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HR executives face strategic challenges, economic pressures, and a
multitude of tactical issues every day. Given the priority that businesses
and organizations place on making their employees a competitive
differentiator, HR must be able to help the business align people with
business objectives. Sage HRMS is designed to leverage HR's knowledge,
processes, and systems to achieve optimal return on employee
investment from Hire to Retire solutions.

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  • Every company has an HR system -
  • Now that we have seen the modules that data resides, lets take a look at how many ways we can extract this data so we can provide the information to our various departments, executives, etc. In HRMS we offer 3 report types (1) Standard for view and filters (2) Query – quick info extraction and (3) Crystal Reports – view, change design During the presentation, we will see how these features are beneficial
  • Sage HRMS is a comprehensive solution for managing human resources and supports all of the phases of the employee life-cycle, either out-of-the-box or with optional extensions to the core software. From recruiting and on-boarding all the way to retirement. And from flawless payroll processing to tax-filing, benefit enrollment and other compensations. From training to performance management, career development and promotions. Plus all the support you need to comply with all the rules and regulations. Each of these phases in the employee life cycle are in some form or other present at every organization. Most vendors of human resource solutions are created to make HR person or department more efficient registering and managing all these employee related processes and tasks.
  • One example is Sage Employee Analytics. The Abra HRMS Database contains information that is of great value to the rest of the organization. Traditionally, to share this information HR needs to create reports for each and every manager in their organization – which is labor intensive and outdated as soon as the report reaches the manager. Sage Employer Analytics allows HR to create live ‘views’ into the database. A view is defined with the so called ViewBuilder [click] HR only has to send a URL to the managers in the organization. One URL will give different results for different managers. The security system built into Sage Employee Self Service controls the access and regulates that the recipient (or the viewer) only sees the information they are allowed to see. Normally that is just the information concerning their own staff, but different roles can be defined.
  • Al 2012 Kicking up you HR System

    1. 1. Kicking up your HR System Presented By: Nancy Pearce
    2. 2. Introduction Nancy PearceBAASS HR Practice Leader BAASS Payroll SpecialistSage ERP 300 Consultant
    3. 3. Agenda• HR theories and challenges• What is your HR system?• HRMS Core• HRMS Beyond the Core – Kicking it up
    4. 4. HR Theories• Career and personal development are high priorities for young employees – Gen-Y’ers or Millennials• They are changing the dynamics, they were born in the internet era and have high expectations• Keep them engaged and satisfied and they will be happy to overachieve for you
    5. 5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    6. 6. What is your HR system?
    7. 7. What is your HR system?• Memory 1 – 10 employees• Manual notes 1 – 20 employees• Paper files 1 – 50+ employees• Excel files 1 – 50+ employees• HRMS Core 50+ employees
    8. 8. • Is your HR system meeting the needs of your employees?• Is it helping you to help them reach their goals?• Are your employees at the lower or the upper end of the pyramid?• Reach optimal ROEI for your enterprise
    9. 9. Challenge – Decentralization of dataChallenge:• Employee data scattered• Lots of spreadsheets and other storage• Comprehensive reporting difficult• Security and privacyHow HRMS can help:• Offers centralized database• Over 80 reports with various criteria• Abra Secure Query & Crystal reporting tools• Offers sophisticated, multilevel security
