How to Be a Media Magnet with Roberta Guise--Handout


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Handout from the May 2013 Bay Area Consultants Network (BACN) program by Roberta Guise about attracting media attention in today's communication-saturated world

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How to Be a Media Magnet with Roberta Guise--Handout

  1. 1. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 1 HOW TO BE A MEDIA MAGNET (and get journalists to beat a path to your door) Presentation for BACN on 24 May 2013 by Roberta Guise Reasons consultants pass on PR! Why consultants need the media!
  2. 2. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 2 Position on Thought Leadership Continuum! Thought! Leadership! Distinctive Ideas! Expertise/Competitive! Why some consultants get famous! • Strategically use media for visibility! • Develop relationships with editors, writers! • Have valuable content! • Are reliable source! • Present well! • Easy to work with! • Have novel, new or contrarian thinking! Who the media are! • Traditional newspapers! • Radio & TV/cable! • Trade, professional, business publications! • Influential blog sites (e.g. HuffPost, Fast Company, Visit for relevant, top blog sites!
  3. 3. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 3 Build enduring relationships with media! Top 6 keys to enduring media relationships! #1: Know your audience! #2: Know the publication! #3: Know the reporter’s beat! #4: Be interesting! #5: Be a valuable resource! #6: Be nice, two ways! From blog post to national TV! • Topical/trending or breaking news story! • Expert opinion! • Media need! • You know the issues! • You have deep expertise!
  4. 4. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 4 Exercise: Piggy-back News! • Think of a story in the news that you have strong opinions about, that makes you react.! • Call out the headlines! Be a resource, land a story! Media relations made (almost) easy!
  5. 5. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 5 Instant gratification PR! • To respond to a published piece, general news item, breaking news! • You have a story idea! • To start a conversation/get to know a reporter! Homework! • Write the name of a reporter, columnist or blogger whose article you read, for whom you could be a great source! • Where do they publish? ! • What do they write about (“beat”)? What’s their writing style?! • Why are you a great source for them?! • Why is this writer a good media target for you?! The paradox of media opportunities! • Print media are dying! • Print media are alive! • (Some) online media are influential! • Strategies for consultants!
  6. 6. 5/21/13 © 2013. Roberta Guise. 6 Takeaways! • Develop relationships with the media over patient and strategic! • Practice 3 standout strategies for engaging the media! • Build media relations into your business strategy! • One hour a week is better than none! Resources! To reach the speaker! Roberta Guise!! Twitter: @robertaguise!!!!!! 415-979-0611!