BCI Eurobib Schulz Speyer Library Tables Catalog


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Simple, functional modern library table offering great for any interior space.

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BCI Eurobib Schulz Speyer Library Tables Catalog

  1. 1. Simply universal There is nothing as simple as a table. But today’s library table can do a lot more than you will notice at first glance. It is no longer a simple “reading table”. Electricity and data have to be delivered, cables hid- den, computers installed and above all, it has to stay flexible. There have been hardly any lasting revo- lutions in the last years when it comes to table shapes. Proven designs have remained and are currently very update with geometric forms and clear lines which have always been defined by the tables‘ functions. The special functionality of our system tables is represented by the numerous combination options and also by the large accessory programme for individual specifications. Therefore: simply universal. Trapezoidal Table Reading and conference table, single table or for combination with other system tables, Table top from veneered wood/plastic coated 1 2 Frame lacquered metal Accessory options see pages 30-33 W 1600/800 mm, side length 800 mm, D 693 mm, H 720 mm Order-No. Order-No. Frame 30/30 mm Ø 35 mm B 5002 JD0 TQ B 5002 JD0 TR26
  2. 2. Reading Tables Combination examples reading tablesRectangular TableReading and working table, single table orfor combination with other system tables,Table top from veneered wood / plastic coated 1 2Frame lacquered metal m Tables? m-Accessory options see pages 30-33 can be co Why Syste But a system table is a ta ble whichD 800 mm, H 720 mm ble.a ta r. A table is e shapes. now or late ts or pre- other tabl mbination, Order-No Order-No bined with or fixed co ble conduc e series ngement as hidden ca is tabl Loose arra ssories, too, such its make thFrame 30/30 mm Ø 35 mm ce socket un And the ac as well as ble lampsW 800 mm B 5000 DD0 TQ B 5000 DD0 TR installed ta a system. pmentW 1000 mm B 5000 ED0 TQ B 5000 ED0 TR uct develo rger, prodW 1200 mm B 5000 FD0 TQ B 5000 FD0 TR Timo MildenbeW 1600 mm B 5000 JD0 TQ B 5000 JD0 TRPentagon Table Half-round Table Round TableReading and working table, single table Reading and computer table, single table or for Reading and working table for 4 to 6 persons.or for row combination. combination with other system tables. Table top veneered wood/plastic coated 1 2Table top from veneered wood/plastic coated. 1 2 Table top veneered wood/plastic coated. 1 2 Frame lacquered metalFrame lacquered metal Frame lacquered metal. H 720 mmW 1150 mm, D 750 mm, H 720 mm Accessory options see pages 30-33 H 720 mm Order-No. Order-No. Order-No. Order-No. Frame 30/30 mm Ø 35 mm Order-No. Order-No.Frame 30/30 mm Ø 35 mm Ø 1000 mm B 5001 0E0 TQ B 5001 0E0 TRLeft (see pic.) B 5003 0L0 TQ B 5003 0L0 TR Frame 30/30 mm Ø 35 mm Ø 1250 mm B 5001 0P0 TQ B 5001 0P0 TRRight B 5003 0R0 TQ B 5003 0R0 TR W 1000 mm, D 700 mm B 5004 000 TQ B 5004 000 TR W 1200 mm, D 850 mm B 5004 010 TQ B 5004 010 TR W 1600 mm, D 1100 mm B 5004 020 TQ B 5004 020 TR 27
  3. 3. Table Combinations for Employee Offices loyees! g the emp er – and considerin nizing containers arectly the us ga Made for r office furnishings such as deatch the shelving syst s as are the sks or or ems perfe , ou ey m es. Th variant in two Of course oyee offic available hts in empl e legs are also highlig shapes. Even tabl at the tabl es. in colour an d ngitudinally optical e sides or lo ak e a visible shelves. alled at th e blinds m ert your ectors can be inst ounted upright thes wnright they conv Sight prot when m ounted do st about it: ; and if m And the be een