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McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company delivering solutions and services to end-users, private sector enterprise, the public sector and service providers. With more than 100 competitors, McAfee realised that its sales and marketing teams had to work closely together to drive revenue growth.

Using a combination of lead scoring and lead nurturing McAfee marketing decided that the best way to continue marketing to leads that were not ready to speak to a sales rep was to create an automated buyers journey.

Prospects should be put through a segmented nurturing programme giving them the right information at the right time in the buying process to enable leads to becoming sales ready over time.

McAfee turned to marketing operations agency, CRM Technologies to assist in the design, implementation and on-going refinement of the nurture programme which has led to a fourfold increase in opportunity conversion, highlighting a clear return on investment. CRM’s fundamental approach was the rationale of taking the prospect on a journey, rather than just talking to them about a product. The success of this strategy was based on the mantra of “sending the right content at the right time to the right person”.

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  • Introduce myselfIntroduce AnjaFeldmaier – Marketing ExecSharing session between us to describe the McAfee Lead Nurturing Campaign to youGo over theory and best practice and then run you though the campaign itselfWho uses automated nurturing campaigns within their own business?OK, hopefully something in here for everyoneLet me first get Anja to set some context and introduce McAfee to you
  • 125 million business and home users worldwide are relying on McAfee. Our business is built on trust and safety, but protecting our world has become more complicated...
  • Theme– RIGHTPEOPLE – RIGHT CONTENT – RIGHT TIMEKeep this mantra in mind for Lead NurturingThese three elements together really drive relevance of messageThe more relevant the better the responseHow do we do this?Lets look at it from the buyers perspective
  • One thing for sureBuyers have all the information they need at their fingertips to make an informed decision who to engage withinfo about our companies, our products, our services and our competitorsThey are engaging with sales much much later on in the sales processOur job – to guide them through this journeyLets look at that buyers journey
  • Here is a typical integrated Sales & Marketing funnelYou may have yourown version of thisSirius Decisions Lead Waterfall- MQL & SQLBuyer Experience is very different <CLICK>From initial interest in a business issueThrough to learning about and evaluating possible solutionsFinally justifying the purchase
  • So if we take those buying stages we can map typical nurturing campaigns to themYou will note that nurturing does not have to stop after purchaseIn McAfee’s case we implemented the first threeSplit into EARLY, MIDDLE and LATE buying stagesSo lets look at the steps we followed to do this in practice.
  • Snakes and Ladders Board (or chutes and ladders for any Americans in the audience)Detect what square the buyer is on.Help them along step by step with Relevant ContentLook for opportunities to accelerate (up ladder)Or slow down(down a snake)
  • Look at Structure FirstVarious Sources - from both Inbound and Outbound activitiesVarying degrees of knowledge about the buyer1st – establish what product pillarIf we can’t then fed into drip campaignMicrosite of assets – For Inbound<CLICK>Pillar specific campaign – split by our 3 buyer stagesDynamic Microsite for each pillar – talk about this in a minute
  • DRIP CampaignA/B Testing methodsReally a standard outbound campaign…..but with behavioural monitoring
  • …talking about assetsWe split each pillar into 3 buying stages and deliver relevant assetsEARLY STAGE - assets are thought leadership pieces and business issue positioningHere is an example- <CLICK>MIDDLE STAGE -position McAfee as a company that can help with those challenges. Here is an example<CLICK>LATE STAGE – give details of the products/services that solve those challenges. Here is an example
  • So that’s content what about the campaign workflow.don’t want to go into all detail but essentially we have a workflow for the drip campaign.Sends a series of messages over time until pillar established
  • Pillar workflow split into EARLY, MIDDLE and LATE buying stages<Talk through workflow>We monitor consumption of assets, whether we have pushed them or not Buyers response (or lack of it) to determines what we do next.Use standard techniques to maximise responseWe use accelerators (remember snakes and ladders) Let me give you a couple of examples.
  • First example - autorespondersSent out when an asset is consumed. Get a very high open rate as they appear at “the right time”<CLICK>First we acknowledge their download <CLICK>Move to the next sales stage (the ladder) <CLICK>Or next asset in the same sales stage (the next square on the board)
  • Second example is on the pillarmicrositeThisis dynamically generated when they click through an email or navigate the site. <CLICK>Primary call to action top right.Carousel of assets <CLICK>However not only do we want to move them along the funnel we also need to learn more about the prospect as we goTechnique called progressive profiling
  • Ask for information about the prospect in small chunksUse a lightbox approachso the asset is seen to be within reachInitially just asking for name, company and email if we don’t know it already.
  • MIDDLE BUYING STAGEwe progress to asking for additional infoJob role and company size informationPre-Fillprevious infoOffer some additional non-mandatory fields at this stage.
  • LATE STAGEMQL informationIncluding phone number and address info.Much less onerous than all up front
  • Through the combination of lead scoring and lead nurturing, we’ve been able to increase the number of SAL by 5.The top graphic shows that over 2 quarters we more than doubled our MQL to Opportunity conversion and we are only half way through this quarter.The below graphic shows how the 3 different nurture tracks perform throughout the program. The results in open and click-through rates almost double the success of our usual email communications.
  • The three areas we have identified to focus on immediately are:Live event integration: Webcasts, seminars, conferences etc.Social Media and SEO: Predominantly to expand reach and increase word of mouth -> hopefully entering more prospects into the programUpdates to content and lead design
  • 'Right content, right time' the McAfee lead nurture programme - CRM Technologies

