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Buyer Services

  1. 1. CENTURY 21 ADAMS CUSTOMIZED BUYER REPRESENTATION Your Century 21 Adams Exclusive Buyer’s Agent “Who represents you and Your Best Interests” Will provide you with the Following Services: 1. ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS: a. A Home That Meets Your Needs b. In the Time Period You Desire c. The Least Amount Of Inconvenience d. The Best Value Achievable 2. HOME NEEDS ASSESSMENT: a. Home Location b. Style of Home c. Number of Bedrooms & Baths d. Other Home Amenities 3. HOME FINANCING ASSESSMENT a. Determining Price Range b. Alternative Financing Options c. Payment Figures including P+I+T+I d. Utility & Repair Estimates e. Income Tax Benefits f. Do You Have To Sell To Buy? g. Mortgage Pre-approval At Best Rates & Terms 4. BUYER EDUCATION ABOUT ALL REAL ESTATE FORMS a. Offer To Purchase & Addendum’s b. Lead Paint Disclosure c. Board Of Registration Home Inspection Disclosure 5. CRTITICAL DATES & TIME LIMITS IN A TRANSACTION. a. Offer To Purchase b. Inspections
  2. 2. c. Purchase & Sales d. Mortgage e. Closing Date 6. HELPING YOU FIND THE RIGHT HOME a. Entering Your Home Search Criteria in the Multiple Listing Service b. Daily Emails for all Homes That Meet Your Criteria c. 24 Hour Access To All Homes That Meet Your Criteria d. View Multiple Photos, Virtual Tours On Most Homes e. Extending Search To FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner’s) 7. HELPING YOU FIND THE RIGHT HOME a. Helping You Select The Right Houses To View b. Showing You The Properties c. Helping You Evaluate The Plusses & Minuses of Each 8. ONCE YOUR FOUND THE RIGHT HOME a. Obtaining All The Property Disclosures b. Reviewing All Comparable Sales In Neighborhood c. Reviewing Exact Payment Figures (P+I+T+I) d. Reviewing Tax Benefits Of Home e. Checking Zoning (if applicable) f. Building Permits g. Flood Zone h. Fire Department (for underground tanks) i. Police Department (Buyer’s Responsibility) 9. NEGOTIATING STRATEGY & STRUCTURING THE OFFER a. How Long Has House Been On Market b. Were There Any Offers c. What Are Current Market Conditions d. Negotiation Strategy in Buyer’s Market e. Negotiation Strategy In Seller’s Market f. Property Price & Terms g. Do You Have A House To Sell
  3. 3. 10.PRESENTING YOUR OFFER & COUNTER OFFERS a. Personally Presenting Your Offer In A Diligent Manner b. Presenting Your Offer In Accordance With Our Negotiation Plan c. Closing The Offer or Getting Counter Offer 11.CLOSING THE SALE a. Best Possible Price b. Best Terms Available c. In accordance With Negotiation Plan 12. THE HOME INSPECTION a. Selecting experienced, licensed Inspector who works in your best interest. b. Your inspector will provide you with a thorough Inspection and a Comprehensive Report. c. Your Buyer’s Agent will assist you in investigating any issues, obtain repair estimates and help you decide if you should ask seller to renegotiate or make repairs. 13. THE PURCHASE AND SALES AGREEMENT a. Selection of Real Estate Attorney who will represent your best interest. b. Your Buyer’s Agent will get the agreement signed. 14. FINANCING YOUR HOME a. Help you select bank or mortgage company with best rates & terms b. Help you submit complete application on time 15. HOME APPRAISAL PROCESS a. Meet appraiser & provide them with Comparable Sales b. Make sure appraisal is done in timely fashion. 16. THE MORTGAGE COMMITMENT a. Your Buyer’s Agent will closely monitor loan progress
  4. 4. b. Make sure you receive a condition free commitment on time or get you an extension if necessary. 17. FINAL DETAILS BEFORE CLOSING a. Final Water & Sewer Reading b. Final Electric Reading (if municipal) c. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Inspection d. Final Oil Tank Reading (if applicable) e. Providing You with contact information of local utilities f. Providing you with list of moving companies (if needed) g. Home Owners Insurance (providing you with list of agents & making sure you have an Endorsed Insurance Binder 18. FINAL WALK THRU OF YOUR NEW HOME a. Premises delivered vacant or in accordance with terms of P&S b. Premises delivered broom clean c. Any mandated repairs in P&S are completed d. Seller gives buyer home orientation 19. THE CLOSING ON YOUR NEW HOME a. Make sure you have a bank or certified check b. Make sure you have an insurance binder c. Make sure you have any other required documentation d. Make sure you get keys to home. “I will use my knowledge and skills in your best interest. You will be impressed with my level of service and professionalism”