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Resources for Video Marketing


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Handout from the September 2010 BACN meeting

Published in: Technology
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Resources for Video Marketing

  1. 1. Kill Your Competition Video Marketing Tips from A-Z with Judy B and Peter Ivory presented by Judy Baker, Completely Creative Resources for Video Marketing This is a really good blog about video marketing: Wikipedia: User generated video sharing User generated sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share it with the masses. Many sites place restrictions on the file size, duration, subject matter and format of the uploaded video file. Most sites do not allow nudity, though each site makes judgment calls on what qualifies as inappropriate content. Some sites also flag adult material to keep it out of their public pool of content. Some sites screen all their content before it is published and others approve first and use community features to filter out inappropriate content “after-the-fact.” Afreeca (South Korean) Fotki Mevio AniBOOM Gawkk Myspace AtomUploads (part of Gubb ( MyVideo AtomFilms) (formerly OneWorldTV Blinkx Godtube) Openfilm Google Video (no new Ourmedia BlogTV uploads) pandora tv Brainpop Hulu Photobucket imeem (ceased video Podblanc Buzznet hosting service) Rayzz Crackle Revver Dailymotion Kewego Rambler Vision (Russian) Dyyno Lafango EngageMedia Liveleak RuTube ExpoTV Sapo Videos (only MaYoMo Portuguese) Mefeedia SchoolTube Flickr Megaupload ScienceStage Flix (Israeli) Metacafe Sevenload ©2010 Judy Baker, Completely Creative 707.938.2586 Page 1
  2. 2. Kill Your Competition Video Marketing Tips from A-Z with Judy B and Peter Ivory presented by Judy Baker, Completely Creative The Video Bay Vidoosh (Iranian) Yahoo! Video TroopTube Vimeo Youku (Chinese) Truveo Vuze YouTube Vbox7 (Bulgarian) Vzaar Zoopy Veoh (English and Viddler Italian) Videojug http:// Editing Software For PC Users Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 starts at $54.95. It’s the fun, easy way to create and share your own movies. With Vegas Movie Studio home video editing software you can create captivating videos that beg to be watched again and again. Digital video editing tools add professional pizzazz with transitions, titles, and special effects including green screen. Quickly format movies for online use. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 tarts at $49.99 Your start in the world of video editing, Movie Edit Pro 15 helps you enrich your video recordings quickly and easily to produce breathtaking movies. Simply add fitting music, professional fades, and select effects to your videos. The comfortable interface, advanced automations, and handy assistants guarantee perfect results at lightning speed! You’ll be well on your way to professional looking videos for the web. For Macs Users iMovie Free. As part of the iLife feature on all new Macs, iMovie brings you movies that aren’t a production to make. Maybe you want to throw together a few video clips. Maybe you have more time and want to fine-tune every edit. Or maybe you just want to flip through clips the way you flip through album covers in iTunes. iMovie lets you do it all — then share it all. It offers drag-and-drop editing — a fun and easy way to make movies, even if you’ve never edited a single frame. And the best part? It’s free with your Mac! Final Cut Express 4 $199 ($99 upgrade). Edit like a pro. Start by capturing DV, HDV and AVCHD footage or import your movie from iMovie — and discover the advanced moviemaking power at your disposal in the new, Open Format Timeline. Ready for still more? Add dynamic titles and graphics using LiveType. Final Cut Express 4 delivers all the tools you need to make great movies. ©2010 Judy Baker, Completely Creative 707.938.2586 Page 2
  3. 3. Kill Your Competition Video Marketing Tips from A-Z with Judy B and Peter Ivory presented by Judy Baker, Completely Creative Hosting and Uploading Videos Hosting – if you don’t want to do it through your web server Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). An online service provided by, that allows web designers to store large amounts of data online. S3 is free to join, and is a pay- as-you-go sevice, meaning you only ever pay for any of the hosting and bandwidth costs that you use, making it very attractive for start-up companies looking to minimize costs. On top of this, the fully scalable, fast and reliable service provided by Amazon, makes it highly attractive to web designers all over the world. Uploading click meeZs3. A service which allows you to fully manage your own Amazon S3 account, including uploading and downloading files and folders, and creating players and wrappers that you can easily use to embed media files on your web site. Equipment B&H. A world renowned vendor known as the place to be for all your video and pro audio needs. Their commitment to sales quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. Radio Shack. Cables, memory cards, cameras, and microphones, smart phones. Amazon. usually they have the best prices, but be sure to see who is actually providing the products. Amazon is a portal, not the actual supplier of products. While you are on the site, check out their video testimonials and product reviews for inspiration and information. ©2010 Judy Baker, Completely Creative 707.938.2586 Page 3
  4. 4. Kill Your Competition Video Marketing Tips from A-Z with Judy B and Peter Ivory presented by Judy Baker, Completely Creative Video Workshops 1. Introduction to web video: what, where, why and how-to get started with web video. 2–3Hrs $89. 1. Preparing for your Video (actual presentation & delivery with feedback from the group) 4Hrs $149./$75. refresher 1. Studio session with 6-8 people maximum. Video session and finished 3 minute video. 4hrs $249. 1. Sign up today for a $25 discount on any 1 workshop 1. Sign up for all 3 — $75 off today only ($487 value for $412) for those attending BACN Details available upon registration Give us your business card and a check or credit card today to register Give us your business card to be on our notification list. Thank You. ©2010 Judy Baker, Completely Creative 707.938.2586 Page 4