    1. 1. McAfee 321 Nurture Campaign
    2. 2. Introductions www.linkedin.com/in/andrewmfreeman @crmtechnologies www.facebook.com/crmtechnologies www.marketingoperations.com Andrew Freeman CRM Technologies Andrew.Freeman@crmtechnologies.com
    3. 3. McAfee Facts and Figures 125 million McAfee users 180+ million mobile devices shipped with McAfee 5 million single largest McAfee deployment 10 Gartner Magic Quadrants that feature McAfee 480 McAfee patents, more pending 110+ McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partners 6,839 McAfee employees globally* 120 countries that make up the McAfee global footprint $2.2+ billion annual revenue*As of March, 2012
    4. 4. McAfee – Marketing Challenges & Goals1 Lead Volume – Too many leads for sales bandwidth2 Lead Quality – The need for Lead Nurturing3 Optimisation of Marketing Investment – Trending Analysis4 “Smarter” Preference based emailing5 Connected Processes – Closed Loop Marketing
    5. 5. Guiding Principles
    6. 6. The Nurturing Mantra Right People Right Content Right Time
    7. 7. Buyers now in control “…customers’ buying processes have evolved.” Thomas Stewart Editor, Harvard Business Review
    8. 8. The Buyers Journey Corp Web Site Social Sites Outbound Email 3rd party Websites Events Customer Buying Experience
    9. 9. Buyers Journey based Nurture Campaigns Interest Learn Evaluate Justify Purchase Welcome or Customer Re-Engage Education Why Us Urgency New Customer Campaign Loyalty/ Campaign Campaign Campaign Onboarding Retention Purpose Purpose Purpose Purpose Purpose Purpose Welcome new Get them ready Juxtapose your Remove Welcome new Retain and subscribers/ to talk to Sales solution to their roadblocks, customers develop contacts to DB Sample need speed purchase Sample Sample Sample Messages Sample decision Messages Messages Messages • Engage to Messages Sample • Thank them • Reiterate • Introduce further profile • Differentiate Messages • Identify next purchase/ brand/reiterate prospect your brand from • Provide steps relationship benefits • Educate competitors’ decision tools benefit •Identify next about value • Reiterate • Seek steps prop value prop feedback • Opt in to • Include • Tips/tricks to something else relevant case get most of • Re-park studies, product interest testimonials
    10. 10. Four Key Steps  Track buyers behaviour Right Time  Interpret where they are in their journey  Categorise their role in the buying process Right People  Create buying “personas”  Categorise content Right Content  Map content to buying stage, persona and other attributes (e.g. Industry) that allows you to deliver more relevant/personalised content / messaging  Engage in an ongoing learning dialog  Deliver timed relevant content, monitor behaviour, look for opportunities to Nurture acccelerate to next stage, allow prospects to move at own pace and gather further profile information as you go
    11. 11. McAfee 321 CampaignDiscover McAfee
    12. 12. Campaign Structure Drip Campaign Asset1 Asset2 Asset3 Asset4 Asset5 Microsite Home Early Early Early Buyer Pillar Middle Middle Middle Home Stage Late Late Late Device Information Infrastructure Pillar Campaigns
    13. 13. Outbound Drip Campaign Emails
    14. 14. Campaign Assets
    15. 15. Drip Campaign Workflow
    16. 16. Pillar WorkflowEarlyMiddleLate
    17. 17. Early Stage Auto-Responder Acknowledge Next Stage Asset Next Asset same Stage
    18. 18. Primary call To actionSecondary assets in carousel
    19. 19. Early stage form
    20. 20. Middle stage form
    21. 21. Late stage form
    22. 22. Future Refinements and Interim Results
    23. 23. Results so far… MQL Conversion 120% 100% 80% 60% 11Q4 40% 12Q1 12Q2 20% 0% MQLs MQL to MQL to SAL OptyNurture Stats Click-throughs 9% Device Opens 33% Information Infrastructure Received Figures exclude drip campaign
    24. 24. Future Refinements  Live Event Integration  Social Media and SEO  Updates to Content and Design
    25. 25. Any Questions?