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PSM1BTMP4103 Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation for Seminar 1 of your Research Proposalfor FPTT undergraduate students under subject BPTU4072
  2. 2. Overview-You are required to conduct a presentation of yourresearch proposal for seminar 1 to comply with oneof the requirements for the subject PSM 1BPTU4072.-Hence, these are suggested guidelines (based onthe Buku Panduan PSM) for your presentation.-This early announcement is intended to let youhave adequate time to get yourself well preparedthoroughly, and be readied for the evaluation.
  3. 3. Overview… - These suggested contents of presentation are notset in stone. The guidelines are suggested toprovide some context for your early preparation.-Therefore, you are encouraged to discuss furtherwith your supervisor to get his/her view on thecontent of the presentation.-At the end, is he/she and the invited panel aregoing to give you marks.-Please refer to Buku Panduan PSM by taking in theimportant aspects required in your presentation.
  4. 4. Overview…-Each presentation will be allocated with 20minutes.-First 15 minutes are allocated for you to performyour presentation, and the remaining 5 minutes arefor question-and-answer session.-Please take note there is allocation of 20% for thispresentation. Hence, it is vital for you to doadequate presentation in order to perform wellduring the presentation session.
  5. 5. Chapter 1: IntroductionThe introduction of yours should includes theseinformation:1: Title of your research (place it on the first page ofyour presentation slides)2. Brief introduction of your research3. Research question/problem statement4. Research objectives5. Scope of your research which includes:(a) Limitations of your research(b) Importance/Contribution of your research
  6. 6. Chapter 2: Literature Review1.A brief introduction of your literature review isgood.2.Showing the complete Theoretical framework.You are then required to explain the theories inthis theoretical framework.
  7. 7. Chapter 2: Literature Review…Advice:-You are not required to present everything in yourchapter 2.-As presenting everything in your chapter 2: not only thiswill prolong the session of your presentation, but also thiswill show some weaknesses of yours.-By repeating everything written in chapter 2 does notdemonstrate how well you have understand thetheories/concept. Besides, (if you do so), it also meansthat you cannot summarise the important key aspects(Theories, concept) from your literature review.
  8. 8. Chapter 2: Literature Review-Hence, focus entirely on the theoreticalframework which you have constructed.-Present the required theories/concept in yourframework.
  9. 9. Chapter 3: Research Methods1. Research design2. Methodological choices3. Research strategy4. The method for primary data collection5. Scientific canons in detail to defend that your research which you will executed would attained 3 validities and reliability.6. Gantt Chart to demonstrate your research activities until week 17th of 2nd semester for 2012/2013 the PSM II (BPTU4084) submission.*put this initial week 17th first, until being affirmed later.
  10. 10. Marks allocationYou will be accessed with total 20% for yourpresentation. Hence the breakdown for marksallocation are as below:(a) Comprehension of your research 7%-Includes introduction and literature review.(b) Research methods 5%(c ) Q&A 3%(d) Overall presentation 5%*The final 20% is a conversion from the allocatedscore of 55%. Therefore, albeit it is 20%, every markcounts.
  11. 11. Advice-Make sure you have enough time to do a good presentationfor your proposal.-Make sure your presentation of your research proposal isacademically sounds.-Do exercise your presentation yourself beforehand, orexercise that among your friends. The mutual learning is good.-Keep the time well. 15 minutes is the maximum for your part.This is a highly efficient presentation.-The panel has the right to stop you from continuing, ashe/she needs to consider fair time allocated to othercandidates as well.
  12. 12. Advice…-Since you know the research project is a guidedscientific process, the presentation is also a partof scientific process assessment.-You must defend your research proposal duringthe presentation. Academic argument is a mustto demonstrate you understand and trust yourwork completely.-The bottom line is, you know your researchbetter than anyone else.
  13. 13. Advice…-Bring a pen and paper to note down anysuggestion/comment made by your panel andyour supervisor. This is helpful for you toimprove your work later.-Good luck with your presentation. We shall seeyou all soon. Show us what you have and makeus proud of your work.