    10. 10. Challenge – Benefits, Health & SafetyChallenge:• Maintain & calculate benefit costs• Maintain & calculate pensions, RRSP contributions, etc• Maintain Health & Safety informationHow HRMS can help:• Reduce admin costs• Reduce manual process• Identify most costly benefits & incidents
    11. 11. Challenge – Time-off managementChallenge:• Difficult to track vacation entitlement• No record of time taken• Management of vacation requests• Requests from employees for vacation balanceHow HRMS can help:• Lump sum or Accrual leave plans• Tracking of time taken updates plan balance• Requests, approvals, history of time taken and balance in ESS
    12. 12. Challenge – Empower Employees/ManagersChallenge:• Employees have no access to data• Managers/supervisors have no access to data for strategic decisionsHow HRMS can help:• Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows access to view, update data• Heighten level of service to employees • A natural expectation of the internet generation of employees• Dynamic sharing of information
    13. 13. What does Sage offer?Human Resources Management Solution – HRMS Core product • Employee information, Photo, Organization, Skills, Attachments, Notes, Emergency Contacts, Events, LOA, Termination • Job and Pay history, Steps, Next Reviews • Time-off management (Vacation, Sick, Jury, etc.) • Benefits management and history (LTD, Health, Life, etc.) • OHS and Workers Compensation tracking and reporting, Form 7 • Crystal Report Writer and Query reporting tool • Custom screens and fields • Import & Export tool • Link to Sage ERP 300 (Accpac) payroll
    14. 14. Sage HRMS Reporting CapabilitiesLevel of User Experience Expert Crystal Reports Crystal Reports Standard Reports Novice Abra Secure Query 80+ Standard Reports Unstructured Structured Standardization of Reporting
    15. 15. HRMS – Beyond the Core• Train - training management• Employee Self Service (ESS)- web portal• OrgPlus - organizational charts• Sage Alerts and Workflow• Sage Source• Payroll• Manusonic Timeclock and SonicWeb integration
    16. 16. HRMS – Beyond the Core• Crystal Dashboard Design• Cyber Recruiter• Cyber Train• Performance Appraisal management• Active Directory Conduit• HR Actions
    17. 17. Sage HRMS: more than admin Retirement Recruiting Promotion Onboarding Career PolicyDevelopment CommunicationPerformance Compensation Evaluation H&W Benefits Training Payroll Leave
    18. 18. Sage HRMS Train• Draw on employee information from Core• Automate the scheduling and record keeping• Manage certifications, renewals• Prepare training programs with Courses• Define training requirements for a Job or all employees – Courses, Training Programs, Certification • New hire training program
    19. 19. Sage HRMS Train– Track cost of training– Track CEU and Credits– Define prerequisite courses and skills– Create Classes for Courses • Enroll employees • Review Class Roster • Edit Class Enrollment Letter to be sent • Assign an Instructor, costs
    20. 20. Sage HRMS Employee Self Service• Employee and Manager access to HRMS – View/update information – View Pay Advices from Accpac – Request/approve time off ESS – View Builder reporting tool
    21. 21. Personalized information in Managers --personal preferred format Web Portal Live Employees -- Web Web Page Links CFO -- Excel Model Supervisor -- Smart Phone Executives -- SharePoint
    22. 22. Sage HRMS OrgPlusOrganizational Chart creation from HRMS data•Publish your charts in a variety of formats, including Microsoft®PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, HTML, or postthem directly to the web or your company intranet. 36predefined templates, import pictures•Create “what-if” business scenarios and measure their impact onheadcount, salaries•Refresh data with scheduled updates•MS Office integration to Word, PowerPoint and Excel
    23. 23. Sage Alerts and Workflow Alerts - Actions - Reports-Not just an HRMS product – ERP and CRM available-Certifications expiring; Upcoming Events, etc.-Preconfigured Alerts included-Easy to create your own, fields are in ‘plain English’-Send Alerts to email, cell phone, pager, fax,dashboard or a pop-up on your screen-No more “When did THAT happen?”
