Socially synergistic enterprises 10 june m. baron


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The presentation is used at 5th Annual New Product Development Strategies. Some charts are intentionally blank . You can download the GTO paper at ibm site.

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Socially synergistic enterprises 10 june m. baron

  1. 1. Socially Synergistic Enterprisesthe human side of the smarter planetBalancing Internal and External Collaboration to Improve Innovation Marcel Baron 10 June 2011 5th Annual New Product Development Strategies
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  4. 4. Team-Based ManagementIntegrated Product Development Team Relationships Functional Management Investment Review Board (IRB) *May not exist in specific Brand Integrated Portfolio Management Team (IPMT) Project Development Team (PDT) DCT/OT & functional teams 4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IBM – Integrated Product Development © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Integrated Product Development (IPD) Overview Integrated Portfolio Management Team (IPMT)IBM Marketing Approach: Market Information 2.0 Develop/ Manage 3.0 Plan/Manage 5.0 Execute 1.0 Understand the 4.0 Plan and Strategy & Offerings/ Programs/ Marketplace Manage Programs Customer Feedback Positioning Solutions Measure IPMT Competitor Information Sponsor Technology Trends Project Proposals C Products O Solutions Strategy N Profit Marketplace insights T Concept Plan R Develop & Qualify Launch Life-cycle Satisfied Opportunity Current Portfolio Customer Targets A C Customers Value Proposition T Messaging Concept Plan Availability End-of-Life DCP DCP DCP DCP Project Development Team (PDT) 6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. H3 investigation feeds H2 growth and finally H1 exploitation © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. EBO investment decision criteria should evaluate market,technology, business, and organization attractiveness Market Size Market Trends Customer Pull Example Market Attractiveness (%) Technology Attractiveness (%) Technology Maturity Technology Trends Standards & Architectures Competitive Position Intellectual Property Strategic Control Points Solution Positioning Business Attractiveness (%) Organization Attractiveness (%) Business Model (Value Chain) IBM Strategy Fit Differential Advantage / Value EBO Strategy Fit Proposition Core Competencies/Skills Value Capture/Profit Model Technology Innovator "Game Changer" Potential Capability Market Timing Business Unit Receptivity % weighting may be applied, if needed Source: Compilation of IBMs EBO Community of Practice ideas and practices © 2011 IBM Corporation
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  10. 10. Innovation @ IBM © 2011 IBM Corporation
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  13. 13. Socially Synergistic Enterprise Solutions: The Human Side of the Smarter PlanetSocially synergistic enterprise solutionslet businesses and other organizationscombine people, data, and analytics in newways to achieve revenue growth, discoveropportunities, enhance customer and partnerrelationships, improve resiliency andefficiency, and achieve improved outcomes.These solutions will be facilitated by a frameworkand consumable components to effectivelyintegrate computation with human cognitionand action. © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Convergence of Social and Analytic Technologies Transform the Way Businesses Operate Socially Synergistic Enterprise Solutions New top-line opportunities, better relationships with customers and partners, enhanced talent pool, increased resiliency and efficiency Individuals TeamsAnalytics Social Organizations Society Business Data aggregation Process  Customer Sentiment Smart filtering Transformation  Unmet Needs Meaning extraction  Talent Discovery Consumable analytics  Reasoning and Decision Support Process orchestration  Crowdsensing, Crowdsourcing Stream processing  Teaming, Incentives, Motivation Data Physical Social Enterprise Sensors & Streams Data from and about People © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Adoption of Social Tools is Increasing RapidlyGrowth in Adult Usage of Social Network Sites, 2005-2009 Companies plan to increase spending on social despite recession Public Enterprise Fortune Global 100 Companies US Mobile Subscribers Accessing Social Sites Companies with ... Twitter Accounts Facebook Fan Pages YouTube Accounts (Thousands) 65% 54% 50% 72% 71% 69% 65% 67% 59% Jan-09 Jan-10 Change 54% 52% 52% 50% 33% 40% 40%Facebook 11,874 25,137 112% 33% 35% 33%MySpace 12,338 11,439 -7% Twitter Facebook YouTube Corporate Total US Europe Asia LatAm Total US Europe Asia LatAm Total US Europe Asia