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BCI Eurobib is the world's leading library furniture manufacturer. They are the indisputable leader when it comes down to modern library furnishings. The catalog here is brief look at the wide variety of library furniture that may be used in library settings from the public library environment to the university library building. Catalog can also be found at www.bcieurobib.com

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BCI Eurobib Library Furniture Catalog (2010)

  1. 1. Your library store.ABCDEFGHIJKLM www.bcieurobib.com 877.224.7026NOPQRSTUVWXYZ Corporate office: 100 Hilltop road ramsey nJ 07446
  3. 3. T he one stop shop for libraries. Eurobib Direct is a web store dedicated to meeting the needs of libraries. This catalogue is your source of inspiration andprovides, at a glance, everything you need to organise,maintain and enhance your library. To save you time and money and to ensure that we canoffer you the best quality and innovative products, we havesourced ranges from some of the most exciting librarysuppliers in Europe. All these products are available for you to browse fromthe convenience of your desk. Then, when you have foundwhat you are looking for just go to our web shop –www.eurobib.com – and place your order. You do not payonline; the invoice comes with the delivery. Ordering onlineis the quickest and easiest way to shop with us. If you prefer you can order by phone, email, fax or post. www.eurobib.com
  5. 5. F unctional, attractive and affordable products. At Eurobib Direct we want to help you to create libraries that combine inspiration and functionality which can be enjoyed by library customers and staffalike. We all know that it is hard to meet the demands of ourvisitors at a time when budgets are being cut. But we believe thatit is possible to create attractive libraries even when resources arelimited if you make the right design decisions. Our furniture creates inspiring and beautiful environments.Our children’s furniture stimulates both the eyes and theimagination of our young visitors. Our display productsenhance the library experience and pique the curiosity. Our accessibility programme helps people with physicaldisabilities and our storage systems andmedia products make it easier for staffto run the library and manage the stock. Everything for your visitors.
  7. 7. W e have been working with libraries and library products for more than 60 years, initially in Sweden and then in the rest of Europe. We have invested time observing the ways that librarieswork and we always value your feedback. We understand library processes and the equipment that youneed to do your job. We focus on developing products that make working lifemore enjoyable for you and your colleagues. At Eurobib Directwe pride ourselves on providing tools that make work moreefficient and easy; materials that help you save money; furniturethat saves your back and body and good quality systems that areproven to quality and save time. Eurobib Direct is the one stop shop that provides theproducts you need to make your job efficient, rewarding and,above all, enjoyable. Welcome to Eurobib Direct. Everything for you and your colleagues.
  8. 8. A Awaken curiosity Page 9 B Display Page 19 C Exhibition Page 39D Book trolleys Page 47
  9. 9. E Computer & Study tables Page 59 F Seating Page 69 G Young people’s furniture Page 79H Displays Page 90 Symbols 2 This symbol shows that the product is not in our direct stock. The estimated delivery time is given in weeks. The tool means that the product has to be assembled. Standard tools are required. Easy-to-understand instructions are included.
  10. 10. awaken their curiosity! Did you know?Rachel Van Riel founded Opening the Book in 1991. Rachel is a passionate advocate for the importance oflibraries and reading in the wider cultural and educational sectors. She has taken reader-centred ideas to manyEuropean countries from Norway to Hungary and the Netherlands to Greece. Opening the Book is a conceptwhich uses furniture, display, design and communication to stimulate reading in all age groups. Eurobib Direct and Opening the Book co-operate to encourage reading and library visits across Europe. Perfect for displays of recent titles, topic of the week or fun classics. Creating the unexpected to grab the attention and interest. Or the instant “wow factor” as Opening the Book calls it. The entire range embodies stable construction, solid quality and a high finish.Opening the Book can be recognisedby their creative combination ofinspiration and practicality.
