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Requirement Elicitation Using Mindmaps - Pushkraj Marathe


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Published in: Technology
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Requirement Elicitation Using Mindmaps - Pushkraj Marathe

  1. 1. Using Mindmaps Pushkraj Marathe Product Manager, SAS R&D
  2. 2. MindMaps Whole Brain Elicitation Discover Thinking other usesDisclaimer:This information is based on content freely available on internet in public domain.And is intended only to trigger more ideas in minds of reader.Request you to further study these technique from appropriate sources and then apply.
  3. 3. Whole brain Thinking Right + Left
  4. 4. Whole brain Thinking• Lets start with a small exercise – Design an emergency survival kit
  5. 5. Whole brain Thinking
  6. 6. Mind Map• Guidelines – Keywords – Color – Style – Images – Length
  7. 7. Sample mind map – Feel free to correct/expand more Disclaimer: This is not a perfect and complete survival kit. But only used to show the THOUGHT PROCESS involved
  8. 8. Elicitation Tasks, Challenges
  9. 9. Elicitation and Analysis• Elicitation – Ensure that actual underlying needs of a stakeholders are understood….• Challenges – Discovery – Clarity – Relation
  10. 10. Sample Mindmap of requirement elicitation• Will insert a mindmap covering requirements of a hypothetical case Disclaimer: This does not claim to cover all aspects of elicitation But only used to show the THOUGHT PROCESS involved
  11. 11. Discover other uses Planning, recording,…
  12. 12. Discover other uses• Meeting notes• Studying technique• Presentation• Scheduling tasks
  13. 13. ReferencesWith all due credits and respecting their copyrights,thanks to•••• Photos from
  14. 14. Thank you forWhat’s Your Message?participating