MILODesign: busk+hertzog                                                                     TRAY                         ...
AIKO                                                                               PRIME                                  ...
SHELLY                                                                            SETUP                                   ...
BASKETDesign: Matthias DemackerColorful beach baskets…Inspired by colorful beach baskets and integrated in a modular syste...
ANGEL                                                                                      JASPER                  2011 Go...
RULLO                                                                 Design: Karim Rashid                                ...
SAND                                                          TRIBECA                                                     ...
CORAL                                                                 Design: busk + hertzog                              ...
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BCI Softline Seating Catalog (2012)


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Modern Seating products great for library and office environments. Please visit us at ( and email with any questions, requests for pricing or information that you may have.

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BCI Softline Seating Catalog (2012)

  1. 1. NEWS
  2. 2. MILODesign: busk+hertzog TRAY Design: Matthias DemackerSophisticated timeless design… Architectural eye-catcher…A sophisticated easy-chair with a charismatic design. The time- Tray is a side table with a table top that functions as a tray forless design makes it perfect as a free-standing piece of furniture everyday objects. The table comes in two different heights, soin an existing décor, or you can combine Milos and use them a the two trays can be arranged to overlap each other, becomingcentral part of the décor. There is also a stool that can be added an architectural eye-catcher in the living space.this lounge chair, which is guaranteed to make Milo the house-hold’s favourite place to read a good book or listen to music. Dimensions / cm: Table Low: Ø 85 x 25 cm.Dimensions / cm: Table High: Ø 85 x 28 cm.Chair: L 76 D 98 H 85 SH 40 cm.Pouf: L 76 D 52 H 42 SH 42 cm.
  3. 3. AIKO PRIME Design: Susanne Grønlund Sofa with personality… The Prime sofa bed is a magnificent functional sofa with a Design: Susanne Grønlund highly contemporary look. The elegant, eye-catching steel frame gives the sofa per- Elegant comfortable lines… sonality. The back cushions play an important role when it The Aiko armchair is designed as an all-round lounge chair comes to seating comfort, since they can easily be removed for use in the home and in public spaces. The seat was for those who want a deep, comfortable lounging seat. designed to be an all-enveloping shell with elegant yet Since the backrest is mounted with click fittings, it can be comfortable lines. The legs are designed with a stylish moved to eight different positions, and even a made into a metal wire construction that helps give an overall impres- double bed. It is super-comfortable both as a sofa and a bed. sion of lightness. Dimensions / cm: Dimensions / cm: L 230 D 114 H 76 SH 44 cm. L 66 D 57 H 69 SH 45 cm. Bed: 130 x 195 cm.
  4. 4. SHELLY SETUP Design: Matthias Demacker Round organic shapes…. Setup is a sofa-system with round organic shapes that can be arranged in various configura- tions, so users can build the setup they prefer for their living space. Additional cushions add even more seating comfort, ensuring that the sofa will be your favourite spot to lounge at home. Dimensions / cm: Sofa + Chaise long L 276 D 126 H 71/81 SH 41 cm. Sofa: L 150 D 85 H 71/80 SH 41 cm. Chaise long: L 126 D 126 H 71/80 SH 41 cm. Single: L 77 D 85 H 71/80 SH 41 cm. Design: Matthias Demacker Corner: L 85 D 85 H 71/80 SH 41 cm. A cosy protected feeling… Shelly is an upholstered chair for private and corporate use. The upholstered shell of the seat embraces the user and gives you a cosy, protected feeling. Since the seating surface and the shell are upholstered separately, the chair also allows for different fabric colours on each component to make various combinations possible. Dimensions / cm: L 64 D 52 H 74 SH 46 cm.
  5. 5. BASKETDesign: Matthias DemackerColorful beach baskets…Inspired by colorful beach baskets and integrated in a modular system that allowstwo different height adjustments for the back, Basket lets you arrange your seat-ing just as you like. This intelligently designed sofa and chair provides a greatsetting for an intimate and cozy time alone or with friends, family or colleagues.Basket is an all-round concept suited to both work and private spaces.Dimensions / cm:Chair: L 90 D 78 H 95 / 125 SH 42Sofa: L 145 D 78 H 95 / 125 SH 42