    24. 24. Sage Alerts and Workflow• Business Activity Monitoring system (BAM) – Auditing – Track history of critical activities – Monitoring – expirations, upcoming events – Communication – provide notification – Automated Response – no manual intervention required
    25. 25. Sage Alerts and Workflow ReportsGenerate and deliver forms and documents Workflow or Actions Forms can be added to Alerts and flowed from employee to manager to HR and update HRMS
    26. 26. Sage Source• Personalized web-based workspace utilizing gadgets, free to HRMS users• Company Announcement gadget• Secure access to paystubs• Developing Sage Advisor
    27. 27. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for Sage HRMS• Create dashboards and visual models• Share with unlimited number of users• Charts, maps, gauges, progress bars
    28. 28. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for Sage HRMS• Consolidate multiple reports and data• What-if scenarios
    29. 29. Cyber Recruiter• Job Requisition Creation and Approval – Can be enhanced by HR Actions• Applicant Tracking and Routing to hiring managers – Rank applicants based on scores• Interview Scheduling – Coordinate calendars, schedule interviews, manager feedback• Offer Routing – Offer approval details, notify applicant including documents• On-boarding right into HRMS
    30. 30. Cyber Train• Web-based training management• More robust self-service portal• Employees can submit tuition reimbursement requests and external training requests – Track through automated routing and approval process
    31. 31. Performance Appraisals HRMS Core– Review Dates: • Next Pay Review, Performance and Next Review– Rating– Reviews Due report, by month– Generate Review Forms for Reviews Due • Key employee information • Job and Pay history
    32. 32. Performance Appraisals HR Actions– Create, Route, Approve, and Save Paperless Web- based Forms– Use the existing form or create your own review form– Route it to the employee, to managers, to HR– HR approves it and it updates HRMS
    33. 33. Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone Web-based SAAS product, Annual fee –Performance Reviews • Generate, circulate interim and ad hoc forms • Email reminders and graphical progress reporting • Create custom forms with configurable workflows –Competency Assessments • Dynamically generate individual development plans • Observation checklist for in-the-field skill assessment
    34. 34. Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone – Compensation: Pay-for-Performance • Build compensation plans with cascading budgets • Allocate base, bonus, equity with defined guidelines – Development Planning • Automate individual plans and track progress – Succession Management • Build automated grids up to 5x5, use drag & drop for easy modeling of the organization • Draw in competencies to display most recent ratings
    35. 35. Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone – Talent Pooling • Track skills, roles, competencies • Nominate high-potential employees with key skills • Assign development activities – Career Centre • Boost employee engagement with career pathing • Allow employees to explore career paths • Show matches between current state and desired jobs
    36. 36. Sage HRMS Learning Management by Cornerstone SAAS (Software As A Service), Annual fee –Instructor-Led Training Administration • Event, session and conference planning • Manage vendors, instructors, facilities, and equipment • Automated registration and roster administration –Connect Social Networking • Blogs, wikis, discussions, share content
    37. 37. Sage HRMS Learning Management by Cornerstone – Virtual Classrooms • Seamless launching of virtual session • Employee self-registration and automated email reminders – Learning Content Management System • Authoring, publishing and deploying media-rich content • Test, assessment and survey tools
    38. 38. Active Directory Conduit• Automatically updates Microsoft Active Directory, which drives the company directory in Outlook/Exchange, with changes to employee data in Sage HRMS• Deactivates terminated employee accounts• Keeps all data stored in LDAP up-to-date• Easy to set up
    39. 39. HR Actions® for Sage HRMS• Automates the collection, approval workflow and entry of employee data into Sage HRMS. GO PAPERLESS!• Accelerate HR transactional processing throughout the employment life cycle• Reduce HR’s dependency on IT Support• Eliminate data entry from paper forms into Sage HRMS• Monitor and control forms throughout the entire routing process
    40. 40. HR Actions® for Sage HRMS• Example Supervisor initiates an action to promote an employee • Completes the Transfer form with a raise and reassign his direct reports. • Approved by management (multiple levels of approval available) • HR audits and saves to Sage HRMS.
    41. 41. Pre-Employment / Employee Manager / HR Onboarding Self-Service Self-Service• Requisition to Hire •Personal Details •Transfer• New Hire •Forwarding Address •Promotion• Rehire •Sick time •Pay Status •LOA request •Attendance Adjustment •Custom Details •Corrective Action •Goal Setting •OHS Incident •Performance Appraisal •LOA •Retirement •Termination •Custom Details •Goal Setting •Performance Appraisal Online Forms for the Entire Employment Life Cycle
    42. 42. Thank you for attending Nancy Pearce BAASS HR Practice Leader BAASS Payroll Specialist Sage ERP 300 Consultant