  12. 12. awaken their curiosity!10 Stimulate. Engage. Satisfy. Success. OPENING THE BOOK AND THE READER-FRIENDLY LIBRARY 5857 Opening the Book Promotions has helped libraries in the Book Pods UK increase their issues by Easy-to-position wooden stand for face- displaying books face-forward forward display of books and DVDs. throughout the library space. Also includes spine-on shelf. Easy to Now these innovative and use – display new titles and top up as stylish units are available to required. Available in single or double- libraries across Europe. sided design. Supplied with sign holder, Quick Choice & children’s Discover graphics. Book Pods Capacity Single Book Pod: about 45 5918 books/DVDs, 3 face-forward Graceful and compact units which display books face-forward anywhere in shelves and 1 spine-on shelf. the library. Double Book Pod: about Choose the right version for you. 90 books/DVDs, 2 x 3 face- forward shelves + 1 spine-on Location Single-sided Book Pods fit into shelf. corners, against pillars or Size W465 x D510 (single)/ 560 shelving bay ends. (double) x H1400 mm. Double-sided Book Pods Material Maple: stand confidently in a midfloor Ends in maple veneered MDF space to present books in two with spray lacquered finish. directions. Black: Style Choose between classic maple Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and smart black version to 5858 and graphic holder in powder appeal to teenagers and coated steel. Terms 6-8 students. Product Fiction and DVDs fit nicely on the standard Book Pods. Single For larger format non-fiction 5857 maple books, choose the Nonfiction 5918 black 5920 Book Pods which have wider shelves. Double 5858 maple 5920 black phone 877.224.7026
  13. 13. awaken their curiosity! 11 Non-fiction Book Pods Easy-to-position wooden stand for face- forward display of large format books. Available in single or double-sided design. Supplied with sign holder and Quick Choice graphics. Capacity Single Book Pod: about 27 large format books, 3 face- forward shelves. Double Book Pod: about 54 large format books, 2 x 3 face- forward shelves. Size W650 x D510 (single)/ 560 (double) x H1400 mm. Material Maple: Ends in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Black: Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5921 single 5922 double 5921 5922 The Book for Librarians. At a time when a rekindling interest in reading, especially fiction, began to spread in the wider UK culture, the reader- centred approach changed the way public libraries in the UK engage with their users.The Reader-friendly Library ServicePublished by The Society of Chief Librarians in n engage middle and senior managers of publicJune 2009. This book documents examples from library services, cultural policymakers, and artshundreds of libraries and sets out to: and education professionals.n explore the thinking behind reader-centred Authors Rachel Van Riel, Olive Fowler & Anne practice and to present a sustained argument for Downes. its benefits. Size 192 x 230 mm., 397 pages with colourn bring clarity to discussions of reader development illustrations throughout (paper back). to help library managers as they make day-to-day 3650 The Reader-friendly Library Service and strategic decisions. www.bcieurobib.com
  14. 14. awaken their curiosity!12 Feature mid-floor Display Units. All retailers know that mid-floor space is the most desirable - more sales are made from mid-floor units than from shelves on the perimeter. Now Opening the Book has adapted retail ideas to help libraries make the most of these opportunities too. Exploit your high-traffic areas by placing mid-floor units where they catch the atten- tion of passers by. Choose between units for fiction, DVDs and comic books. Table Unit Freestanding double-sided table display unit for face-forward display of books. Shelves are specially designed to enable you to create an attractive and easy-to-access focal point. The shelf depths allow space to display two titles. Supplied with sign holder and Quick Choice graphics. Capacity About 80 books, 2 x 4 shelves. Size W900 x D1340 x H1010 mm. Material Stand, shelves and graphic 5855 holder in powder coated steel. Surround in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Terms 6-8 5855 table unit Comic Book Unit Comic books have a wider range, more readers, and are better quality than ever before. At last here’s a unit to showcase them properly – attractive to customers to browse and touch, and easy for staff to top-up. Capacity About 42 comic books, 4 face- forward shelves. Size W758 x D563 x H1400 mm. Material Ends in dyed MDF. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5923 comic book unit Bookshops pile titles on tables and sell lots of books successfully. Opening the Book has adapted this technique, creating this Table Unit which demonstrates the same effect without the need for multiple copies. 5923 phone 877.224.7026
