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In memoriam: Dr Trevor J.G. Thompson 1925–2010


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British Columbia Medical Journal, December 2010 issue

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Published in: Health & Medicine
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In memoriam: Dr Trevor J.G. Thompson 1925–2010

  1. 1. pulsimeter cohp in memoriammust either send the sample to a Continued from page 503centralized testing facility, which for Health Supervision of Infants,can take several days, or make an Children, and Adolescents, third edi-educated judgment and administer tion, which includes helpful screeningan antibiotic cocktail. Both options questionnaires.6have serious negative and occa- As a pediatrician in British Col-sionally fatal consequences. umbia, I only encounter those chil- SFU graduate students Mona dren who have been referred to me byRahbar and Suman Chhina develop- my family physician colleagues. Ased the first set of prototypes, which such, I am limited in my ability towere tested in labs in India last year. reduce childhood developmental vul- The researchers from India vis- nerability. I look to you to help in thisited SFU and spent two weeks work- regard. Children may be only 25% ofing with the graduate students and the population, but are 100% of ourperforming tests using nonpatho- future.genic bacterial strains provided by —Wilma Arruda, MD, FRCPCSFU researcher Fiona Brinkman. Chair, Child and Youth Committee The prototype chips were then Trevor J.G. Thompson, MDtested in India using the real bacte- Referencesrial strains, and the results helped 1. Kershaw P, Anderson L, Warburton B, et Dr Trevor J.G. Thompsonformulate the next generation of al. 15 by 15 A Comprehensive Policy 1925–2010chips. The new chips have been Framework for Early Human Capital Trevor Thompson was born in King-sent to India for more detailed test- Investment in BC. Vancouver: Human ston, Ontario, and graduated ining and may move on to field trial. Early Learning Partnership, University of medicine from Queen’s University British Columbia; 2009:1. in 1950. He was a life member in the College of Family PhysiciansDance wins 2. Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP). Early Development Instrument of Canada. He studied tropicalwriting award Fact Sheet. medicine in Portugal, served as aThe BCMJ is pleased to announce wp-uploads/ missionary in Kenya, and on returnthe winner of the 2009 J.H. Mac- 09/EDI-Fact-Sheet-PDF_2010-09-03.pdf to Canada worked in BC andDermot Prize for Excellence in (accessed 5 November 2010). Ontario. He retired many times, butMedical Journalism: Dr Derry 3. Human Early Learning Partnership continued to make house calls andDance. Dr Dance was a UBC med- (HELP). Nearly one in three BC children worked most recently with the Tril-ical student when he was the lead enter kindergarten vulnerable [news lium Gift of Life. He enjoyed work-author of “Removal of ear canal release]. 27 October 2009. www.early ing with people from all over theforeign bodies: What can go wrong world, from different backgrounds,and when to refer” (2009;51[1]:20- cultures, and religions. He is sur-24), coauthored with Drs M. Riley 3rd-data-collection-Oct-27-09-2.pdf vived by Patricia, his wife of 55and J.P. Ludemann. (accessed 5 November 2010). years, five sons, 16 grandchildren, The MacDermot Prize, which 4. Sutherland N. Children in English-Cana- and two great-grandchildren. Hiscomes a $1000 cheque, honors Dr dian Society, Framing the Twentieth-Cen- main interest and passion outsideJohn Henry MacDermot (1883– tury Consensus. Toronto: University of of medicine was the love of his1969), who became the editor of Toronto Press; 1978:39. family and church. He also lovedthe Vancouver Medical Bulletin at 5. Strong-Boag V. Intruders in the nursery: music, theatre, and ballroom danc-its formation in 1924. He remained Childcare professionals reshape the ing. He was a member of the Chris-at the helm until 1959, when it years one to five, 1920-1940. In: Parr J tian Medical and Dental Associa-became the BC Medical Journal. (ed). Childhood & Family in Canadian His- tion, the Chess Association ofHe was editor of the BCMJ until he tory. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart; Canada, Kin Canada, and Rotaryretired in 1967. Dr MacDermot 1982:160-178. International, being a Paul Harriswas also past president of both the 6. American Academy of Pediatrics. Rec- Fellow. He loved the things manyVMA and the BCMA. ommendations for Preventive Pediatric of us take for granted. Congratulations, Dr Dance. Health Care. Pediatr 2000;105:645-646. —Patricia O’Meara Kingston, ON VOL. 52 NO. 10, DECEMBER 2010 BC MEDICAL JOURNAL 533