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Password management tools


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Sallie Goetsch explains why everyone needs a password management tool and some of the features of Dashlane and LastPass. Life Hacks segment from the November 2015 BACN meeting.

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Password management tools

  2. 2. Has This Ever Happened to You? “Everyone online is potentially at risk of cybercrime: in fact, you're probably more likely to have your email account hacked than your home broken into. A global study by the UN finds digital theft affects between 1 and 17% of the online population, while physical crime rates are below 5%.” make-you-think-twice-about-your-password-where-s-the-csi-cyber-team-when-you- need-them-/
  3. 3. Weak Passwords: Just Say No
  4. 4. Never Forget Another Password Use a good password tool!
  5. 5. Make Sure Your App • Imports from your browser and other programs • Works on all your devices • Syncs across all your devices • Allows you to share passwords with others
  6. 6. Dashlane
  7. 7. Free vs. Premium
  8. 8. LastPass
  9. 9. LastPass Premium
  10. 10. Importing Passwords
  11. 11. You Decide • LastPass costs less and works on more devices • Dashlane has better desktop apps • Other possibilities include 1Password, KeePass, and RoboForm