  15. 15. awaken their curiosity! 13Magazine/Journal UnitMagazines and journals are oftendisplayed formally on standardshelving. This unit offers a more relaxedapproach, highlighting an attractiverange of covers to tempt passingpeople to pick one up on impulse.Capacity Single: about 36 magazines or journals, 4 face-forward shelves. Double: about 72 magazines or journals, 8 shelves.Size Single: W760 x D563 x H1400 mm. Double: W760 x D760 x H1400 mm.Material Ends in maple veneered MDF with spray lacquered finish. Shelves and graphic holder in powder coated steel.Terms 6-85930 single5931 double 5931 5930 Catch attention with reader- centred graphics! Opening the Book has created fabulous images to promote books in libraries. The graphics fit into Opening the Book’s furniture and many other display units. They can also be used on walls, pillars or shelf-ends. Each concept promotes the enjoyment of reading and enables you to bring different types of books together in fresh, surprising ways. Instead of displaying subjects or authors, these graphics take their starting point from the experiences readers are looking for. They use humour, excitement and magic to communicate what can be found inside a book. Graphics are available in different languages – contact your Eurobib Direct representative for details. www.bcieurobib.com
  16. 16. awaken their curiosity!14 Display on counters and tables. There are lots of surfaces in libraries which can be used to promote books. This range of smart units will ena- ble you to make use of every opportunity. There are units to highlight single titles, to present books neatly alongside computers, to showcase books on counters or window ledges and to adapt your existing tables for walk-round book display. Counter-top Unit 5852 5852 5885 Table-toppers Practical unit for face-forward display in Table top units and graphic holder for small areas. The counter-top unit does display on three or four sides. Suitable a big job on a small surface. Comes for tables, platforms and other display with two shelves. Supplied with Quick areas. Ledges with space for several Choice & children’s Discovery graphics. titles. Free “Quick Choice” graphic. Available in three models: double-sided Capacity 12 paperbacks. in two sizes and single-sided. Size W500 x D250 x H300 mm. Material Stand in maple veneered MDF Capacity Double, S: about 48 books. with spray lacquered finish. Double L: about 104 books. Shelves in powder coated Single: about 49 books. steel. Size Double, S: W475* x D520 x 5852 counter-top unit H460 mm. Double, L: W725* x D725 x Acrylic Counter-top 5884 5886 H500 mm. Single: W725* x D390 x unit H500 mm. *Excl. side shelves. Acrylic counter-top unit and graphic 5885 double, small for displaying books. Perfect for small 5886 double, large libraries and surfaces in large libraries. 5887 single Two ledges with space for several titles. Capacity About 18 books. Size W470 x D285 x H335 mm. 5884 acrylic counter-top unit Book of the Day Unit Display unit for books/DVDs in sturdy frosted acrylic – will not chip or scratch. 5883 5883 5887 Space for two titles. Suitable for small surfaces, such as counters, tables and window sills. Capacity 2 books/DVDs. Size W230 x D150 x H270 mm. Unit 5 pcs. 5883 book of the day unit Desktop Unit Unit for displaying books. Perfect for small libraries and computer workspaces. Two tiers, each with space for two titles. 5888 5924 Magazine Display Capacity 4 books. Unit Size W155 x D220 x H350 mm. A smart, lightweight and portable Unit 5 pcs. solution for displaying magazines on 5888 desktop unit flat tables. Capacity 4 magazines/graphic novels. Size W225 x D200 x H270 mm. Material Acrylic, polymethyl- Unit 3 pcs. methacrylate (PMMA). 5924 magazine display unit Applies to all stands unless otherwise specified. phone 877.224.7026
  17. 17. awaken their curiosity!A relish for reading. 15These units are transforming library display. They showcase one title atthe front of the shelf while also acting as a shelf-tidy to hold other booksstraight on either side.Feature Fillers 5900 Zig-zag 5893Feature filler unit for face-forwarddisplay. Highlight new titles, topics etc Transform conventional bookcasein an eye-catching way. Take a cue shelving quickly into striking face-from book shops – get the books to forward displays of books/DVD. Use“call out” to your visitors. Change Zig-Zag when you need a combinationtitles, do some repositioning and you of storage and display. This means youwill have exciting new book shelves can still place the books in alphabeticalevery day. English graphics included. order. Individual compartments prevent 5896See the last page for more tips and the books from falling out. The solidideas. Available in three sizes: small, back panel ensures the unit standsmedium and large. securely on the shelf. Suitable for most shelf depths. Available in two sizes.Capacity S: Paperback/DVD Comes with gripper studs for metal M: Standard books. shelving. L: Large format books up to A4.Size S: W123 x D154 x H172 mm. 5900 Capacity S: about 30 books/DVDs. 5893 M: W170 x D230 x H226 mm. L: about 64 large format L: W195 x D230 x H260 mm. books.Unit 10 pcs. Size S: W785 x D140 x H100 mm.5900 feature filler, S L: W800 x D170 x H220 mm.5903 feature filler, L Unit 5 pcs.5906 feature filler, M 5893 Zig-zag, S 5896 Zig-zag, LMagazine Feature Board BookFillers 5925 Display Unit 5880This unit enables you to display Opening the Book’s two-tier systemmagazines and journals within specific solves the problem of making smallsubject areas on the shelves. Integrate board books look good on standardcookery magazines with cookery books shelving.or highlight computing journals withthe relevant book stock. Capacity About 50 board books Size W797 x D225 x H185 mm.Capacity 2 magazines/comic books. Material Acrylic, polymethylmeth-Size W210 x D260 x H290 mm. acrylate (PMMA).Unit 5 pcs. Unit 5 pcs.5925 feature filler 5880 board book display Feature shelf 5925 Adapt shelving for Add a Quick-choice graphic for face-forward display. high-impact face-forward display. These clever products will Sits at the front of the shelf not in the transform the look of library shadows. Suitable for most shelves. shelving. Produce your own message – see tip on last page. Comes with gripper studs for metal shelving. Capacity About 18 paperbacks. 5890 Size W795 xD220 x H170 mm. Unit 5 pcs. 5890 feature shelf www.bcieurobib.com
