Ib Proposal Carrie F Bekker


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JRG International -- Invitation to become an Introducing Broker for DGFX

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Ib Proposal Carrie F Bekker

  2. 2. W JRG invites individuals and corporate from around the globe to introduce the investment E opportunities of Dubai Gold and Commodities L Exchange (DGCX) futures contracts to their valuable clients by acting as the Introducing C Broker of JRG Metals & Commodities DMCC. O M Introducing Broker (IB) can enjoy by providing JRG’s successful, centralized and full-fledged E trading infrastructure like Mobile Trading, Internet Trading facilities to their clients, which we have built since 2006 as a premier brokerage house of DGCX.
  3. 3. A Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) is a fully automated, online commodities exchange. b Strategically located in Dubai, the exchange is the first international commodities derivatives marketplace in o the time zone between Europe and the Far East. DGCX is an initiative of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre u (DMCC), Government of Dubai, the majority shareholder, Financial Technologies (India) Limited t and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX). D G As a truly international commodities derivatives exchange, DGCX offers a range of products, such as C Gold Futures & Options, Steel, Sliver, Currencies and X Fuel Oil futures, with electronic trading accessible from anywhere in the world.
  4. 4. JRG Metals & Commodities DMCC JRG Metals and Commodities DMCC started its operations in June 2006 as 1st Member of Dubai Gold and Commodity A Exchange, to provide full-fledged International Commodity Futures Trading facilities to the investing public. b o JRG Metals & Commodities DMCC is the subsidiary company of JRG Securities Ltd., a listed company at Bombay Stock u Exchange and one of the leading Stock, Commodity and Insurance Brokerage Houses in India. t JRG is the first and only DGCX brokerage house from UAE to provide a mobile trading facility through Wireless Internet J on DGCX to the global investors. R JRG executed world’s 1st Delivery in Steel Futures Contract in G February 2008 through DGCX Today, JRG is a recognized brokerage house for providing professional service and support to the global investors for trading in Commodity Futures through DGCX
  5. 5. I n Introducing Brokers can introduce Clients to trade in different t products available in DGCX. r o JRG will provide all kinds of support to the clients for trading d as per the Rules & Regulations of DGCX. u c JRG will share the percentage of Brokerage to the Introducing i Brokers based on their client trades. n g The following are the criteria to become the IB subject to the approval of DGCX & ESCA: • IB Applicant can be of any nationality B • IB Applicant can be inside or outside resident of UAE r • IB Applicant can be Individual / Corporate o • IB Applicant should have good client network and k Experience in Financial Services e r
  6. 6. W • Individuals h - High Net worth Investors o - Financial Professionals - Proprietary Business Entities c - Individual having good friends/family network a n • Corporate : A - Private Sector Companies p - Public Sector Companies p - Treasuries l - Bank & Financial Institutions y - Stock Brokers / Commodity Brokers - Jewellers - Representative Offices
  7. 7. H o w • IB Applicant has to submit the application to DGCX through JRG. t o • IB Applicant has to sign the agreement with JRG A • IB Applicant has to submit the supporting documents as prescribed p by DGCX. p l y
  8. 8. J R G Mobile Trading Technology S p e c i a l i t i e s Multi-lingual Internet Trading Facility (English & Arabic)
  9. 9. J • Exclusive Department to take care Introducing Brokers R • Support from Qualified & Experienced staff members G • On-line & Class Room Training to the clients • Effective Relationship Management System A • Competitive Brokerage Structure d • Attractive commission v • Timely and accurate commission pay-out system a • Centralized and Leading-edge Technology n • Mobile Trading Facility at zero cost t a • Multi-lingual Internet Trading Facility (English & Arabic) at zero cost g • Effective Risk Management policies e • Insightful research & analysis reports on a daily basis • Efficient Customer Care Division & Back Office login facilities
  10. 10. We are submitting this proposal with all the confidence of having established a high-tech trading system and backed by skilled professionals with state-of-the-art technology We are awaiting your reply to join hands in this new venture For JRG Metals & Commodities DMCC HAZZA BIN MOHAMMED, CHAIRMAN SAJITH KUMAR P K, DIRECTOR & CEO
  11. 11. If you're interested in becoming an INTRODUCING BROKER C o Please contact: n MS. CARRIE F BEKKER- MOB. +971 56 6250795 t a Email: carrie.bekker@jrgintl.com c t JRG Metals & Commodities DMCC IB DIVISION Suite No. 502, City Tower – 1, Sheikh Zayed Road DUBAI, UAE u Tel: +971 4 3327280, Fax : +971 4 3327281 s E-Mail – dgcxib@jrgintl.com web: www.jrgintl.com
  12. 12. Thank you