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Winner: Best integrated campaign


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For many years, British Gas Business (BGB) was highly successful, requiring little brand and marketing activity. But, because of price volatility and energy media coverage, customers were becoming savvier and deal‐seeking. And according to brand measures, BGB’s market‐leading position was no longer safe. It was clear perceptions had to be changed of BGB; from a supplier of gas and electricity to an ‘intelligent energy partner’. To help achieve this, BGB had developed a unique new proposition, Business Energy Insight (BEI). Five businesses were selected to join a challenge to use BEI to significantly reduce their energy usage, and showed their experiences live from the first energy audit through to the results.

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Winner: Best integrated campaign

  1. 1. British Gas Business Energy Live
  2. 2. Answer two Questions
  3. 3. How do you persuade UK SMEs to take an interest in their energy supply?
  4. 4. How do you get 5 agencies to work together?
  5. 5. Start at the beginning …
  6. 6. An industry wide problem Energy supply costs rise Prices go up Customers query value Shop around Lose customers Compete on price
  7. 7. Impacting on the businessRetention Profit Revenues rate Margin
  8. 8. Sceptical and disinterested customers
  9. 9. Market factorsonly going tomake it worse
  10. 10. Get me some insight
  11. 11. SMEs British Gas ‘Show me, don’t just tell me’ Committed to both customer service and energy efficiencySmart Meters provided the tangible evidence
  13. 13. Intelligent Energy Partner
  14. 14. THE IDEABUSINESSENERGY LIVE:5 Businesses1 ChallengeSaving Energy– Live…
  15. 15. PR launchreframes the debate from pence per minute, toefficiency and total cost
  16. 16. INTRODUCE THECHALLENGE [the proof]
  17. 17. TIP #1 It is not just planning that needstime, execution needs it just as much
  18. 18. DIGITAL
  20. 20. TIP #2Find oneof these
  21. 21. The client perspective (why did it work?)
  22. 22. Startedwith thebusinessproblem …
  23. 23. Agencies shared the same goalAgencies were aligned with each other
  24. 24. TIP #3Make your agencies share a two hour train journey once a fortnight
  25. 25. Channels used to their strengths (We didn’t just match luggage)
  26. 26. We sharedsome pain
  27. 27. And the shareable highlights25% increase in consideration12% improvement in NPS14% change in ‘BGB offers value for money’25,000 customers signed up in to BEI in first 2 months