  18. 18. awaken their curiosity!16 Discover. Excite. Enjoy. Picturebook Wall Unit Deep pockets mean that this unit offers a great combination of capacity and display. Capacity About. 120 picturebooks. Size W940 x D455 x H705 mm. Material Laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Terms 6-8 5927 picture wall unit Board Book Wall Unit Board books are hugely popular in libraries but their small size often 5927 means they disappear among the larger books. This unit gives them their own showcase and it is just the right size to encourage young children to touch the books. Capacity About. 45 board books. Size W640 x D445 x H705 mm. Material Laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Terms 6-8 5928 board book wall unit Curved Bookcase A great way to define a boundary on the edge of a children’s or teenage space while also tempting young 5928 people with a showcase of attractive titles. Adjust the shelves for children’s fiction or picture books. The curved metal back can be used for magnets or to display children’s art work. Single-sided curved bookcase with 2 x 4 shelves, front separator and removable backing board. Can be used for paperbacks or picture books. Simply remove one shelf and loosen the back. The large metal back provides space for letter and picture magnets or magnetic games. Capacity About. 660 picturebooks or 320 paperbacks. Size W1130 x D580 x H1270 mm. Material Ends and shelves in laminated MDF with PVC edge-band. Back panel in powder coated steel. Terms 6-8 5877 curved bookcase Storytime Seats 5877 phone 877.224.7026
  19. 19. awaken their curiosity!Creative 17playground. 58788 seats with unique shapes to createinteresting spaces and bring together astiered seating for a storytime event.Size Individual seat sizes vary.Material Foamex structure covered with wipe-clean vinyl.Unit 8 units.Terms 6-85878 storytime seats 5877 5877 5878New training = new ideas =new experiences for library customers.Opening the Book is the UK’s leading provider of library staff training – and they work across Europe too.Every course they provide is an exciting mix of inspiration and practicality. These are just some of the coursesyou can book:The reader-friendly library Reading groups and bookchainsExplore how the reader-centred approach can be used both Everything you need to know about running successfulinside and outside the library. A course full of low-cost ideas reading groups in public and school libraries.you can implement right away in your own situation. Customer-centred library designPutting readers first How to improve the physical environment of your library toLearn how to understand audiences and create promotions make a welcoming experience so that people want to visitthat make the books fly off your shelves. again and again. For more information please email info@openingthebook.com or go to www.openingthebook.com www.bcieurobib.com
  20. 20. display Did you know?The word exposure comes from the Latin word ‘expositum’ which means to display or to explain.For Eurobib Direct, display is the key to creating attractive libraries. People say, ‘If you do not see it,it does not exist’. The problem of making products visible is solved in this chapter of our catalogue. The new Booktower display can only be found at Eurobib Direct. Intelligent design and transparent acrylic highlight the books effectively from all directions. The Booktower combines form, function and flexibility. Our Booktower is the perfect solution when you want to create a topical, subject-based or themed promotion in a prominent place in your library. The Booktower is available in several versions for both graphic and digital media. Easily located. The Booktower uses only 0.25m² of floor space but holds up to 240 normal books (large model). phone 877.224.7026
  21. 21. BDISPLAY
  22. 22. display 4336 Big Claus & Little Claus 4335 Popular children’s book browsers for display and storage. Allows display of the book cover and the spine. Material Beech or birch veneer on Big Claus and20 particleboard or lacquered Little Claus are MDF. also available in 4235 Terms red and green. See www.eurobib.com Big Claus Capacity About 200 picture books. Size W911 x D450 x H936 mm. 4235 beech 4335 birch Little Claus Capacity About 120 picture books. Size W911 x D380 x H707 mm. 4229 4236 beech 4336 birch Book browser Contains five removable dividers. 4236 Capacity About 80 picture books. Size W740 x D625 x H550 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on 4329 / 4330 particleboard. Terms 4065 beech Newspaper box 4365 birch Contains 15 compartments. (Shown with bottom Book browser shelf, 4230.) Contains three removable dividers. Size W860 x D375 x H550 (Shown with Bottom shelf 4230.) mm. Material Beech veneer on Capacity About 60 picture books. 4254 / 4230 particleboard. Size W860 x D375 x H585 mm. Terms Material Beech or birch veneer on 4254 newspaper box particleboard. Terms 4065 4229 beech 4329 birch Accessories Bottom shelf with kickplate Fits Book browser 4229, 4329 and 4330 (4230) 4254. Size W820 x D370 x H87 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on particleboard. Terms 4230 beech 4229 4330 birch 4225 4224 Castors for book browsers Castors for book browsers For 4235, 4335, 4236 and 4336. and newspaper boxes For 4065, 4365, 4329, 4229 and 4254. Size Ø50 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. 4225 set of castors Size Ø50 mm. 4224 set of castors phone 877.224.7026
