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The Fujitsu Cloud Computing campaign was developed by DirectionGroup to deliver valuable and relevant content into a landscape overcome by hype and mixed messages, while positioning Fujitsu as authoritative thought-leaders.

Aimed at IT decision makers and influencers, this integrated campaign used social media and research to inform the content strategy. Direct comms and media partnerships delivered the content to prospects and a broader audience, while the content itself was used in sales nurturing. Eoin will discuss the strategy and implementation of this content-lead campaign which included practical advice, expert opinions, video interviews, research and assistance with creating a business case.

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  • Direct Commsemail and DM to Fujitsu databaseSocial MediaContent publicised through twitter Poll participantsMedia Partnershipsco-branded comms and online advertisingEventsPrinted collateral Salesforce toolTelemarketingLead nurturingSearchSEO for hosted content
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing for Fujitsu - DirectionGroup

    1. 1. Fujitsu Content Marketing Case Study Eoin Rodgers Tactical Planner - DirectionGroup© DirectionGroup [June 2012]
    2. 2. What is content marketing?A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant andvaluable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly definedand understood target audience. Content Marketing Institute, 2012
    3. 3. Content marketing landscapeThere are now 40%more content types We have seenthan 5 years ago IDG Connect IT Buyer Survey, 2010 80% growth in content formats since 2005 IDG Connect IT Buyer Survey , 2010 36% of marketers say producing engaging content is their biggest challenge Content Marketing Institute, Budgets and Trends Report 2010
    4. 4. Video content in B2B MarketingMore than 80% of seniorexecs say they are Three-quarters ofwatching more online video executives saidthan they were a year ago. they watch work- related videos on business related websites at65% of senior execs least weekly.have visited avendor’s website afterwatching a video. (Forbes Insights, 2010)
    5. 5. Content marketing – Approach Utilise Revisit Insight brand research is key Monitor Harness experts findings reactions peer to to peer content comms
    6. 6. Campaign brief Create an integrated demand-generation campaign to: Position Fujitsu as a thought leader Build awareness for Fujitsu as the only brand delivering in the UK today Demonstrate Fujitsu’s ability to guide and advise
    7. 7. Target audience Complex decision-making unit Difficult to reach and heavily marketed to Target influencers as well as decision makers: Influencer: C-Suite Core Target - Decision Maker: IT Director & CIO Influencer: IT Management
    8. 8. Our approach – content creation Deliver a broad spectrum of highly relevant content to all target audiences in support of the campaign objectives: Video content for IT decision makers Video content for C-Suite influencers “Snapshot of marketplace” research report Practical “hands-on” guide “Hot Topic” Insight papers Create a content repository for all content in various formats
    9. 9. Video Content C-Suite Influencers IT Decision Makers Management Today Computer Business Review Interviews with prominent Probing video interview with industry spokespeople: 2 Fujitsu experts CEO and Founder, Regus Editor took on the voice of the CIO of Rentokill Initial IT Director Marketing Director of British Gas Co-branded “info zone” offering CEO of The Reading Room additional information, CIO / CTO of Fujitsu UK Insights Whitepapers
    10. 10. Research Report – Early Adopters 100 “early adopters” share their experiences of cloud computing Reflecting on changing marketplace No actual case studies available “Proof” of adoption needed
    11. 11. Online insights Online interactive MPU and social media (twitter) polling allowed us to: Real-time feedback from target audience Gain insights on important topics Identify gaps in suite of content Responses highlighted “hot topics” Cloud Security Contractual terms and lock-ins
    12. 12. Practical Guide The White Book of Cloud Adoption Produced in consultation with UK CIOs – for a UK CIO audience No-nonsense guide with practical advice form Fujitsu specialists Established the business case for the technology Outlined the options and best practices for cloud adoption
    13. 13. Creating relevant content Research Opinion CBR M.Today Opinion Practical Report Piece Video Videos Piece Guide : Peer to peer : Social media : Brand specialists
    14. 14. Our approach – content distribution Place our content in the hands of our target audience through multi- touch communications: Direct Comms (email and Direct Mail) Media Partnerships Computer Business Review Management Today CIO.co.uk Events (roundtable discussions) Telemarketing (sales nurturing) Search (optimisation) Social Media (twitter community)
    15. 15. Social Media Partnership with IDG to create a topical discussion community around Cloud Computing A content manager was deployed to create tweets around valuable news stories, insights and competitive activity, as well as sharing Fujitsu content with the audience Traffic drivers and a hosted content zone featured on CIO.co.uk Twitter community of over 2030 IT leaders and is ranked in the top 3% of all Twitter accounts globally for influence and relevance 1:1 communications were also initiated when a follower fitted the campaigns prospect profile
    16. 16. Content distribution - Atomisation 10 individual Breakfast tweets Briefing / Opinion Piece Roundtable Single piece of content Research infographic 2 Blog posts PR A webinar opportunities
    17. 17. Results 6,000 interactions with campaign content over 12 months 2,000 views of the Management Today videos More than 1,000 whitepaper / document downloads 50 conversations with prospects from 200 target organisations Feedback from the sales force: content strategy played a direct role in influencing prospects Marketing ROI of 106:1 in 12 months
    18. 18. “To see 70 per cent of our leading prospects for Cloud come directly from our content marketing effort shows how effective a targeted and relevant content strategy can be in the buying chain.” James Collister Head of Campaigns Fujitsu UK & Ireland
    19. 19. Eoin RodgersTactical Planner - DirectionGroup uk.linkedin.com/in/eoinrodgers @eoinrodgerswww.DirectionGroup.com