  6. 6. ANGEL JASPER 2011 Good Design Award Design: busk + hertzogDesign: busk + hertzog Dynamic and practical…Iconic forms… A modern sofa bed in a stylish, contemporary design, ideal forWith its almost iconic design, ANGEL is an lounge chair that both rests in itself as a both private homes and public spaces. The backrest design isstandalone unit, but at the same time can be an elegant and natural part of an inte- both dynamic and practical, as it lets you sit in the ‘corners’ ofrior along with other independent designer products or more casual living room fur- the sofa, enabling many more relaxing and everyday uses thanniture. The design is soft and inviting. Two combined elements form the seat and back the average sofa bed. JASPER is easy to convert into a comfort-in a single dynamic movement, and along with the unique swivel foot they create a able bed for two adults.homogenous design that will add style and personality to any design-conscious user’s interior. Dimensions / cm:Dimensions / cm: L 212 D 83 H 72 SH 39L 81 D 76 H 102 SH 42 Bed: 70 or 140 x 200
  7. 7. RULLO Design: Karim Rashid Advanced comfort… Rullo is a convertible couch/bed created from Softline’s modular concept. The layers of foam bend to form a low backrest and are held in place with a simple strap. The base slides apart to receive the mattress. Simplicity of function paired with advanced comfort. Dimensions / cm: L 200 D 114 H 64 SH 41 Bed: 153 x 200 cm.PORTER Design: Medugorac and Busse An ultra-light wardrobe with a strong presence… The Porter wardrobe is a highly creative new design that points to the future of home interiors. It uses innovative materials such as ultra-light sinus honeycomb carton panels covered with textiles. It can be used for many different purposes, since it is constructed from components that are very easy to move around: stable, moveable shelves, an extra hanger rod and container. These qualities make Porter a simple, ultra-light wardrobe for modern people. The colour combinations give the wardrobe a strong presence: white or grey for the body, and red, lime or purple for the shelves and container. Dimensions / cm: Wardrobe: L 60 D 60 H 198 Container: Ø 51 H 28 Shelf: L 52 D 53 H 2
  8. 8. SAND TRIBECA Design: busk+hertzog Asymmetrical refined look… A coffee table with a funky design. The design breaks with the conventional perception of what legs on a coffee table should look like. The under frame is based on a simple construc- tion principle which uses angles and repetition to produce a surprisingly asymmetrical and refined look. Dimensions / cm: Table Small: Ø 75 x 41 cm. Table Large: Ø 90 x 41 cm. Design: esteban+moreno Cutting edge of design… BOGGIE Sand Collection represents the cutting edge of design Design: busk+hertzog inspired by nature. It’s mainly inspired by the way water transforms stones through the ages and the way sand Useful dynamic table… constantly create new shapes. The Sand Collection This small satellite table is extremely useful throughout the home. Its shape makes it pos- applies the art of nature to design, to create unique and sible to position it in over the seats of chairs or sofas and use it to hold, for example, a coffee functional furniture and a comfortable and peaceful mug, iPad or book. But the table is also ideal as a practical table in the hall or a bedside table setting for you and those around you. in the bedroom. The light design with the stiff, springy legs give the table a dynamic, posi- tive look that fits with most other furniture. Dimensions / cm: Chair L 100 D 100 H 71 SH 36 Dimensions / cm: Sofa chaise long L 190 D 100 H 71 SH 36 Ø 45 x 56 cm. Pouf L 85 D 67 H 30 SH 30
  9. 9. CORAL Design: busk + hertzog Unique and charismatic… This pouf was inspired by one of nature’s most delicate and beautiful organisms. With its two-tone look and diagonal lining on the seat, this is a unique and charismatic design based on a classic multi- functional piece of furniture. With the right colours and combination of materials, CORAL can be the perfect supplement to your interior. Dimensions / cm: Ø 50 H 402012 SOFTLINE Design CollectionScandinavia is home to a vibrant community of desig- The collection offers lots of new designs by SOFTLINE’sners and furniture makers who have found their own leading Scandinavian and international designers, in-individual approaches to their craft. With a strong vision cluding award-winning designers such as busk+hertzog,for the future and a sound grasp of the Scandinavian Karim Rashid, esteban+Moreno, Matthias Demackerdesign tradition, SOFTLINE is proud to present our im- and Susanne Grønlund.pressive new range of design furniture for contempo- With its wide variety, the 2012 collection highlightsrary urban living. SOFTLINE’s capacity to respond quickly to the changing needs of different lifestyles.The new collection reflects the best trends in today’smarket and continues SOFTLINE’s tradition of develop-ing stylish, multifunctional furniture based on technicalinnovation and original design. SOFTLINE A/S · Kidnakken 7 · DK-4930 Maribo · Denmark Tel.: +45 54 16 06 80 · Fax: +45 54 16 06 81 · Mail: WWW.SOFTLINE.DK