  23. 23. displayBook browsers for childrenand adults. Larry new A free standing, single-sided range of browsers. Available as starter and add-on sections with two compartments, in two heights. Available in three different colours. Allows flexible, expandable 21 solutions with good accessibility, including wheelchair users. Comes complete with adjustable feet and a grooved rubber mat for the shelves. Accessories include dividers with either three or four compartments and a linking device to connect two or more units. Order accessories separately, see below. Part of the same collection as Book trolley Larry, p. 48, Book carousel Larry, p. 35 and AV-browser Larry, p.29. 4228 / 4398 Capacity About 110 Picture books. Size Stand: W1118 x D765 x H844 (low)/1122 (high) mm. Compartment: W1068 x D265 4296 / 4398 (bottom)/321 x H231 mm. Material Frame in powder coated tubular steel and compartments in steel. Dividers in steel wire. Design Louise Hederström. Terms Low 4228 black 4233 white 4241 red High 4296 black 4297 white 4298 red 4297 / 4399 Accessories 4233 / 4399 Dividers Size W1048 x D265 (bottom)/321 x H231 mm. 3 compartments: W340 mm./ compartment. 4 compartments: W255 mm./ compartment. Unit 3 pcs. 4398 3 compartments 4399 4 compartments Linking device Unit 2 units 4244 linking device 4244 4241 / 4398 4298 / 4398 www.bcieurobib.com
  24. 24. display Comic for adult and child. Comic Book browsers and displays in a A complete system to display and store graphic novels, picture books and different way. comics. Use as free standing units or place them against the wall. Material Lacquered MDF or beech or birch veneer. Base in lacquered steel. Display shelf with green- tinted glass.22 Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms Freestanding, double-sided book browser For display and storage of children’s books or comics, mounted on a steel base. A practical, accessible browser with great capacity yet in a compact model. Includes a glass-fronted upper section for front-facing display. Available in two sizes, low and high, lacquered or in veneer. Capacity Low: about 150 children’s books/comics. High: about 270 children’s books/comics. Size Low, W600 x D600 x H554/660 (including foot) mm. High, W600 x D600 x H900/ 1005 (including foot) mm. Low 4304 white 4305 beech 4306 birch High 4307 4301 white 4302 beech 4303 birch 4302 Comic Display Freestanding, double-sided display for children’s books or comics, mounted on a steel base. Comes with four compartments each for display and storage. Available as a lacquered model or in veneer. 4301 4303 4304 Capacity Display compartment, about 12 children’s books. Storage compartment, about 40 children’s books. Size W600 x D330 x H900/1005 (incl. foot) mm. 4307 white 4308 beech 4309 birch 4305 4306 4308 4309 phone 877.224.7026
  25. 25. displayComic Start & Comic Add-on Size W578 x D330 x H1000 mm.Add-on 4322 white 4323 beechStand-alone single-sided children’s 4324 birchbook browser for display and storageof children’s books or comics. Availableas a starter section and add-on sectionsin a varnish or veneer finish. Simple to Comic Walladjust as required. Easy-to-position, single-sided display stand for mounting on walls or ends.Capacity About 135 children’s books/ Consists of three display compartments comics. for picture books or magazines. 23Material Varnished MDF, or beech or Available in a varnish or veneer finish. birch veneer. Front in Delivered fully assembled. green-tinted glass.Design Niklas Dahlman. Capacity Space for two children’sTerms books/magazines displayed side by side per compartment.Comic Start Size W600 x D100 x H900 mm.Size W600 x D330 x H1000 mm. Material Lacquered MDF, or beech or4315 white birch veneer. Back in lacquered4316 beech steel. Front in green-tinted4317 birch glass. Design Niklas Dahlman. 4310 4310 white 4312 beech 4313 birch new 4313 4312 4316 / 4323 4317 / 4324 4322 4315 www.bcieurobib.com
  26. 26. display A smart picture book browser! Linnéa A classic picture book browser with an Capacity About 170 picture books new adjustable back. The back can be set either at a high or low position. When the back panel is mounted in the high Size W945 (starter)/923 (add-on) x D410 x H960 (low back)/1375 (high back) mm. position, the slot in the back panel can Material End panels in MDF. Lacquered24 be used with acrylics to create an eye- in white or covered with catching display of books. Adjustable beech or birch veneer. feet are included. Castors and acrylic Back panel and shelves in displays are ordered separately, see white lacquered MDF. Dividers accessories. in steel tubes. Design Niklas Dahlman. Terms Starter section 4328 4327 4334 Castors are ordered separately. 4327 birch 4325 beech 4327 4325 4331 4331 white Add-on section 4328 birch 4326 beech 4332 white Accessories Displays Size W225 x D110 x H155 mm. Material Plastic, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). 4333 4333 4334 4333 display Castors Size Ø75 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. 4334 set of castors phone 877.224.7026
