Ordrup Magazine Display Shelving


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BCI Ordrup shelving system allows libraries to display their magazine collections.

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Ordrup Magazine Display Shelving

  1. 1. Ordrup Magazine Display<br />ORDRUP PUBLIC LIBRARY, DENMARK<br />
  2. 2. Ordrup Magazine Display<br />LYNGBY PUBLIC LIBRARY, DENMARK<br />
  3. 3. Ordrup Magazine Display<br />Sales Advantages:<br />Optimal storage and display of magazines<br />Vertical acrylic display on cabinet doors enhances the latest issue of a magazine. It is easy to find a specific magazine or to get tempted to read one. Older versions are easily and logically stored behind the cabinet doors<br />Elegant, streamlined design<br />Smartly located this shelving system can function as a decoration in itself. The front covers of the magazines which gives the Ordrup Shelving a graphic look will add to this experience.<br />The double sided version is ideal as a room divider<br />The design encourage readers to replace magazines after use. This reduces maintenance time in the library.<br />Very positive customer feedback on Ordrup Shelving already supplied<br />Fits in with several of our product like Slimline, Singles, Radius, Browser model BOX, 60/30 shelving with London panels etc.<br />Works well as a stand alone product<br />There is room for A4 vertical storage boxes inside the cabinets <br />
  4. 4. Ordrup Magazine Display<br />LYNGBY PUBLIC LIBRARY, DENMARK<br />DALUM PUBLIC LIBRARY, DENMARK<br />
  6. 6. Ordrup Magazine Display<br />Technical Specifications:<br />Heights 152, 182, 212 cm / 60”, 72”, 84”<br />Depths Shelf 30 cm - Shelving 36 cm / Shelf 12” - Shelving 14 1/4” <br />Modules Start: 34.2 cm - Add-On: 32.4 cm / Start: 13 ½ – Add-On: 12 ¾”<br />Kick Plate Height H152=34.5 cm / H182=27 cm / H212=19.5 cm H60”=13.58” / H72”=10.63” / H84”=7.68”<br />Materials & Design Options Painted MDF - All parts except Acrylic Display<br /> Available in NCS and RAL colors in accordance with our Design Options<br />Configurations Single Sided Bays - Starter / Add-on<br /> Double Sided Bays - Starter / Add-on<br />Product Family Slimline. Note that end panels match Slimline, Singles and Radius Shelving.<br />Model Navision BB78800 Starter Bays, BB78801 Add-On Bays<br />Packing Information Flat packed. Cabinet door is supplied with mounted acrylic display with protection foil. Acrylic display can be removed via 4 front screws for cleaning.<br /> Note: Screws are lacquered in relevant steel color. Must be removed with care.<br />Non Standard (Special) solutions:<br />Additional standard Singles shelves can be added for optimum storage capacity inside the unit. This requires special end panels.<br />Veneer<br />Acrylic in other colors<br />Can be integrated in standard Slimline, Singles, Radius Shelving. This requires special intermediate panels.<br />