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ISO 50001- Energy Management System


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Energy Management System (EnMS) and its overview

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ISO 50001- Energy Management System

  1. 1. ISO 50001:2011 Inspiring Excellence Energy Management System
  2. 2. Why Inspiring ExcellenceEnergyManagementWhyISO 50001(one more standard)How toimplement
  3. 3. Energy cost is increasing Inspiring Excellence
  4. 4. In 200 years, we will have Inspiring Excellencereleased in the atmosphere,the carbon that will takenature 600 million years torenew CO2 1850 1900 1950 2000
  5. 5. … the present oil reserves will be Inspiring Excellence exhausted in less than 40 years
  6. 6. The world energy consumption is Inspiring Excellence on the rise Rnv Energy Nuclear Natural gas OilMillions of toe Coal 90% of fossil energy 1 million tonnes oil equivalent = 11.6 MWh Source : IEA, Mai 2007
  7. 7. Cost of Energy is rising Inspiring ExcellenceGreenhouse Effect &Climate ChangeDepletion of EnergySourcesImpact on businesses andoverall economy
  8. 8. Indian Inspiring ExcellenceScenario
  9. 9. Inspiring Excellence
  10. 10. Inspiring ExcellenceFuture Outlook :Durban Commitment for Indian Government India to meet the energy needs of all its citizens by 2032 + Maintain an 8 percent GDP growth rate • Increase its primary energy supply by 3 to 4 times • Electricity generation capacity by 5 to 6 times (2003-4 levels)
  11. 11. Legal Requirement : Indian scenario Inspiring Excellence• Perform, Achieve & Trade (PAT) Scheme Bureau of Energy Efficiency• National Action Plan on Climate Change• National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency• Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)
  12. 12. Energy inefficient businesses Inspiring Excellencewill beunder mostcompetitiontomorrow
  13. 13. Inspiring Excellence
  14. 14. Inspiring Excellence New installation and up- Energy gradation of existing unitsAvailability Increasing proportion of renewable energy portfolio Improvement in energy Energy efficiency of the existing unitsConsumption on demand side
  15. 15. Why Inspiring ExcellenceEnergyManagementWhyISO 50001(one more standard)How toimplement
  16. 16. Inspiring Excellence
  17. 17. Inspiring ExcellenceBoiler Room Board Room
  18. 18. Inspiring ExcellenceUtilityman Chairman
  19. 19. Inspiring ExcellenceOperation Strategy
  20. 20. Inspiring ExcellenceISO 50001is the new standard forimplementing a robustEnergy ManagementSystem (EnMS).It establishes aninternational framework forindustrial plants or entirecompanies to manage allaspects of energy,including procurementand use.
  21. 21. Inspiring Excellence1995 2006 2011EMAS ISO 14064 ISO 50001 1996 2009 ISO 14001 BS 16001
  22. 22. Why Inspiring ExcellenceEnergyManagementWhyISO 50001(one more standard)How toimplement
  23. 23. ISO 50001:2011 Inspiring Excellence Management System Framework •PDCA • Sector Specific Technology solutions
  24. 24. P Inspiring ExcellenceHaving an Energy Policy Energy Profiling L Baseline Energy Determining Energy assessment Performance Indicators A Putting in a Management System for improvement of energy performance N
  25. 25. ContinualImprovement Inspiring Excellence
  26. 26. Inspiring Excellence
  27. 27. Inspiring Excellence Energy Use Manner or kind of application of energyEnergy Performance Indicator used to demarcate the economic value of Energy energy used in process and can be denoted by units of Intensity energy per unit of revenue Energy Ratio of an output of performance, service, goods or Efficiency energy and an input of energy Energy Quantity of energy applied Consumption Others Like energy loss, reliability, energy independence, energy security issues
  28. 28. How we can use this standard? Inspiring Excellence• To reduce cost• Better use of existing energy-consuming assets• Facilitate transparency and communication on the management of energy resources• To Promote energy management best practices• Evaluation and prioritization of new energy-efficient technologies• Framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain
  29. 29. Other Benefits Inspiring Excellence• Easy alignment with Sustainability Reporting, and other management systems• Facilitates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting, reducing an organizations GHG production and generating carbon credits• Helps to manage energy price volatility, and enables planning to minimize the impact of service interruptions
  30. 30. Inspiring ExcellenceTakeout
  31. 31. Inspiring Excellence• Energy Management is a need of the hour, can’t be ignored• It’s much beyond conventional energy audit or energy saving measures• It’s a strategic initiative
  32. 32. Inspiring