  27. 27. displayWith flexible dividers. 25 5721Comics and children’s book browsersSingle and double-sided stand-alone Single-sided Mobile comics and children’s book Signbrowsers. Dividers between Capacity About 100 children’s books, browser Neutral sign system for the library’scompartments are removable so that 3 dividers. Mobile, double-sided comics and own text (contact a local company toeach compartment can be made smaller Size W1128 x D390 x H770 mm. children’s book browser offering face do the type-setting). Easy to install; fitsor bigger or taken away. Also suitable 5719 single-sided out display on top and book spines to the top of the back panel. Two signsfor VHS cassettes and DVDs. below. The attractive back panel can are needed for double-sided browsers. Double-sided also be used for signage, e.g. ”News”.Material Birch decore/foil covered About 200 children’s books, Capacity Size W300 x D40 x H150 mm. stand on particleboard. Bin Six dividers. Capacity Approx. 200 children’s books. Material Lacquered steel. with ribbed rubber matting Size W1128 x D765 x H770 mm. Size W720 x D720 x H1100 mm. Terms 1-2 to base and compartments in 5721 double sided Material Birch decore/foil covered stand 5718 sign lacquered steel. on particleboard. Trough withDesign Schulz Speyer. Dividers ribbed rubber matting to base.Terms 3-5 Extra dividers. Castors Ø75 mm. Two castors are lockable. Material Lacquered steel. 5727 mobile book browser Unit 1 pc. 5723 divider 5719 5727 5718 www.bcieurobib.com
  28. 28. display Show AV-media using height, depth and length!26 Radix & Sinus CD/DVD-selector browser with numerous options. Choose between the straight Radix and the curved Sinus, single or double-sided. Radix is also available in three different heights. Both Radix and Sinus are also available with two levels for those who would like a CD/DVD-selector browser with more capacity. Material Birch decore/foil covered stand on particleboard. Selector browser with ribbed rubber matting to base and compartments in lacquered steel. Other The compartments of all models are fixed with internal dividers adjustable at 12 mm. increments. Compartment height: 80 mm. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 4-6 5712 Radix Single-sided Capacity About 210 CDs, 7 compartments. Size W1128 x D390 x 770/ 900 mm. 5700 H650 mm. 5701 H770 mm. 5702 H900 mm. Double-sided 5701 ( 5702) Radix, two levels 5707 (5706 / 5708) Capacity About 420 CDs, Both starter and add-on sections 14 compartments. available. Size W1128 x D765 x H650/770/ Capacity About 630 CDs, 21 900 mm. compartments. Size W1128 x D760 x H1280 mm. Single-sided 5712 two levels 5706 H650 mm. 5707 H770 mm. 5708 H900 mm. phone 877.224.7026
  29. 29. display 5714 5716 5717 5718 27SinusSingle-sided Double-sidedCapacity About 210 CDs, Capacity About 1260 CDs, 7 compartments. 42 compartments.Size W1177 x D420 x H1010 mm. Size W1177 x D1525 x H1510 mm.5714 single-sided 5717 double-sidedDouble-sided SignCapacity About 420 CDs, Neutral sign system for the library’s 14 compartments. own text (contact a local company toSize W1177 x D820 x H1010 mm. do the type-setting).5715 double-sided Easy to install; fits to the top of the back panel.Sinus, two levels Note: Two signs are needed forAvailable both single- and double- double-sided browsers.sided. Size W300 x D40 x H150 mm.Single-sided Material Lacquered steel.Capacity About 630 CDs, Terms 21 compartments. 5718 signSize W1177 x D772 x H1510 mm.5716 single-sided 5715CD-selector browserDiscoCD-selector browser with good ratioof size to capacity. Gives display andstorage of CDs with excellent availabilityand is easy to peruse.Capacity About 440 CDs, 5 levels.Size W1204 x D710 x H1325 mm.Material Browser in birch veneer on MDF. Frame and compartment furnishing in lacquered steel. Grooved rubber inside of the compartments.Design Brian Möinichen Wendin.Terms4050 DiscoDividersDividers with 7 compartments. 4099Size W1165 mm. Internal dimensions per compartment: W163 x D110 mm.Material Lacquered steel.Unit 5 pcs.4099 dividers 4050 www.bcieurobib.com
  30. 30. display Cabinet for displaying 3437928 and storing! CD cabinet Malmoe Voluminous cabinet for displaying and storing CDs. The cabinet comes with five shelves, each with six compartments, and two sliding drawers that each contain twelve compartments, as well as stationary feet (adds 20 mm. to the cabinet’s height). Capacity Display shelf: about 300 CDs. Storage drawers: about 624 CDs. Size H1300 + 20 (stationary feet) x W1060 x D600 mm. Internal dimensions per CD compartment: W150 x D100 mm. Rear edge of CD compartment: H135 mm. Material Sliced birch or beech veneer in clear varnish on MDF with solid birch or beech edging. Solid birch or beech shelf dividers and steel brackets. 34380 Terms 6-8 34379 birch 34380 beech DVD cabinet Malmoe Material and design identical to CD cabinet. At the rear of the DVD compartment there is a space for taller cases – interior dimensions W150 x D100 x H233 mm. Terms 6-8 37379 birch 34356 37380 beech CD-selector browser Features pull-out CD-compartments. 34349 Capacity About 450 CDs. Size W1028 x D514 x H936 mm. Material Beech or birch veneer on MDF. Terms 34349 beech 34356 birch phone 877.224.7026
