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Part four designing_a_company_brochure


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Part four designing_a_company_brochure

Published in: Education
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Part four designing_a_company_brochure

  1. 1. Designing Company Brochure
  2. 2. What is Brochure? A “brochure or a leaflet or a flyer” is a pamphlet that contains information of a particular organisation. It can be of an Institution like UMU, Hotel, a Touring Company, Hospital, etc Why do we design brochures? It is an easy way of informing the clients about what the organisation can offer or what it does. It gives a brief company or organisation profile.
  3. 3. How to Design a Brochure Start Microsoft Word 2007 Go to Page Layout Tab Page setup Ribbon Open Page setup dialogue window Margins button, Top, Left, Bottom, Right, set to 0.5 Orientation – LANDSCAPE, Pages Paper button – paper size Select Format A4
  4. 4. How to Design a Brochure (Cont.)
  5. 5. Setting Columns Page setup Ribbon Select Columns option Select More Columns Set the number of columns you want e.g. 3 columns Set Width and Spacing This is the space between the columns and the width of columns. Separator Line The line that separates the columns (optional
  6. 6. Setting Columns
  7. 7. Column Break Automatic Column Break Type in the first column until it is full The column will break automatically to the next column. Manuel Column Break Select Insert Menu Choose Break First position the cursor where you want to insert the break Usually at the very end of the text in the column.
  8. 8. Inserting a Picture Insert Tab Illustrations Ribbon From file (select the picture from a location) Use Picture Tools Tab Insert Boarder around Picture Select picture (use right button) Line style icon Choose the line you want You can use the ClipArt to insert the background of the brochure
  9. 9. Format Picture
  10. 10. Picture Boarder
  11. 11. Assignment Design a Brochure of any organisation. Submit a printout printed both pages. Handing in date