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ITSME: Developers Community


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Generation of high-level design concepts and design brief of new product systems for the ITSME community

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ITSME: Developers Community

  1. 1. WINTER<br />Template<br />DEVELOPMENTCOMMUNITIES<br />
  3. 3. 02<br />Benchmarkets<br />OPEN<br />CLOSE<br />Flat<br />Hierarchical<br />
  4. 4. 02<br />OPEN SOURCES Pros &cons <br /><ul><li>Evaluation and approval of participants
  5. 5. Low cost and easy to engage
  6. 6. Common standards (language, behaviors)
  7. 7. Peer review and feedback loops
  8. 8. A shared conception of goals
  9. 9. Small player can still make useful contributions
  10. 10. Motivate and empower participant, creates belongingness
  11. 11. Higher investment levels on Web 2.0
  12. 12. Social sustainability
  13. 13. Minority capture
  14. 14. Diversion (lose the path)
  15. 15. Lack of hierarchy
  16. 16. Ideas that need to be isolated to thrive
  17. 17. Innovation that thrives on ambiguity
  18. 18. Filtering for moral values
  19. 19. Private or sensitive information</li></li></ul><li>03<br />Community`s keywords & values<br />Creative<br />environment<br />Sharing<br />Skill building<br />Sense of pride<br />Commitment <br />Social welfare <br />Change of<br />value system<br />Growing <br />Uniqueness<br />Common<br />sensitivity <br />Problem <br />setting/solving<br />Cross <br />communication<br />New <br />dimensions<br />
  21. 21. 04<br />♪<br />COMMUNITY METAPHOR <br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  22. 22. 05<br />structure of orchestras<br />♪<br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  23. 23. 04<br />Correlation <br />Music / Software<br />Stage / Platform<br />Maestro / “itsme”<br />Prima Parte / Team leader<br />Harmony / Interaction<br />Rhythm / Coherence & Homogenity<br />Tone Colour / Heterogenious<br />Melody / Uniqueness<br />Technicality / Expertise<br />Passion / Passion<br />Group Performance / CollectiveBehaviour<br />Belonging / Belonging<br />Orchestra / TechnicalUsers<br />Chorus / TalentedUsers<br />Interpretation of Notes / InterpretationofSolutions<br />♪<br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  24. 24. 04<br />scenario<br />DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMMUNITY <br />Birth of the “itsme”<br />Maturity Stage of the community<br />Short Term<br />“Classic Symphony” <br />Long Term<br />“Fusion Orchestra”<br />MEDIUM TERM<br />“JAZZ ORCHESTRA”<br />♪<br />Bottom Up Approach<br />Decentralized System<br />Absolute Freedom<br />More individual creativity<br /> Perfect harmony without any intervention outside <br />BOTTOM UP APPROACH<br />LESS CENTRALIZED SYSTEM<br />SHIFTING POWER FROM THE COMPANY TO PARTICIPANTS<br />Top Down Approach<br />Centralized System<br />Presence of the Authority to regulate the community<br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  25. 25. scenario<br />04<br />Birth of the “itsme”<br />Long-term<br />“Fusion Orchestra” <br />MATURITY OF <br />THE COMMUNITY <br />Short Term<br />“Classic Symphony” <br />bottom up<br /> approach<br />DEVELOPMENT OF <br />THE COMMUNITY <br />swifting<br />power<br />Medium-term<br />“Jazz Orchestra”<br />LAUNCH OF <br />THE COMMUNITY <br />less centralized <br />system<br />♪<br />Bottom up<br /> approach<br />individual<br />creativity<br />Short -term<br />“Classic Symphony” <br />decentralized <br />system<br />presence of<br />an authority<br />top down<br /> approach<br />orchestra<br />centralized <br />system<br />itsme<br />
  26. 26. 04<br />Moodboardjazz orchestra<br />Homogenous <br />Heterogeneous<br />Improvisation<br />HARMONY<br />♪<br />Solo Performance<br />Rhythm <br />Collective behaviors <br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  27. 27. 04<br />Features of the community<br />Synthesizing harmony with belonging, sharing and homogeneity from heterogeneity, leaded us to create our metaphor: Orchestra. <br />Why Orchestra to represent “itsme” community?<br />By multiple voices, a cohesive chorus, by variety of instruments in the orchestra and a hidden maestro and harmony; “itsme” builds its own identity. <br />♪<br />How is the evolution?<br />The direction comes from the harmony, potential from the heterogeneity and the orchestra is spread into different life cycles. <br />Many voices, one direction, harmony is the most powerful conductor.<br />orchestra<br />itsme<br />
  28. 28. 05<br />THANK YOU…<br />