the workstations tw division be unter. a small co table into s office gold, sale Bernd Man Combination Examples Desk – Angle Combinations Desk – Angle Combination Frame 30/30 mm Frame Ø35 mm Linked, three-part system table consisting of a 90° corner element Order-No. B 5050 0D0 TQ B 5050 0D0 TR 90° corner element, as well as 2 add-on tables left and right. The 90° corner element enlarges the table depth to a total of Add-on left, D 800 mm Frame 30/30 mm Frame Ø35 mm 1000 mm. The side add-on tables are available in 4 different B 800 mm Order-No. B 5051 DD0 TQ B 5051 DD0 TR widths. B 1000 mm Order-No. B 5051 ED0 TQ B 5051 ED0 TR Table top veneered wood/plastic coated, 1 2 B 1200 mm Order-No. B 5051 FD0 TQ B 5051 FD0 TR Frame lacquered metal B 1600 mm Order-No. B 5051 JD0 TQ B 5051 JD0 TR Accessory options see pages 30-33 H 720 mm Add-on right, D 800 mm Frame 30/30 mm Frame Ø35 mm B 800 mm Order-No. B 5052 DD0 TQ B 5052 DD0 TR B 1000 mm Order-No. B 5052 ED0 TQ B 5052 ED0 TR B 1200 mm Order-No. B 5052 FD0 TQ B 5052 FD0 TR B 1600 mm Order-No. B 5052 JD0 TQ B 5052 JD0 TR28
  4. 4. Height-adjustable Workstation and Stand MOTUSComfortably working while seated and dynamically working while standing. Changingyour working position keeps your body in motion and relieves your spine.Our workstation and stand MOTUS offers the easy and fast change from seated to stand-ing work positions. Simply push a button and a powerful electric lift will adjust the table topto the desired working height.Table top veneered wood/plastic coated. 1 2Lifting piston aluminium, silver anodized. MOTUS table with two-pillar frame Table top circular shaped, W 1625 mm, D 850 mm, incl. central cable conduct, Metal with stainless steel effect Height-adjustable from 675 mm to 1325 mm Order-No. B 4101 000 XX MOTUS table with two-pillar frame Table top W 1200 mm, D 800 mm, without cable conduct Height-adjustable from 675 mm to 1325 mm Order-No. B 4102 00F XX MOTUS table with two-pillar frame Table top W 1600 mm, D 800 mm, without cable conduct Height-adjustable from 675 mm to 1325 mm Order-No. B 4102 00J XX Cable Conduct Description see page 30 Computer Console Description see page 30 Order-No. B 8650 010 XX 29
  5. 5. Table Accessories Accessory options for cable conduct left centre right Cable Conduct A two-part outlet with ring and removable lid leads the way to the cable conduct under the table top. For tables with cable conduct: please exchange B in Order-No. by a C (p.e. B 5000 ... changed to C 5000 ...) Cable conduct completely installed as requested left, centre or right (see examples) Plastic oyster white Order-No. B 6700 000 XX Plastic black Order-No. B 6700 00S XX Plastic silver Order-No. B 6700 00W XX Metal stainl. steel effect Order-No. B 6700 00E XX (see pic.) Table Connection Set Hidden, under the table top, for a permanent but removable link between tables. Can be used at the sides or longitudinally along the tables and also in combination with sight protection blinds. One set is required per connection. Metal, bright galvanized 1 Set Order-No. B 5650 000 XX Sleeve for adjustable feet Is a design option and will be simply slipped over the feet of round-steel table frames Ø35 mm. Four each per table are required. Outer diameter 45 mm, height 50 mm, conically shaped at the top, Plastic black 1 each Order-No. B 8011 000 TR PC Partition Free-standing on the table top, well-designed cover of the monitor back, lacquered metal. The opening width of approx. 500 mm can be adjusted to the individual monitor width. Height 365 mm Order-No. B 5600 000 XX Computer Console Consoles can be placed randomly under the table top to allow an ergo- nomic accommodation with a fast access to the individual computer. Lacquered metal W 220 mm, D 500 mm, H 520 mm Order-No. B 8650 010 XX30
