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B.C. Wildfire Management Branch—2012 presentation to the PFLA


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A PowerPoint presented by Laurence Bowdige to the Private Forest Landowners Association annual forestry forum, June 21st, 2012.

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B.C. Wildfire Management Branch—2012 presentation to the PFLA

  1. 1. Wildfire Management BranchMeeting Future Challenges
  2. 2. Objectives• WMB Client Service Delivery 2007-11• Climate Change and Wildfire Impacts• WMB Strategy 2012-17
  3. 3. WMB Client Service DeliveryClient Wildfire Responses 2007-11Geographic Area Total # Preventable Non-Preventable Client Incidents (Lightning)Coastal 614 596 18Southeast 118 61 57 Total 732 657 75Client Wildfire Cost Responses 2007-11Geographic Area Costs to Service Preventable Non-Preventable Clients (Lightning)Coastal $1,986,168 $1,871,205 $114,963Southeast $2,119,691 $269,370 $1,850,321 Total $4,105,859 2,140,575 $1,965,284
  4. 4. WMB Client Service Delivery Provincial Wildfire Response 2007-11 Agency Coastal Southeast TotalProvince (Other Lands) 676 1840 2516Client’s Land 614 118 732Total 1290 1958 3248% of Response to Client’s Lands 48% 6% 23%
  5. 5. Climate Change and Wildfire• The length of fire season is increasing• Annual fire numbers have increased by approximately 300 since 1999• Since 1999, area burned has increased by approximately 55,000 hectares• Many parts of BC are warming at a rate that is twice the global average• Wildfire behaviour is getting more severe• Wildfires are becoming larger
  6. 6. Wildfire Management Response Issues Public  Expansion of home construction in forested areas  Expansion of industrial development Mining, backcountry recreation facilities, independent power projects  Resources  Recruitment of highly skilled workforce  Increased costs of firefighting  Keeping pace with increasing workload (capacity)
  7. 7. Wildfire Management Response Issues Environment  Smoke management and air quality  Increase in forest fuel loading  Decline in vegetative health  Impacts of climate change
  8. 8. Provincial Strategy WMB Strategic Plan 2012-17 Fuel Management Promote fuel management planning, treatments and hazard abatement Pursue long-term sustainable funding for community protection Assist local government and agencies with Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  9. 9. Provincial Strategy WMB Strategic Plan 2012-17 Fire Management Develop a landscape fire management planning process and standards Support a coordinated prescribed burn program Support alternative use of fuel hazard materials in biofibre production
  10. 10. Provincial Strategy WMB Strategic Plan 2012-17 Partnerships Revise and communicate the cost sharing agreement framework Pursue opportunities to work cooperatively or in partnership with other clients, agencies or governments
  11. 11. Questions