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Digital Marketing Strategy for Extraordinary Business and Brand Value


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Our Perspective on the challenges and opportunities that digital marketing presents marketers and how to leverage those to create competitive advantage and extraordinary business and brand value for your company

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Extraordinary Business and Brand Value

  1. 1. Maximizing Digital Marketing Strategy for brand and business value A Bharat Bambawale & Associates Perspective
  2. 2. Before we get started with this presentation, we’ll like to introduce ourselves. We are…
  3. 3. Bharat Bambawale & Associates Brand Architects
  4. 4. Bharat Bambawale & Associates is an independent brand and marketing consultancy based out of New Delhi, India. We help brand owners create immediate, mid term and long-term brand value I I
  5. 5. Now that we’ve met let’s get back to the presentation
  6. 6. The Digital Life & Implications for marketers
  7. 7. The Infiltration, Immersion and Interactivity with digital devices, content, networks has transformed consumer behavior and values
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  9. 9. People are interacting in a fundamentally different way with content, each other and brands
  10. 10. Anytime, anywhere, any device content consumption Actively rating, commenting, sharing, curating and creating content Simultaneous, multi-screen content consumption and creation 1. Fundamental Transformation of Content Consumption
  11. 11. 2. Fundamental Transformation of Human Connections People’s opinions have a global audience and unprecedented influence Having a ‘personal brand’ is de riguer How we act in our real lives is dictated by the actions of our digital lives
  12. 12. 3. Fundamental Transformation of the brand-consumer relationship There is an irreversible shift in power from brand owners to consumers in shaping brand equity By combining brand-consumer interactivity, social media, online reviews, mobile, commerce, search, the consumer voice has a virality that’s more powerful than our most sophisticated marketing campaigns and brand persuasion tactics
  13. 13. Technologies, access, social media conversations and connected, empowered consumers have created a completely new consumer journey to brand purchase Simply put, the way consumers think about, research, prefer, buy, experience and talk about products and brands has transformed beyond recognition
  14. 14. Source: Forrester Research Consumers have a more complex, continuously disruptive discontinuous lateral path to purchase now
  15. 15. Consumer Decision Making Journey Implications  Digital has created countless entry points into the consumer purchase journey  Consumers actively participate and influence the purchase journey for each other rather than passively absorb brand messaging  Consumers don’t distinguish between online, mobile and in-store they want to experience the brand and buy at a time and location of their choosing  Post-purchase experience is as critical for brand and business health as pre- purchase evaluation  Brands need to engineer sustained engagement and perhaps commerce across many channels 24/7 Source: Forrester Research
  16. 16. While the opportunity for increasing revenue, decreasing costs and creating tremendous brand value is obvious, immense and the platforms are numerous, most brands are still grappling to create a robust, seamless consumer-centric digital marketing strategy mapped to consumers and business objectives
  17. 17. While most brands have a website, social media presence, SEO, SEM,ORM strategy, digital advertising plan etc these efforts are purely tactical unless they are the actions of a larger digital strategy that unlocks your business and brand value
  18. 18. The future of all business engagement whether it be sales, marketing, product development, HR, customer service is digital and social Unlocking the potential of your people (customers, prospects, employees, partners) through a digital strategy and roadmap and in turn evolving the organization to be more nimble, transparent and connected will be the not-so-distant future for all companies
  19. 19. A cohesive digital business and brand strategy requires a change in culture, processes and often enterprise technologies. There are three significant challenges that brands face as they leap-frog from digital marketing tactics to being a digital company
  20. 20. C Challenge I: A disruptive digital landscape where consumers adopt new tech and behaviors continuously and expect brands to keep pace and engage meaningfully this requires strategy and nimble execution
  21. 21. Challenge II: Company silos across marketing, sales, customer care, product can lead to incoherent strategy, underperforming digital assets and poor ROI
  22. 22. Challenge III: The profound transformation needed in organization, culture and process to create two-way engagement with the digitally empowered consumer is often the most difficult challenge to overcome
  23. 23. At BB&A we help brands at different stages of digital maturity to overcome these challenges and prepare themselves for the new realities of social business
  24. 24. Ultimately, strategy is about making choices. Of the many opportunities that digital presents, every brand owner has to choose the path that maximizes the immediate, mid-term and long term value of the brand
  25. 25. 1.Creativity 2.Care 3.Context There are broadly three opportunities for brands in the digital marketing space
  26. 26. Creativity The brand’s role has evolved to being a publisher. Participating, creating, co-creating & collaborating with consumers across platforms and finding powerful ways to tell the brand story through content and experiences
  27. 27. Care Digital especially social media is a unparalleled opportunity for brands to deliver superlative consumer service by resolving real-world questions & problems for consumers and building trust, goodwill and advocacy for itself
  28. 28. Context Context through data helps us understand consumer behavior and intent. Context makes brands relevant by delivering content and care that’s personal and targeted. While big data is spoken about as the marketing game-changer, its power isn’t massive terabytes of consumer behavior data. The true revolution is taking that data, generating it into actionable insights which are tested at scale by delivering amazing brand experiences
  29. 29. Depending on the opportunity that the brand identifies for itself, there are four digital marketing models that emerge
  30. 30. Source: Strategy&
  31. 31. Ultimately, whatever model you choose, we believe that Digital ‘Everything Everywhere’ has brought back focus to the fundamentals of Brand Building
  32. 32. While many new technologies, trends and buzzwords have been introduced to the marketing lexicon the digital age forces us to be consumer-life and consumer-experience driven businesses where we must constantly create value in the lives of our consumers by being relevant, authentic and useful
  33. 33. We hope you enjoyed our perspective on digital marketing
  34. 34. We would love to hear from you Do get in touch!
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