Runner Up: Best Use of Social Media


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LoveHateData was launched to raise awareness of the importance of data in business and promote the benefits of the 2011 launch of SAP Crystal Solutions, an entry-level business intelligence (BI) tool. We created a site built around two personae – a data hater and a data lover – and used them to educate and inform our online followers of the benefits of data and the benefits of BI solutions.
The messaging was kept very high level with a strong focus on producing content that would increase awareness. This was done via the social media channels set up and collateral including wallpapers, twibbons, email signatures, infographics and more.

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Runner Up: Best Use of Social Media

  1. 1. In 2011, we were approached by SAP to run aBusiness Intelligence (BI) campaign for SAPCrystal Solutions that would extend beyond theusual IT target audience and resonate witheveryday users of BI solutions: Line of Businessusers
  2. 2. At that time SAP and Business Intelligence solutions were recognised throughout the professional IT and developer communities.But.. there was almost no resonance or level ofunderstanding amongst this Line of Business audience
  3. 3. And yet, data was, and still is all around us…
  4. 4. To achieve break through and create engagement we needed something different…• High level messaging• Education process• Focus on awareness and building strong, long-lasting relationships
  5. 5. It seemed logical… With the exponential growth in usage at that time (in 2011 Social Media became the number 1 activity on the web) coupled with the fact that there would need to be an education process that took place with our audience, a Social Media was born…
  6. 6. That’s all great, but how could we make data engaging?
  7. 7. Introducing Love Hate: ‘The idea’
  8. 8. Strategy • Centre the debate around 2 characters • Invite visitors to pick a side encouraging them to really think about, comment on and share how they feel about data and how they are using their own • Take data haters on a personal journey to become a data lover through a process of education and information • Support the validity and resonance of discussions and messages by involving third-party influencers
  9. 9. Love Hate Data Assets• A number of assets brought this campaign to life including video, direct mail, infographics, online and social media.• What was crucial for the assets used was that they were engaging to ensure shareability across social; the engine behind this campaign
  10. 10. Love Hate Data Assets
  11. 11. Love Hate Data – A user’s journey
  12. 12. Data driven content
  13. 13. How we built our community integrating SAP channels
  14. 14. • 15,600 Site visits • 91.9% of registrants are data lovers• 915+ online conversations • 10,000+ Infographic views• 11,500+ unique visitors • 4,700+ YouTube views• 984,585+ tweet impressions on Twitter• Registrations from over 57 countries• 60% of registrations were from LOB users• 10,000+ blog views• 8.57% site visitor conversion
  15. 15. Don’t start from scratch Leverage existing communitiesGo to where your audience are Go ACROSS channels Don’t treat social as a chance to sell Social is a relationship developer Invest time
  16. 16. Katie Colbourne | Senior Account Manager @KatieColbourne