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Networks First is a provider of managed network services. In 2011 it embarked on a growth programme. Building brand awareness, almost from scratch, was a key objective. Networks First commissioned Marketing Options International (MOI) to develop a memorable campaign that could cut through marketplace noise and quickly raise awareness. MOI developed a new strapline: “Evolve your network with Networks First”, then built on the “evolution” theme to create a multi-channel PR and marketing campaign around three humorous, ultra-low-budget videos featuring a trio of plastic dinosaurs.

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  • Then there was a new MD. A new Sales Director and a brand new direct sales team with no pipeline – so leads urgently needed.The consultant acting as part-time marketing director had little budget but was brave enough to realise that a pretty radical approach was going to be needed on such a limited budget and a cynical and over-targetted audience suffering huge budgetary pressure themselves.And, in common with many other technically focused SMBs all the content available was about product rather than business challenges and their solutions. The change in business focus and the move from “box shifting to consultancy driven by the market had caused uncertainty and a lack of confidence internally.So how to overcome all these challenges and differentiate Networks First from the mass of UK-based managed network service providers with only a TINY budget to work with
  • So the first challenge was WHO?Even customers who were being supported by NWF didn’t know the brand as all customer ownership was retained by the channel.
  • So here are the campaign objectives – first and foremost leads for that hungry sales team.In order to do that we were going to have to raise awareness of the brand, position them as experts and trusted advisors, showcasing the consultancy arm of the business to differentiate them..
  • Through social media listening we found 4 main topics that were “hot” on IT blogs and forums. And also that IT departments were trying to solve the problem of how to integrate new communication technologies and challenges with legacy systems.That led up to the creative idea for the campaign - “Evolve your network with Networks First” It was a short step from there to plastic dinosaursThere was certainly not enough budget for a “viral video with professional filming, editing and voice over so we looked within and used a flip camera, the dining table in my conservatory and the agency team and family members to achieve the end results
  • Winner: Best limited budget campaign

    1. 1. Networks FirstDinoverts”
    2. 2. Campaign Challenges• New people• New sales model• New product focus• Limited Budget• Audience under budgetary pressure
    3. 3. WHO?
    4. 4. Campaign Objectives• Raise awareness of the brand• Showcase Networks First’s new professional service solutions• Position Networks First as experts and trusted advisers• Generate leads and grow a direct client base
    5. 5. Campaign Tactics • Viral(ish) Videos • Social media engagement • Limited advertising • Direct Mail – EDMs and postcards/models • 3rd party events – SmartGov and IT Summit • New content: website copy; case studies and downloads
    6. 6. 1st Concept – Evolve your network with Networks First
    7. 7. As you’d expect - I’m the most popular Notable Engagements with 101 followers Oh no! only 57 followers I’m beating my boss at 85 followers
    8. 8. Social Media Conversations
    9. 9. “Explore what could only be achieved in a digitalworld – and then integrate other more traditionalelements”
    10. 10. “Dinoverts” – Print Advertising
    11. 11. Direct Mail
    12. 12. Information Age Award Entry Video
    13. 13. Campaign Extension
    14. 14. Budget SplitVideosCreative concept, storyboarding, scripting, filming, editing and delivery 44%of 4x ‘dinovert’ videosSocial mediaSetup, branding, community management 9%Direct mailPostcards (concept, copy, printing, list purchase, fulfilment) 9%Supporting MaterialsPull-up banners and exhibition stand- design, HTML email, print 38%advertising, web banners:
    15. 15. Press Coverage “Networks First, the independent Notable Engagements provider of network support services,“One man, one camera, one voice and has directed a humorous video tothree plastic dinosaurs – not exactly highlight the current pressures beingAvatar,” … “If only RIM had seen this a faced by IT departments all over theweek ago the BlackBerry service outage UK.”may well have been avoided”. “Hats off to Networks First - they have produced a hilarious video starring plastic dinosaurs. However the video has a serious message to highlight the pressures being faced by IT departments”
    16. 16. Campaign Results Notable Engagements• Coverage in IT and Channel Press• Total YouTube views – almost 2,100• Twitter followers and engagement ongoing• Increase in Corporate video views of 455%• Increase in website dwell to over 3 minutes• Award Win - Information Age
    17. 17. Top Tips Don’t give up on an idea if you don’t convince client first go With a small budget digital and social exceeds anything you can do offline You can achieve great things with a team spirit and skills you have in- house
    18. 18. Chris SangerHead of Digital and