British Columbia Medical Journal, December 2010 issue - Linked, tagged, or poked: What’s your status? (Social Media)


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British Columbia Medical Journal, December 2010 issue

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British Columbia Medical Journal, December 2010 issue - Linked, tagged, or poked: What’s your status? (Social Media)

  1. 1. editorials Linked, tagged, or poked: What’s your status? guess I shouldn’t have been sur- BCMJ author biographies. DRR I’m certain I’m in favor of it. I prised when the earnest reporter called. With all the attention our revised and updated web site had been DRR I can’t believe it either, and no you can’t get in as you are a pathetic little reporter and not an incredibly G&M Do you think social media will be helpful in building web site traffic, thereby enhancing awareness of BCMJ garnering it made sense that the Globe good-looking physician like I am. content? It appears your new web site and Mail would want to run an arti- G&M What an excellent idea to has been designed with these strate- cle.1 However, I’d never been inter- include video content linked to clini- gies in mind; incorporating RSS feed viewed before and this made me a lit- cal stories, such as surgical videos and capability, a BCMJ blog, and links to tle nervous. author interviews. This will be a huge the BCMJ’s Twitter and Facebook G&M Is it true that your web site now draw to readers of the print issue. I pages. has new interactive features? hear you’ve got content available on DRR Yes, it has. [Did I just get called DRR Yes. [Gee, this is easier than I YouTube, making your videos search- a twit?] thought.] able by keyword, adding yet another G&M You must be excited that with G&M And that the New England valuable source of referral traffic to the launch of your new site, physicians Journal of Medicine and Lancet have the BCMJ site. can come to to weigh in on been copying some of your web site DRR Of course. [I really think I am hot issues, creating a community that features? getting a handle on this interview will attract new and repeat visits to see DRR No comment. thing.] what people are saying on the site. G&M How did you come up with the G&M Here at the Globe and Mail we DRR How do you know all this stuff? brilliant idea of online story com- are amazed by the brilliance of the G&M I read your news release. menting, allowing for physician feed- Health Notes. DRR We did a news release? back and conversations? DRR Aw, shucks. —DRR DRR No idea. G&M I see that the Health Notes sec- G&M Is there any way I can get tion of the web site provides physi- myself in to the “People” section, cians with reliable information that Note which features current physician- they can pass along to their patients. I 1. Apart from the facts about our rad web related content, In Memoriam, and think it’s mind blowing that the public site, my editorial has no basis in reality. presidential interviews? I can’t believe will be able to access these resources. it also contains author profiles and DRR If you think this is mind blow- video interviews so that BC physi- ing then maybe you should get out cians can learn more about their col- leagues, get more information about how articles are written, and read more. Have you heard of sex? G&M Would you like to comment on your use of social media? home grown eliminate the paper trail.| The all-new enhances BC physicians work life with fresh, Cutting edge digital dictation systems, relevant content customized for you. Harness the power of speech to text technology with Speakeasy Save time Solutions & Dragon Naturally- Save money Speaking Version 10. Call for Utilize cutting edge technology Improve patient care a customized demonstration. 604-264-9109 The online home of BC physicians496 BC MEDICAL JOURNAL VOL. 52 NO. 10, DECEMBER 2010
  2. 2. editorialsGeriatric denial ever before has our society vivor benefit; good idea until sudden take longer to solve, but keep at it.N included in its ranks so many individuals over the age of 65;being in your 90s is no longer a feat— death several years into retirement. • An individual with severe osteo- porosis ignoring advice to remove And remember, maybe the best mantra is, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.”over 100 is the new prize. This shift obstacles in the home known to —LMLin demographics is partly due to bet- increase the risk of falls with theter preventive measures such as im- comment, “I just won’t fall.”proved nutrition and decreased smok- • A senior with dizziness and severaling, and partly to better management falls refusing to use a walker out ofof chronic diseases, especially cardio- the home because “it makes me lookvascular disease. Many seniors are old.”keeping fit and managing to live by • Another senior who, upon losing athe mantra, “age is just a number.” driver’s licence because arthritis However, physiologically age is prevents looking over either shoul-not just a number but a very reliable der, declares, “I just won’t back up.”predictor of future health problems. Denial and ignoring the age factorFor example, many of us forget that can be beneficial, and somehow weone of the biggest risk factors for can- all will need to work out where on thecer is age itself. The same can be said continuum we balance these factorsfor hip fracture. In spite of this, sen- against the reality of getting older. Asiors continue to challenge previously I approach becoming eligible for myheld notions of appropriate behavior Old Age Pension, I find myself in-for their age, and seniors’ increased creasingly aware of being caught inlevels of activity and involvement are this optimism/pessimism conundrum. Now we’re here for you 24 hrsthe beneficial result of the belief that Maybe that’s because the balance a day, seven days a week.age is just a number. point differs among individuals and Balanced against this benefit is the shifts with time. Call at 1-800-663-6729 or for more information about our new services, visitrisk of geriatric denial—denying risks Use your body and use your brain the extent that this denial has nega- for as long as you can. Acknowledgetive effects on health and lifestyle. Let that running today may have to switchme give some examples. over the years to cycling or walking,• A retiree opting for a pension plan but that the important thing is remain- with higher income but no spousal sur- ing active. The Sudoku puzzle may VOL. 52 NO. 10, DECEMBER 2010 BC MEDICAL JOURNAL 497