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Bailey Overview


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Published in: Design
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Bailey Overview

  2. 2. WE ARE PASSIONATE BRAND ARCHITECTS. Our firm is guided by two core principles: that creating an emotional connection with consumers builds brand loyalty and that strong collaboration with our clients is key to producing those enduring bonds. Our clients hire us for our strategic insight and creative expertise; they get our hearts and souls for free.
  3. 3. For over a quarter-century, we have worked with Fortune 500 companies and entrepeneurs alike to build new brands, renovate existing brands, and build value in their products and services.
  4. 4. Our strength lies in bringing multiple brand touchpoints together under a unified strategy to create a true brand experience. This fosters the connections that keep current customers engaged and brings new customers to your brand. | email us
  5. 5. Whether you are B2B or B2C, a national brand or private label, or just have the spark of an idea, we have a diverse and experienced team that can help take on any aspect of your unique branding challenge. | email us
  6. 6. As a founding member of Global Design Source, a strategic alliance of independent, international design and branding firms, we can provide our clients with a truly global expert perspective. BARCELONA FRANKFURT PARIS PHILADELPHIA SYDNEY TAIPEI
  7. 7. We value our client relationships and strive to build long-term partnerships that bring value and growth to their brands and businesses. Our client base is both national and international and BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II TEA AND COFFEE MERCHANTS R. TWINING AND CO MPANY LIMITED. LONDON spans a wide range of categories.
  8. 8. Our experience is broad and diverse, enabling us to leverage learnings across categories and brand touchpoints. This helps drive innovative, breakthrough strategy and creative that gets results.
  9. 9. WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP BUILD YOUR BRAND! Visit us at or call 610.940.9030 to learn more. 050610 200 WEST GERMANTOWN PIKE, PLYMOUTHMEETING, PA 19462