  31. 31. displayAccessible. Flexible. Expandable.Larry AV-browserStand-alone, single-sided AV browser.Choose between three different stand newcolours. Provides flexible, expandablesolutions with good access (even for 29wheelchair users). Suitable for CD, DVDand audio book display.Supplied with inserts for shelves andsteel feet. 4341 / 4318Dividers may be ordered separately,6-compartment/7-compartment, seebelow.Part of the same collection as BookTrolley Larry, p. 48, Book CarouselLarry, p. 35 and Picture Book BrowserLarry, p. 21.Capacity 6 compartments: 100 AV box, see 50040 or 120 UniKeep Mediabox 5, see 3801. 7 compartments: 224 CDs, see 2863.Size Stand: W1118 x D765 x H1122 mm. Compartment W1068 x D167 (bottom)/223 x H166 mm.Materials Enamelled tubular steel frame, steel compartments. Dividers in steel wire. Inserts in black rubber.Design Louise Hederström.TermsSection4341 black4342 white4343 redAccessories 4342 / 4319DividersSize W1048 x D162 (bottom)/179 x H95 mm. 6 compartment: W170 mm./ compartment. 7 compartment: W145 mm./ compartment.Unit 3 units4318 6 compartment4319 7 compartmentLinking deviceUnit 2 units4244 linking device 4244 4343 / 4319 www.bcieurobib.com
  32. 32. display Expandable system on castors! new30 Aztek Accessories A freestanding, mobile and Capacity About 300 paperbacks, spine Starter section Create attractive face-forward displays; doublesided display system that can on. 6603 white highlight a title at the front of the shelf easily be expanded. Available with four Size W1000 x D800/300 x 6604 black and combine with storing a selection fixed shelves on each side. Suitable H1470 mm. of titles. for faceforward display of books and Shelves: W900 x D180 x Add-on section DVDs and CDs. Specially designed H250 mm. 6605 white Material Acrylic, polymethylmethacry- acrylic stands make it easy to create Material End panels, edges and base in 6606 black late (PMMA). highimpact displays, see Accessories. lacquered MDF. Unit 4 units It is also suitable for storage of Shelves in powder coated Design Niklas Dahlman. paperbacks. steel. Sturdy stand in steel. The shelves are adjustable for Castors Ø50 mm. Two of the castors Shelf stand 900 maximum flexibility; the lower shelves are lockable. Clever stand with six compartments are angled to help to present the books Design Scalae. Remember to empty the in sturdy, transparent acrylic for more effectively to your customers. Terms shelves before moving Aztek if you faceforward display of books and other Available as starter and add-on have several sections connected media. Combines storage and display. sections. Delivered with a sign holder together! Works with Aztek as well as most other that can be used to highlight your own Contact a local company to do shelving systems. Depending on shelf promotions and graphics. You can add the type-setting. depth and for good display you can add shelf stand 900, see under Accessories. distances for good display, see below. Capacity About 12-18 standard books Size W895 x D145 x H190 mm. 6603 6603 6720 Inside dimension, compartment: 95 mm. 6720 shelf stand 900 Distances for shelf stand 900 Distances for shelf depths 250 and 300 mm. 6721, 6722 Size 250 mm: W895 x D145 mm. 300 mm: W895 x D165 mm. Thickness: 6 mm. 6721 distance, 250 mm. 6722 distance, 300 mm. phone 877.224.7026
  33. 33. displayIntelligentBook towers.Book TowerOur Booktower is the perfect solutionwhen you want to create a topical, Book Tower Medium Freestanding tower on a base, five 31subject-based or themed promotion shelves (excl. the top shelf) each within a prominent place in your library. four compartments.Intelligent design and transparentacrylic combine to make a product Capacity About 180 standard books/display which looks good from all 220 paperbacks/360 DVDs.directions. Size W480 x D480 x H1510 mm.Booktower is available in several Compartments: W280 x H240versions for both graphic and digital x D175 mm.media. Easily placed, uses only 0.25m² 4351 whiteof floor space, but holds a lot more! 4352 birchAvailable lacquered or veneered inthree models. Easy to assemble. Book Tower Comic Freestanding tower on a base, twoMaterial Base and shelves in veneered shelves (excl. the top shelf) each with or lacquered MDF. Supporting four compartments. panels in sturdy acrylic.Design Niklas Dahlman. Capacity About 180 graphic books.Terms Size W510 x D510 x H1010 mm. Compartments: W240 x H340Book Tower Large x D290 mm.Freestanding tower on a base, five 4349 whiteshelves (excl. the top shelf) each with 4350 birchfour compartments.Capacity About 250 normal books.Size W510 x D510 x H1797 mm. Compartments: W320 x H280 x D175 mm.4353 white4354 birch new 4353 4351 4354 4349 4352 4350 www.bcieurobib.com
  34. 34. display Labyrint Create the wow factor for your visitors32 with our freestanding, mobile book tower with 20 compartments across five levels. The mix of space and storage gives an exciting combination of storage and display on all four sides of the tower. Capacity About 300 standard books / paperbacks. Size W580 x D580 x H1750 mm. Compartments: W370 x D170 x H305 mm. Material Structure in MDF with foil. Castors Ø100 mm. Two of the castors are lockable. Design Schulz Speyer. Terms 5805 Labyrint new A complete library department store at your fingertips. www.bcieurobib.com Here you will find everything to make your working life easier and more exciting for both you and your visitors.