LatAmTwitter 1,051 4,700 347% Accounts Fan Pages Channels Blogs Source:comScore MobiLens Source:Burston-Marsteller © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Social Technologies Used in Point Processes Social network-based advertising Social computing and community forums achieved 70% ROI, outpacing lower customer and partner support costs. Location based social incentives TV and Online marketing One question viewed 37k times, saving ~$70k. Promotion Support Promotion Listening to buzz on Youtube and Crowdsourcing new product Crowdsourcing new features.Facebook led to creation of High Fructose and promotion ideas increases Reports $3M in revenue using Twitter Corn Syrup-free Hunts Ketchup customer loyalty to notify customers of deals Marketing Marketing Marketing, Promotion Connections-based employee social Sold 2.5 million kits collaboration with over 500 cross-silo leveraging social and communities. One generated 118 ideas Automotive industry exploring integrating social game techniques being implemented. capabilities to enhance car experience Internal Integrated Offering Integrated Offering 16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Customer Care and Insight Transforming how a Company Manages its Brands 30,000+ 2 billion+ Large consumer Issue discovered in enterprise sales and market-basket data 100000+ discussio news feeds blog postings twitter activity product company Losing share to a competitor in a key n forums topic identification sentiment and brand market association analysis Correlation and analysis of external (message boards, blogs, newsfeeds, tweets) and internal (customer calls, sales, ad spend, KPIs, etc.) to identify root causeMarketing Managers and other employees diagnose issue, develop solutions,make go/no -go decisions. Collaborative Reasoning decision tools structureprocess, populate with relevant data, support what-if predictive analyses.Question arises on whether shelf placement has changed.Query broadcast to supermarket field reps to crowdsource quick response,which is automatically tabulated, comments analyzed, insights extracted and fedback into decision space. IBM DIFFERENTIATOR: Ability to integrate and analyze internal enterprise and external data. © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Research Asset: Voice of the Customer AnalyticsManaged Service Providing Actionable Marketing Insights Enterprise Contact Points Customer Branch office Call Center Self Service IVR Agent Web Unstructured Structured Structured Data Call logs, Transcripts Customer/Product Agent Data Emails, Surveys Transaction Data Enterprise products and services Analytics Integrate and Analyze Structured and Unstructured Data  Customer Intelligence  Dissatisfaction Drivers Insights  Agent Performance  Process Understanding  Sales Drivers“… helped us improve our operational efficiency and customer “…given us a tremendous differentiation in the market placesatisfaction. This enables us to take swift pro-active mitigation to realize significant business impact. This really provides usaction to improve the customer’s satisfaction and help our client an edge over many of our competitors who simply don‘t haveretain the customer… “ the technology to deal with unstructured data..”Suppiah Karuppiah, Director and Senior PE, GM Cars Account Bill Payne, VP, CRM and Industries, GPS © 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Current Project: Visual Backchannel Monitoring Twitter activity Prototype: used at Lotusphere, USAID WorldJam, IOD, VizWeek 2010, etc.Trending terms on twitter fed to internal analytics to recognize problem and automatically create team for quick action © 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Workforce Optimization Transforming how IBM Optimizes its Services Workforce Sourcing Talent Developing Talent Retaining Talent Managing Workforce Find and acquire talent in the right place Grow employees through traditional and Retain desired talent through innovative Improve workforce productivity & and time to meet business objectives collaborative learning and development performance and compensation initiatives efficiency1. Project needs talent skills Skill performance in similar projects Modeling2. Determine best mode of work: experience individual, team, crowdsource Outcome interests Repositories3. Find best available people who has worked well with whom Collaboration and teams based on range of motivations and incentives logs organizational and personal Social goals and context personal development goals Analysis organizational future needs4. Orchestrate, support and Development and development goals Goals analyze tacit work Collaborative Supply and Demand Prediction © 2011 IBM Corporation
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