PFLA Contact Island Timberlands) hand out information packages to tour participants.Information PFLA “Show and Tell Tours”Private Forest LandownersAssociation (BC) Want You! Remember when you were in high school? A big part of learning wasP.O. Box 48092 reading: books, so many books. History, ideas, theories—all communicatedVictoria, BC V8Z 7H5 through words and images on paper.Tel: 250 381 7565 Maybe you were a straight-A student who devoured textbooks, woreFax: 250 381 7409 out a pathway to the library and couldn’t wait for your next assignment.Rod Bealing Maybe you were less enthusiastic about book learning, spent more timeExecutive Director navel gazing and expressed your creativity through the wild excuses youPrivate Forest Landowners conjured to explain why your homework wasn’t done.Association Regardless of where you landed on the spectrum of classroom participation, every now and again, an opportunity arose that engaged everyone.Ina Shah Yes. You guessed it, the ever-popular field trip.Office ManagerPrivate Forest >> Continued on page 3 Private Forest Matters –Spring 2012 (1)
  2. 2. 10 Wildly Successful Wildfire Prevention Tips Fire season is upon us. Wildfire You and your crew should have poses a serious threat to forest access to an inventory of appro- management objectives. Here at the priate fire management resources PFLA, we promote best management and equipment: practices (BMPs) that help minimize · Hand tools potential risks and maximize forest health. · Pumps Here are 10 wildly successful tips · Retardants to help prevent, and in the event · Water supplies that it happens, be prepared for, · Tanker trucks wildfires. 5. Know how to get to your water. 1. Have a plan. Like most things Make sure you have clear access in life, having a plan can seri- to your water source. If a winter ously mitigate the harm caused wind knocked over a tree that by unexpected events. Develop a now obstructs your ability to get written or verbal fire prevention to your pond, this is a problem. and management plan, appropri- ate to the level of fire risk and 6. Know when not to operate. 8. Manage your forest’s fuel load. hazard on your property. Monitor weather conditions and Fires need fuel to burn. Consider during high-risk seasons avoid seasonally appropriate prescribed 2. Know your trouble spots. Being activities that cause sparks: burning to minimize forest debris. aware of potential problem areas can actually help reduce the risk · Fires 9. Nobody cares about your land of problems arising. Take stock. · Machines as much as you do. Restrict pub- Have a clear inventory of low and lic access during periods of high · Equipment and extreme fire risk. According high-risk areas on your property. · Chain saws to Smokey Bear, 9 out of 10 forest 3. Be prepared. Ensure operational fires are caused by human beings. personnel are adequately trained · Cigarettes and equipped to conduct safe and 10. Report wildfires immediately. 7. Know thy neighbour. Consider effective fire suppression duties. Perhaps this goes without say- a cooperative fire management ing, but in case it doesn’t, report 4. Have the right tools. Knowing strategy with nearby neighbours. wildfires immediately to the what to do is one thing, having Cooperating can reduce costs appropriate authorities. the proper equipment is another. while increasing efficiency and person-power. Out and About with the PFLA Foresters of the Future PFLA Hometown Meetings Coastal Invasive Plant PFLA was pleased to present our We’re delighted to announce the Committee AGM and Forum annual “Foresters of the Future” PFLA Hometown Tour was a roaring PFLA looks forward to attending the lecture series to a class of enthu- success, and we’re gushingly grate- CIPC’s 7th annual general meeting siastic young forestry students at ful to all of you who took the time and forum, June 7, 2012 (10 a.m. to Vancouver Island University— to join us. As chuffed as we are with 4 p.m.), at Royal Roads University. yet another excellent opportunity our communication tools these days, This year’s theme, Vectors of Spread, to educate and inform about the nothing beats in-person, face-to-face includes: hands-on workshops, local stewardship of BC’s private man- conversation for understanding expert knowledge, café-style dia- aged forests. what matters to you. Thanks also logue and more. Spread the word, to everyone who responded to our not the weeds! newsletter survey.(2) Private Forest Matters – Spring 2012
  3. 3. Morgan Kennah explains Island Timberlands’ Fish habitat is protected by retaining streamside trees and restricting management activities insalvage operation and hazard abatement the riparian zone.programs to Private Managed Forest LandCouncil executive director, Stuart McPherson. PFLA Show and Tell Tours >> Cont’d from page 1 The rare moment when you, and “Show and Tell Forest Tours”, as we your classmates, buoyed by the like to call them, are a staple of the promise of somewhere new, piled PFLA communications program. onto a yellow school bus and Most recently, forestry experts from bounced your way to a never- Island Timberlands and TimberWest before-visited destination. took the Private Forest Managed Forests, First Nations, marine Land Council on a tour of their biology, whatever the subject, it Shawnigan and Koksilah (respec- suddenly came alive. The abstract tively) operating areas. While this world of textbooks brought to life trip focused on two of our larger,Private Managed Forest Land Council through the tactile experience of active owners, we’re already plan-members study information used in the sensing, feeling, seeing, real things ning our next tour to highlight oneassessment, planning and implementation of in real life. of our smaller forest owners.forest management activities. Detailed datamarks tree height values, forest retention It turns out, of all the commu- We can’t emphasize enough whatareas, fish-bearing streams, riparian zones, nication tools PFLA has at our a valuable tool these field trips arebiodiversity, and terrain hazard stability. disposal—events, presentations, in helping people understand our networking, Facebook, Twitter, commitment to the stewardship of newsletters, website, blog posts, BC’s private forests. briefings—the most valuable com- If you’re a managed forest owner munication tool in the shed is the interested in hosting a tour, or if ever-popular, time-tested field trip. you’re a stakeholder interested in Taking key audiences—elected visiting a managed forest, let us officials, government staff, know. We’d love to have you regulatory agencies, media folks, participate. Give us a call interested community members— (250-381-7565) or send us an into the woods and showing them, email ( firsthand, how we manage our To see more field tour photos, private forest land is the most effec-Domenico Iannidinardo, Manager of Resource visit the PFLA Facebook pageand Environment Integration (TimberWest), tive form of communication we’ve ( the process for designing and installing come across yet.a permanent bridge structure built in 2005. Private Forest Matters – Spring 2012 (3)
  4. 4. A group photo as PFLA presents Ken Robertson with the Private Forest Stewardship Award during last year’s AGM field tour to Van Isle Tree Farm near Sooke, B.C. Save the Date! PFLA AGM and Forest Field Tour—June 20–21, 2012 Plans for the 2012 Private Forest contributions that individual Landowners Association AGM, field forest owners make to overall tour and private forestry forum are forest stewardship excellence in well under way and we’re pumped the province. about how things are shaping up. The Rudi Kind Memorial The two-day event will be held, June Scholarship established in 2003 20–21, 2012, at the Four Points by to celebrate the memory of Sheraton, in stunning Langford, BC. founding PFLA member, and Here’s a taste of what you can look long-serving director, Rudi Kind. forward to: We hope to encourage and Day-long forest field tour promote a future of natural focusing on: resource management that Bio-energy reflects the same passion and thoughtfulness Rudi brought to Invasive species his career. Innovative forest management Private forestry forum including: practices Carbon credits Evening banquet reception Climate change featuring: Firefighting cost-sharing The Private Forest Stewardship Visit us online. Let us agreements Award recognizing a managed know what you think. forest owner for outstanding Update from the Private commitment to, and dem- Managed Forest Land Council. YouTube: onstration of, private forest All that and more! Stay-tuned for stewardship in British Columbia. registration and scheduling details. Facebook: The award acknowledges, See you there! and celebrates, the exemplary Blog:(4) Private Forest Matters – Spring 2012