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Winner: Best Use of Creative


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Google came to Earnest with a very specific task – to develop a campaign to drive sales of its Google Maps for Business software. Working with one of the world’s most recognisable companies didn’t mean the campaign could take care of itself. Earnest needed to put across an important business case, tuning into the needs of different audiences, while remaining humorous,
informative and on-brand. They launched an integrated campaign featuring direct mail, online ads and personalised URLs to make a map much more than a map.

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Winner: Best Use of Creative

  1. 1. Think like the client
  2. 2. Think like the audience
  3. 3. Think like Paul Daniels
  4. 4. 08. Start with the Truth: If you feel stuck, write a letter toyour friend (or your mom) about the product, feature, jobdescription or news. Once you’ve written something simpleand true, then see if it’s appropriate to give it a twist, or awink, or a bit of personality.
  5. 5. When is a map, more than a map?
  6. 6. Within 3 months the UK campaign delivered:$1.25M pipeline business136 Leads3,500 unique site visits
  7. 7. Leave your preconceptions at the door Digest everything you possibly can Relax and let something come to you Don’t be afraid to do something differentIf you don’t love it, the audience probably won’t
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