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B2B Lead Generation - the content that will work for you


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Content and lead generation should be the closest of bedfellows, yet recent research discovered that very few UK B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy, let alone one that considers its role in lead generation. This session will outline the strategies that you can employ to improve your content, assets and email lead generation campaigns.

Key points to be discussed:

• Current B2B lead generation and content marketing trends
• How to design the perfect content strategy for lead generation
• What content works for email lead generation (and why)
• 7 golden rules for asset download (and the 7 things that will doom your campaign)

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B2B Lead Generation - the content that will work for you

  1. 1. B2B Lead Generation: making content work for youPresented by: Mike Convey, Commercial Director, emedia
  2. 2. Running OrderWho are emedia?What are the current B2B content marketing and leadgeneration trends?How assets correlate to the buying cycleReal-life examplesDo‟s and Don‟ts
  3. 3. Who are emedia?A leading provider of business lead generation services. A division of Operating since 1999, Reed Business advertising and lead Information, generation services to Europe’s largest business B2B and B2C clients. publisher. 75+ UK email bulletins sent Offer a range of tailored to subscribers via services to provide turn-key permission-based lead generation. subscriptions.Strong subscriber engagement to deliver effective, asset-backed leadgeneration and awareness.500,000+ business leads for customers each year.
  4. 4. Assets or content?
  5. 5. B2B content marketing trendsIndependent research intoUK-based B2B marketers‟ plans forlead generation and content marketing.Overview: Lead generation is marketers’ primary goal Few have a clear content strategy (26%) Little cohesion to align content to lead generation Assets being produced are better suited to converting existing leads Email ranked most effective lead generation channel and the most important channel for distributing content.
  6. 6. B2B content marketing trendsWhat are the 3 most effective channels you use togenerate leads? 1
  7. 7. B2B content marketing trends 90% of B2B companies What are the main marketing objectives that you are market with content, trying to achieve with the content that you produce? spending 26% of their budgets on it.1 78% of marketers say driving sales and leads is the main goal of content marketing.2 Developing content is the biggest challenge that marketers face when undertaking lead generation activities.31. Content Marketing Institute/Marketing ProfsSurvey 20112. HiveFire - B2B Marketing Trends 20113. B2B Marketing - Lead Generation &Nurturing Benchmarking Report 2012
  8. 8. B2B content marketing trendsWhat will be the two most important channels in the next12 months for distributing your content? The most effective lead generation channel is email. + The main use of content is for lead generation. + The most important channel for distributing content is email.
  9. 9. B2B content marketing trends What types of content do you expect to be producing in the next 12 months?Does the contentyou produce bestfit your objectivesand the channelyou plan to use?!“Content Marketing is allthe marketing that’s left!”Seth Godin
  10. 10. Content for lead generationContent has 5 main functions within B2B marketing: Provide Prove Educate and evidence capability inform the that you’ll fix and status in audience their your field problems Create Differentiate confidence from your in your competitors solutionGood content for lead generation won’t necessarily work fornurturing, conversion or thought leadership purposes.
  11. 11. Map your buying cycleMap your buying cycle and identify prospects’ positions in it. Evaluate your Force them to Identify need/ Find solutions/ solution/ act/ Purchase Realisation Awareness Consideration Decision Experience/RepurchaseTarget prospects within each zone….plan content production to fulfil stage-specific information needs.
  12. 12. Asset types that fit your funnel Infographics Realisation Articles and newsletters identify need Market guides Blogs How-to guides Awareness White Papers seek solutions Webinars Product guides Demonstrations Video Consideration evaluate solutions Case studies Testimonials Press releases Events Decision Product comparisons Price matrixes Purchase
  13. 13. Assets for email lead generationSo what makes the best assets for email lead generation?An asset that fits within the realisation, awareness or considerationstages.One that: Sells the problem (or opportunity) Proves you know what you’re talking about Shows their problem can be fixed (by you) Displays that you’re credible and different Demonstrates that you’re easy to deal with.
  14. 14. Assets for email lead generationThe 7 GOLDEN rules for top lead generation assets:1. Keep it short - or at least break up into manageable sections 2. Keep it fresh - old, outdated content will frustrate the prospect 3. Keep it accessible - free from jargon and convoluted acronyms 4. Mix it up - use all the tactics at your disposal 5. Highlight the benefits - note the features 6.Tell a story - give them something they want to read 7. Killer headline - make it as alluring as possible.
  15. 15. Pitfalls of assetsThe 7 thing that will DOOM your lead generation assets to failure:1. Sales-led conversation - a sure-fire way to turn-off your prospect 2. Data-heavy insights - give it some visual representation 3. Dishonesty - always strive to provide what you offered 4. Inconsistency - buyers need a constant, consistent message 5. Dull & un-engaging - get creative 6. Lack of targeting - map your persona profile and use 7. Visually uninspiring - looks matter.
  16. 16. Asset matrix Pros ConsWhitepapers • Trusted source of information • Can seem ‘heavy’ and a long read ‘for later’ • Detailed & varied, often structured • Sometimes just downloaded by with problems/ solutions and finish information gatherers with specsGuides, • Quick read that’s easily shared • Short life, high volume leadTop-tips & providerInfographics • Can drive large quantities of leads • Quality of lead can be varied and may need nurturingBrochures & • Very high quality leads • Hard to get volume response, dueWebinars to specificity • Easiest type of lead to convert • Can be very ‘salesy’ and unhelpful
  17. 17. Good assets
  18. 18. Planning and producing your assetsThere are 3 common hurdles to great assets: „I haven‟t got the time.‟ „I don‟t have the resources.‟ „My website already has enough content.‟To get over them, take a logical path to developing your assets: Generate Use a trusted ideas, involving Create a structured those outside your writer/producer wireframe plan silo (internal or external) Use creative design Amend, share to present the internally and information develop interestingly
  19. 19. SummaryKey takeaways: Content Match Email is still Asset titles marketing for the most are key - be assets to lead important relevant and buying generation is channel on-trend cycle stage increasing Different Keep the assets Don‟t push a prospect in produce sales pitch mind different leads
  20. 20. accelerated leadgeneration Contact: +44 (0)207 098 2200 30 Farringdon Street London EC4A 4HH emedia is a division of Reed Business Information Limited, part of the Reed Elsevier Group plc. Reed Business Information Limited is a company registered in England & Wales. Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey. SM2 5AS. Company Number: 151537 VAT Number: GB 235 7235 65