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In the current financial climate, 2013 promises to be a challenging year for many businesses and as marketers and business leaders you need to ask yourself some serious questions:

How can you really connect and understand the challenges in your own business? If you could pick 4 or 5 areas of focus - which ones would make the most impact to your business? Can tools help you supercharge your marketing and at what cost and benefit?

In this session, Marina Lumley connects with today’s challenges for b2b businesses and discusses how marketing automation can help them navigate towards a more profitable 2013.

Join Marina’s session and you will learn:

• How to make more of the finite time we have
• How your marketing activities can be more effective
• How sales and marketing can work together for success
• How you can specifically define where your problems are – and fix them!
• How best to use technology to help your business

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  • My starting point when I work with clients – whether its’ directly on their marketing/business issues – or whether its delivering a training programme – is do you really know what your problem is? Quite often the problems are identified fast – and the time is spent on the solution.  But a wise person once said to me – spend 95% of the time on truly defining the problem – and the solution will come easy.  And whilst it’s often painful, frustrating, full of highs and lows – its always stood me in good stead and put more faith and confidence and certainty around the solution. The subject for today’s seminar is – Supercharging Sales & Marketing. 
  •  I’m currently consulting for Target360 who is sponsoring this event today and indeed this seminar.  And I’m finding that I’m having a conversation every day more or less – and this is what it comes down to – with more digital tools at the marketers disposal – more ability for marketing managers to think – act – and do engaging and 1-2-1 marketing – how do they actually get it to work and know its worked.
  • And I’m finding that I’m having a conversation every day more or less – and this is what it comes down to – with more digital tools at the marketers disposal – more ability for marketing managers to think – act – and do engaging and 1-2-1 marketing – how do they actually get it to work and know its worked.
  • Very recently I was in New York and happened to be talking to a Canadian gentleman who was there with his sales team.  They were on a bit of a jolly.  They had flown in on 2 private jets (first indication of success). And I asked him what his business was – he said – scrap metal.  Business to business clearly.  He and his brother owned the company.  I thought what the hell and I asked him what his turnover was.  Just short of 2 billion Canadian dollars a year.  This guy clearly knew what success looked like and I asked him how he achieved it. He said – it’s the 2%. 2% smarter at every point of our sales journey. (Marketing Automation gives the opportunity for multiple 2% along the journey) Come in Huston – we have a problem – in fact we have several.  And I’m not which to fix? Are they all fixable? And what do I tackle first? So lets see if some of this resonates…
  • Problem - How do you know you are being most effective and efficient? – when the request comes in – we need another sales person, another marketing exec, we need more time to do what you’ve asked.. how do you know if that is really an accurate solution to the problem – create more time please – longer deadlines or more people hours. 
  • The challenge – in situations where you have multiple acquisition activities – potentially in more than one channel - an event or PPD advertising, where you have a lead journey – from initial “vague” awareness to potential interest – you need communications and contacts to help nurture. And you may have 1000 leads all at different stages, requiring different activities and interactions – so how exactly to you make that happen seamlessly without giving marketing a nervous breakdown? – or worse still - not even attempt to do it with the help of a little Valium?
  • Problem – I’ve heard about it, I know about it – are we doing it?  - Often discussed, rarely executed or measured.  Now we cannot just say it – but do it.  Why do you need engagement? And what is the difference between acquisition.. etc…
  • Problem - The MDs nightmare – listening to the excuses of sales people when they explain all the reasons why they can’t close sales…. Leads not real leads, not qualified, not the decision maker etc… So sales people are unhappy and blaming marketing. And marketing think sales should be doing more.  Tension headache - 
  • £300k deal anonymous
  • Like Indy here, we are all trying to reach for the Holy Grail….
  • Problem - A marketers holly grail “How much do I spend on what?” I’m sure for some – this is your situation. We’ve got some tools already. We are doing some marketing activity. But does marketing have the time and bandwidth to work out the true impact –ROI, ROT, ROA..  Are they quick enough to evaluate campaigns? Not so long ago marketing tended to evaluate campaigns and activity at the end. But that’s far too slow today.
  • Today you need to work fast and fail fast – it’s often the precursor to success.
  •  Marketing needs confidence to tune and fine tune activity. It needs to be able to say – we can convert to sales for £1,000 per lead using these activities in this order, verses £5,000 this way. Eventually you’ll be able to say that the £5k customer stayed 3 times longer – so still well worth the investment.
  • Problem – Do I need a CRM system? Is mine OK? How much is it going to cost? Will I use it?Education:  More options and cost effective solutions than ever before.  Have to keep working the solution once you’ve got it deployed. Sales Force, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics.And then the sales and marketing tools overlay – consultancy, integration issues, combination of tools from different vendors – email from dotmailer, analytics from Marketo, etc… 3 systems – all trying to work together with integration bridges. (is this true??) How much easier is t36? How difficult are the others? Do we know? Can we canvass people using it?  Many tools can be overlaid on an existing system – but its still 2 systems. T360 – it is a CRM – and its 40k of consultancy that you don’t have to pay.  An absolute USP and my only pitch of the day.
  • Supercharge your Marketing with Marketing Automation and much more

