Winner: Best B2B brand initiative (for delegates)


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SITA is the air transport industry’s leading communications and IT specialist and its leading innovator. DNX’s task was to evolve SITA’s image in relation to the air transport industry to show them as pioneers. First, brand research was conducted amongst customers, partners and SITA staff to gauge current and desired perceptions of the brand. As part of the collaborative brand repositioning programme, a new brand proposition was developed, a strapline, a visual creative platform and an employee engagement programme.

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Winner: Best B2B brand initiative (for delegates)

  1. 1. ChallengeHow do you go about re-branding the beating heart of the world‟s air transport industry?With a bold vision and the courage to make it happen.
  2. 2. Changing a brandStarting with research In response to this, Identified requirements: we delivered:We undertook extensive • Demonstrate to customersstrategic research, both • A change management and employees that SITAquantitative and qualitative programme which has changedamongst customers, industry encompassed • Differentiate SITA fromcontacts, senior SITA Managers communications, portfolio, cap other technology companiesand all SITA employees, ability and culture in the marketto establish: • New brand • Position SITA as a leader• What SITA is today proposition, strapline, creative with a bolder, innovative• What our customers, platform presence and voice partners and employees and employee engagement want SITA to be
  3. 3. Overview of findings• Whilst SITA was regarded as From To a global specialist it was also Service Provider Market marker seen as - Slow Dedicated to Influential - Bureaucratic Legacy Value Added Innovation - Inflexible Respected Wanted Slow Responsive• The brand was not achieving Bureaucratic Can do stand-out or differentiation amongst a very „me-too‟ Rigid Lean, efficient, quick competitive set
  4. 4. Brandre-positioning
  5. 5. When Brand re-positioning becomes Change Management• The SITA Brand had to act as the central driving force to drive change across the entire organisation.• The Brand repositioning programme needed to - demonstrate to customers, employees and the market that SITA was changing - differentiate SITA from an expanding list of competitors (established and „new‟) - position SITA as a Leader, with a bolder, innovative presence and voice
  6. 6. And how this thenimpacted all areasof the business
  7. 7. Creative Expressionof Brand
  8. 8. From this…
  9. 9. …to thisWe explored lots of different ways toexpress the brand before settling ona solution that is modern, fluid andorganic. It combines a mixture ofindustry and non-industry imagerywith a bold, confident andconversational tone of voice.
  10. 10. …to thisThe new brand experience hasalso been carried through toSITAs corporate website andacross all internal platforms.Here, subtly moving freeformsand texture help bring the brandto life, whilst the content ispresented in an engaging andintuitive way.
  11. 11. …to thisThe new brand has even found its wayinto SITAs offices around the world,helping to create vibrant, colourfulworkspaces that inspire collaborationand the desire to succeed.
  12. 12. …to thisWhen a company such as SITAdecides to transform every aspectof its operations, from its portfolioof market-leading solutions and itscustomer support capabilities to itsculture and communications, itsessential everyone knows why.Our brand storybook tells the tale.
  13. 13. …and thisThe brand identity has also been usedfor exhibition and conference stands.The bold graphics and the shortengaging and inspirational headlinescombine to create a brand the likes ofwhich the air transport industry hasnever seen.
  14. 14. Internal Engagement• We ensured throughout the entire process that we engaged with stakeholders at all key times and milestones in the brand journey - Senior Leadership Team - Customer Advisory Board - Executive Board - Heads of Business - Steering Committee• As well as appointing Brand Ambassadors across all areas of the business and at multiple levels.• Regional workshops with management teams led by the Brand Ambassadors helped inspire and develop commitment to SITA‟s new brand goals.
  15. 15. The internal dimension to changing the brand:We helped SITA place the brand at the heart of everything it does; how the business talks, how itforms its strategy, how it engages with customers and partners and employees.Tactics• Global Desktop• Email campaign• Brand handbook• Quiz• Educational tools
  16. 16. External Brand CampaignOur objective was to create a human connection with the brand – by capturing the people,leadership, success and human interest stories that could deliver the brand values andbrand attributes.The „TWC Campaign‟ tells the stories of SITA customers, partners and staff and usesreal people to show-case the great achievements and innovations that benefit theentire Air Transport Industry.
  17. 17. TWC 18
  18. 18. Key Learnings• Don‟t underestimate the times it takes (even for small changes or actions)• Put as much emphasis, budget, into internal comms as external comms• KPIs are mandatory, but don‟t revisit too early – the effect of Change takes time….• Not everyone understands everything just because you‟ve told them – messages need explanation and reinforcement (global organisation / non marketers)• Relevance and Credibility is far more important than clever straplines and design – without them it doesn‟t matter how much you invest, your Brand won‟t fly!
  19. 19. Last word…“Rebranding an organisation as complex as SITA was never going tobe an easy challenge and yet dnx has understood us completely, andshowed us the way, pushing us to be bold, to be different. Across allaspects of our organisation, we have a new, vibrant brand that we canbe proud of”Arthur CalderwoodSenior Vice President Marketing & Sales OperationsSITA