  6. 6. Chose your table shape first and then decide which accessories you will require for your individual applications: cable conducts in the table top and cable channels underneath make it neat and tidy. If the computer is placed in a computer console, cleaning underneath will be a lot easier. With the respective tools and kits tables can be linked together permanently. Blinds have a signal effect and offer sight protection at the same time. All these accessories will help you to adapt our system tables to your individual library – they are not simply “reading tables”.BlindVariable sight protection system for installation atsides and longitudinally along tables.Blinds can be mounted upright as optical divisionas well as downright as design option or as sightprotection.Lacquered metalH 275 mmW 700 mm for table width/depth 800 mmOrder-No. B 5602 D00 XXW 900 mm for table width/depth 1000 mmOrder-No. B 5602 E00 XXW 1100 mm for table width/depth 1200 mmOrder-No. B 5602 F00 XXW 1500 mm for table width/depth 1600 mmOrder-No. B 5602 J00 XX Cable Channel For horizontal cable conduct. Can be randomly installed underneath table top. Offers sufficient room, also for multiple sockets. Lacquered metal, silver grey. W 495 mm, D 90 mm , H 70 mm Cable channel, required quantity see examples 1 each Order-No. B 6710 000 XXCable Foot Accessory examples cable channelFor vertical cable conduct. Will be installed underneathtable top p.e. in immediate vicinity of cable conduct orcable channel.Plastic silver, with weighted foot 1150 10 1000 1200 00H 800 mm, diameter 60 mm, can be randomly shortened 600 B 6711 000 XX /1Order-No. 00 800 1600 12 31
  7. 7. d. oesn’t ben o in DIYOur light d ous table lamps on the m lbs you need willly arket. Als er num the bu that finiteThere are n happen zy! But de s. And it ca the lamp itself. Cra oken. Thereforesuperstore an br pensive th constantly mps for th ebe more ex r libraries because . Stable la not suitabl e fo own lamps lmologists gned our ch ophtha d and desi t light whi technology we create the correc gy-saving they have ith an ener like to lift the library! And ey come w room we d and th In our show ow what makes ou r recommen for years. r to sh proven m in orde which has e lamp-ar ! e by th n’t bend whole tabl r light does special: ou lamps so se b, purcha Marc Hau DESIGN HARTMUT MICHALKE Depth 785 mm Printer Container This low and rollable container with paper shelf and board for printer distinguishes itself by ideal space usage. Two guiding handles on the top make handling 310 absolutely easy. Veneered wood/plastic coated. 1 2 3 442 Order-No. B 7845 000 XX Office Containers Organization Container Our organization container has wheels with stops at the front and can be used at many different workstations. Depending on the required height units (1 HU = 64mm), we offer form inserts, hanging files, drawer dividers for the drawers. Accessories Veneered wood/plastic coated. 1 2 3 Depth 785 mm With office supplies drawer, 1 drawer 2 HU, 1 drawer 5 HU with full drawer, Frame for hanging files, metal black Tray for forms 615 12 shelves, DIN A4, Metal, (min. 2 HU) Partial drawer 70% Full drawer 100% Order-No. B 7850 025 XX B 7851 025 XX Order-No. B 7855 000 XX With office supplies drawer, 1 drawer 3 HU, 1 drawer 4 HU, metal black 615 A Partial drawer 70% Full drawer 100% Order-No. B 7850 034 XX B 7851 034 XX B Drawer Cross Divider A Metal, (min. 2 HU) With office supplies drawer, 1 drawer 2 HU, 1 drawer 2 HU, 1 drawer 3 HU, metal black Order-No. B 7857 000 XX 615 Partial drawer 70% Full drawer 100% Order-No. B 7850 223 XX B 7851 223 XX Drawer Longitudinal Divider B Metal, (min. 2 HU) 442 Order-No. B 7858 000 XX 33