    1. 1. Supercharge sales & marketing – Marketing Automation Marina
    2. 2. A bit about me• Marketing Consultant, practitioner and trainer in Marketing Communication strategy• Formerly integrated agency Board Director• 17 years Marketing Experience• CIM Faculty Member and Trainer• Teaching in the digital space - digital marketing; social media marketing; integrated marketing.• Teach in the in marketing space– creative brief writing and agency management
    3. 3. Do you know what your problem is?A wise man once said – spend 95% of your timeon defining the problem. And the remaining 5% to solve it.
    4. 4. Digital Landscape Earned Media Communication created Brand outside of the brand, about the brand/product Digital Website Advertising Product Site Owned Media All online media owned SEO by the brand AffiliatesBought Media CampaignTypical media spend Websitedriving visitors to owned Socialmedia Media Email
    5. 5. Smarter at everything we do2% 2 billion $ Canadian dollars a year
    6. 6. Marketing AutomationThe use of a marketing automation platform isto streamline sales and marketing organizationsby replacing high-touch, repetitive manualprocesses with automated solutions.Wiki
    7. 7. 5 Common Problems• Time• Engagement• Sales Journey• Effectiveness• Data management (customer view)
    8. 8. Time is not elastic
    9. 9. “Just under 17,500 businesses with a revenue ofunder $5m have installed Marketing Automation systems in 2012” Raab Guide
    10. 10. Marketing Automation saves time1. Database instantly updated with new data, insights and prospect behaviors2. Dash boards and reports extracts your key metrics automatically3. Single view so no need to go searching4. Automate emails reducing manual work flows5. Automatic alerts informing individuals as appropriate6. Sales allocation is automated and outlook synced with appointments and reminders7. Joins up and automates sales and marketing processes
    11. 11. EngagementLack of it = wasted cost of acquiring attention Acquire Share Participate Engage
    12. 12. “Businesses that blog at least 20x per monthgenerate over 5x more traffic than thosethat blog fewer than 4x per month”“Businesses that blog at least 20x per monthgenerate nearly 4x more leads thanthose who don’t blog”Source : Hubspot
    13. 13. …Benefits of engagement scoring1. Score behaviours and interactions2. Qualify based on score3. Pass to sales once qualified on pre-defined metrics which have been agreed by the company4. Automated5. In Real time
    14. 14. The Sales Journey
    15. 15. The Sales Journey
    16. 16. The Sales JourneyGoals – Enable qualification – Encourage sales and marketing down from their ivory towers to share the Intel – Unite with the cause – Own one system - together
    17. 17. … benefits to the sales journey1. More potent email marketing to prospects which is tailored to position in the sales funnel and engagement stage – Driven by greater knowledge and understanding2. Sales and marketing more informed about the prospect journey – as an individual what they did, said, interacted with and when and what they did next3. Never loose valuable leads – they can’t get lost or missed4. Sales and Marketing can see what each other did5. Know the real pipe line, not the one sales say6. More opportunities – the anonymous
    18. 18. “How do I know how much to spend on what?”
    19. 19. “How do I know how much to spend on what?”
    20. 20. Purchase Abandon Browse InteractPost-click most relevant and meaningful for your marketing activity Unique visitors (anon.) No. of visits Time on site Conversion rate Contact details – if provided…
    21. 21. What we know: • Browsed Product Page Product interest1st visit • Downloaded an Interest building2nd visit infographic – no form fill and researching Seeking to build • Commented on a blog3rd visit credibility / gain a perspective • Joined a webinar – form fill Ready to engage4th visit
    22. 22. Lead Scoring • Browsed Product Page1st visit +5 points • Downloaded an2nd visit infographic – no form fill +10 points • Commented on a blog +7 points3rd visit • Joined a webinar – form4th visit fill +20 points
    23. 23. Engagement Score Return on Touch-point+20 points £140+42 points £120 +30 points £100
    24. 24. More options and solutions than ever before• Integration bridges• Plug-ins• A desk-top of dash boards• £10k - £100k+
    25. 25. Marketing manager with minimum 5 yearsexperience required– Solid level of communication experience across on-line, off-line and non-line channels– Experience managing data– Capable of creating and sending out email campaigns– Social media guru– Able to write blogs, posts, tweet at will– Creative – able to write copy and do design– Technical – able to operate and integrate tools– Great working with sales people– Experience in setting exacting measurements for all activity– Can demonstrate through previous experience – ROI, ROC, ROT– Can increase my sales by 10% within the first 3 months of joining team– Will not ask for more resource for at least a year
    26. 26. • Built a set of tools that not exhaustive in market place – but is core functionality • Built in with full CRM system that will gets started sales and marketing processes – built on an enterprise level platform that can scale as you grow Empower marketing and sales to supercharge their business. Topush the dial, tweak, learn, evaluate, roll-out. Assessment in realtime and fast decisions. To be 2% better in 5 different key places. That’s 10% better than we were.
    27. 27. Any questions?
    28. 28. Marina Lumley @marinalumley