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Sense and simplicity in professional networking - Kors van Wyngaarden & Patrick Filius


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The ‘social’ CRM strategy at Philips Healthcare, more specific the award-winning Innovations in Health-project on LinkedIn.

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Sense and simplicity in professional networking - Kors van Wyngaarden & Patrick Filius

  1. 1. #b2bnl
  2. 2. Sense and simplicity in professional networkingKors van Wyngaarden, MD, MBA Patrick FiliusMarketing Director Imaging SystemsGSS International, Philips Patrick.Filius@Celerantconsulting.com @vanwyn Twitter: @patrickfilius
  3. 3. Royal Philips
  4. 4. Philips 2012Focused on health and well-being €22.6 Billion in sales1 million A leader in healthcare for More than 100,000 patentCustomers purchaseour products every day over 100 years and design rights 5 Healthcare was 10% of Philips in 2000
  5. 5. Professional Networking in 2012
  6. 6. Think in different channels BOUGHT MEDIA OWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA Media space that we Philips owned and Conversations people buy e.g. bannering, controlled properties are having about your online advertising, e.g., brand/products online. search marketing(CPC), Philips YouTube These happen whether mailings, rental lists, channel, our email you listen or not; be content seeding , etc.. database there, participate and channelize.
  7. 7. Social media objectivesadvertise & listen participate energize & promote supportUse of social media Gather intelligence, Join discussions on Facilitate interactionto just feed news is monitor discussions, existing social between companynot a good long term measure sentiment; platforms and and customers andstrategy. communities; between peers on Pick up on issues owned and controlledSocial is not a feed! and follow-up through Follow corporate communities. Provide other channels. participation help, channel when guidelines. appropriate. encourage promoters to become promoters IRL actively manage / contain detractors facilitate & moderate a stage for peers to connect business Motivate peers use platform to show expertise intelligence Guard quality and relevance
  8. 8. Listening
  9. 9. Listen Inside Health | A Social Listening Platform PATIENT CHATTER Platform for Collaborative problem-solving DOCTOR INSIGHTS INNOVATION TRENDS CHATTER Peer-to-Peer MARKET + CHATTER Philips Experts10
  10. 10. Process | Of extracting relevant data Awareness Month Risk Factors Detection Methods Sentiment: Disappointment
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. Listen Inside Health 13
  13. 13. Building Relationships in Communities
  14. 14. Three pillars for Healthcare Professionals Me as a Professional amongst my peers facilitated by PhilipsMe as a Professional keeping up to dateprovided by Philips Me doing business with Philips managed by Philips
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Objectives  Demonstrate thought leadership  Help build (online) relationships  Enable identification of customers  Build customer opt-in e-mail database KPI’s  Demonstrate thought leadership  Number of members  Number of visits  E-mail newsletter subscriptionsGetInsideHealth is sponsored, not owned  Net Promoter Score
  17. 17. Content distribution strategy Discussion Groups Mobile Appsemail Newsletters RSS Micro Blogs Video Sharing
  18. 18. Objectives Build thought leadership Engage with target audience Facilitate peer 2 peer discussions Gain customer insights Earlier detection of product issuesKPI’s Number of members Number of discussions “customer engagement” Insights generated Net Promoter Score
  19. 19. So, why Linkedin?Three perspectives on the use of social media professional private internal sharing updates conversations with peers sharing project about private life, fun with common interests information, events and activities in other companies collaborate and about thoughts, articles, discuss with news, career and trends. colleagues
  20. 20. Why LinkedIn• LinkedIn already has a large group of the target audience registered• >100 million members growing with 3 million every month• 5 million Healthcare professionals in (Jan-2010) worldwide, more than doubling every year, with possibility to do accurate targeting• Early mover advantage , now (one of) the largest Healthcare groups on LinkedIn• Leveraging of the LinkedIn expertise and tools to jump start our own social media initiatives.• Fish where the fish are 21
  21. 21. Survey September 2011
  22. 22. Overview KPI’s
  23. 23. KPI’s for Philips Healthcare.Thought leadership .RelationshipCLINICAL CONTENT FACILITATING THE DIALOGUEe.g. GetInsideHealth which is a Philips-sponsored e.g. Innovations in Health ,our LinkedIn groupinitiative offering clinical insights where medical professionals can discuss, sharethrough original and independent peer-reviewed and foster clinical innovations through unbrandedcontent and objective peer-to-peer discussions.KPI’s: KPI’s: Engagement KOLs & societies  Number of target customers in the database Other measures for reputation gain (survey)  Level of engagement of members (nr. NPS Discussions etc)  NPS .Insights .Purchase intent SOCIAL LISTENING REPUTATION AND PREFERENCE follow healthcare conversation trends on the Enhance reputation and increase preference web. These trends can give Philips and the level within the purchase funnel medical community insights into what peers and patients are thinking. KPI ‘s: KPI’s:  Hot Leads generated  Gaining insights  Increase preference level purchase funnel  Measuring sentiment
  24. 24. Conclusion
  25. 25. Key learnings Social media…  Listen first  Go where your audience is  Keep it simple, and start small  Content is KING  Monitoring and Moderation is vital  Be open and transparent  Have a trusted host and experts involved  Don’t use for product promotion  Empower staff to participate Work from an overarching marketing strategy