Business goes social - the winning differentiator is the level of engagement


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This session focuses on making social media work in B2B - ensuring your brand connects with the right audience, in the right space, in the right way.

How effective is social media in the B2B marketing toolkit?
What is best-practice?
Should you have a social media marketing strategy?
What are the tools and technologies you should be using to engage your audience?
With a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlighting that “the winning differentiator is no longer the product or the price, but the level of engagement – the degree to which a company has success in creating a long-term relationship with the customer” – it becomes clear how important it is for B2B marketers to access all channels to increase engagement with customers.

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Business goes social - the winning differentiator is the level of engagement

  1. 1. Business Goes SocialThe winning differentiator is the level of engagement
  2. 2. } • Understand the customer agenda • Understand the customer journey • Create customer champions
  3. 3. } • Integrate data and use it intelligently • Define what equates to a ‘good lead’ • Control • Be brave
  4. 4. } • Market to your customers’ customers • Focus on customers • Consider intermediaries and value chain • Power to your people • Advocacy and communities are becoming critical
  5. 5. Content Conversation ConnectionUnderstand the importance of Social media is a conversation Don’t forget about the persongood content. Whether original media, but the audience is not behind the keyboard - youror curated from other sources, waiting for you to talk to them, customers AND those within yoursocial media activity is not good content is key to gaining the business. Content that engages uspossible without something to right audience. as humans is what people findtalk about. most interesting, but you also need to think about your connections; who they are and what they need and actually want from you – it can’t all be fun and games.
  6. 6. Lists and ‘snooping’