  35. 35. displaySound display columns!Post A4 41026 41001 41029 41027Material Column in untreated birch or oiled oak, waxed iron shelves and hot-rolled iron rods suspen- ded from leather fittings. Base 33 in black lacquered sheet metal.Design Lillian Öberg.TermsWall-hung shelfWall-hung shelf in two heights formagazines, books, individual sheets,etc.Size 6-compartments W200 x D160 x H2100 mm. 3-compartments W200 x D135 x H1140 mm. Post width 130 mm. 4102541002 3-compartment, birch41001 6-compartment, birchWall-hung shelf in oakTerms 6-841026 3-compartment, oak41025 6-compartment, oakFreestanding display columnWith six (single) or twelve (double)compartments for magazines.Size W200 x D160 x H2110 mm. Post width 130 mm. Base W358 x D358 mm.41004 6-compartment, birch 41004 41005 4100341005 2 x 6-compartment, birchFreestanding display column in oakTerms 6-841028 6-compartment, oak41029 2 x 6-compartment, oakPost A5Magazine standWall-hung shelf with eightcompartments for books, informationsheets, brochures, etc.Size W140 x D160 x H2100 mm. 41002 Post width 92 mm.41003 birchMagazine stand in oakTerms 6-841027 oak 41028 www.bcieurobib.com
  36. 36. display Sound display solutions! Book carousels 36020 / 36045 3606934 This book carousel is a classic, as much in demand now as it ever was, to display your books. Available in black, offwhite and white aluminium. Sign holder comes with all models, 35/50 and can also be ordered separately. Labelholder is only included in model 35. Book carousel 35 Capacity About 35 books. Size Ø580 x H1640 mm. Material Epoxy-powder-coated wire baskets, frame, foot, sign and 36079 / 36089 label holder. Other Delivered with plain label. A set of castors, 3461, is optional. Terms 36020 black 36069 offwhite 36079 white aluminium Book carousel 50 Capacity About 50 books. Size Ø700 x H1525 mm. Sign holder for Book carousel 35/50 Material Epoxy-powder-coated wire Size A5. baskets, frame, foot and sign Material Epoxy-powder-coated frame. holder. 36028 sign holder Other A set of castors, 3461, is optional. Terms Wall-mounted 36045 36080 black offwhite newspaper and 36080 36089 white aluminium magazine display rack Set of castors for Book carousel Capacity 8 newspapers or 35/50 16 magazines. Size Ø50 mm. Size W500 x D140 x H1050 mm. Material Plastic. Material Zinc-plated steel wire. 3461 set of castors 3410 wall-mounted Double-sided 5730 3410 newspaper and magazine display rack Capacity 16 newspapers or 32 magazines. Size Ø550 x H1640 mm. Material Zinc-plated steel wire, aluminium stand. Terms 3411 double-sided rack 3411 Display for paperbacks Mobile, rotating display for paperbacks. Capacity About 216 paperbacks, 36 compartments. Size W450 x D450 x H1600 mm. Material Lacquered steel stand. Castors Ø50 mm. Two castors are lockable. 5730 display for paperbacks phone 877.224.7026
  37. 37. displayBook circle in a different way– 360° display! 35 new 36322 (36323) 36325Book Carousel LarryA classic andstylish book carousel in browser on page 21 and the media Larry 580a modern and powerful design. Ideal browser on page 29. Available in two Capacity About 40 books .for face-forward display of books. sizes, Ø580 mm. and Ø700 mm. and Size Ø580 x H1450 mm. If you choose twoThe thick wire baskets and a sturdy two colours. Basket depth: 70 mm. carousels in differentbase give great stability. The baskets 36322 white colours you can combineswivel independently and are designed Material Epoxy coated wire baskets, 36323 black white baskets with a black standto display the books at a perfect stand and foot in steel. and vice versa.angle. The front of the baskets are Design Louise Hederström. Larry 700strengthened to keep the books in Terms Capacity About 50 books.place. Size Ø700 x H1480 mm.The book carousel is a part of the Basket depth: 70 mm.Larry collection; add to the look with 36324 whitethe Book trolley on page 48, the book 36325 black www.bcieurobib.com
  38. 38. display Exposé Magazine Graceful elegance combined with functionality characterises the Exposé Magazine. Use it to display magazines, brochures or books attractively. The movable shelves come in two widths and can be placed on either side of the centre column to build both single and36 double-faced displays. Zorro – display W235/435 x D390/435 x for end panel Size H1865 mm. Material Black epoxy coated centre A fun, bold side panel stand for column. Birch wood top and attractive media presentation. bottom, birch wood veneer The stand can be built and shelves. adapted to the height of the Design Bengt Weberg. shelf. Terms Material Steel plate, varnished. Double-faced with A3 shelves Design Marianne Koch. Size W435 mm. Terms Shelves 8 pcs. A3. 4101 double-faced A3 Zorro, starter Size 3 x A4: W225 x D150 x Double-faced with A4 shelves H1164 mm. Size W235 mm. 36034 start Shelves 8 pcs. A4. 4102 double-faced A4 Zorro, add-on Size A4: W225 x D150 x Single-faced with A3 shelves H320 mm. Size W435 mm. 36035 add-on Shelves 4 pcs. A3. 4103 single-faced A3 Single-faced with A4 shelves Size W235 mm. 4104 Shelves 4 pcs. A4. 4104 single-faced A4 A3 shelves Size W435 mm. Unit 4 pcs. 410110 A3 shelves A4 shelves Magazine sticks Size W235 mm. Unit 4 pcs. Classic newspaper stick systems. 410210 A4 shelves 2039 Material Wooden handle and aluminium stick. Magazine stick Capacity Magazine, max. H350 mm. Size L525 mm. 2038 magazine stick Newspaper stick - tabloid format 2040 Capacity Newspaper, max. H460 mm. Size L600 mm. 2036 tabloid format Newspaper stick Capacity Newspaper, max. H605 mm. 2036 2038 Size L765 mm. 2039 newspaper stick Newspaper and magazine stick rack Capacity Eight magazines/newspapers. Size W800 x D12 x H45 mm. Other Two pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. 2040 stick rack phone 877.224.7026