The journey: from lead management to ROI


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Nowadays, digital marketing is developing itself on a day to day basis with better, more intuitive ways to understand and engage with the customer. New techniques, apps and approaches support the creation of rich customer profiles and clear insights into what a (potential) customer wants. As interesting as this is for the modern digital marketer, if sales does not use this information, or has a different view of what the customer wants or needs, many marketing efforts might be useless as they remain unactioned by sales. Marketing and Sales need to be on the journey together to define what the right behavior and interest is, for sales to pick up the lead and close the deal.

Now it the right moment to create this mutual view on customer behavior, marketing leads turned into sales leads, shared goals and shared gains: ROI from our investments!The Journey

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  • Customers / prospectsUser experience, ease of doing business, offer valueSalesClose the loop, understandexpectationsMarketingdefineeffective marketing campaigns, create leadsBusiness linesFund the marketing, demandresults
  • everybodythat we captured contact details from, was considered a lead.
  • And whatif I askthemwhat a qualified online lead is?Oursalesneverconsidered online to be important fortheirwork. they had onedemand: the website was up! the challenge is to gettheminvolved. We didnot do thispro-actively. onlywhen we wereable to getsomeresults, we started to engagewiththem. Oursalesindicatedthatthey are in touch with all keydecision makers in their account… Really? yourglobal account has 000’s of designers all over the world… let alone all design housestheyworkwith. We had to have proof to interest them and show ouraddedvalueClose Global Marketing – Business Line cooperation… nosales in thisequationHowever, sales are the closing part of the loopNo sales engagement, noresults
  • This is anongoingdiscussion in NXP. Marketing seesmuch more types of responses fromcustomers as leads, and sales wants / needs to focus. We now have a definition of a qualified lead that all salesworkwith, AND a platform that shows all relevant activities of a customer onlineClearlydefined stages in the funnelClearhand-over pointClearexpectation of what is to bedonenext
  • Key accountswork in a different platform, werenotengaged, had noknowledge. thissituation is notacceptable, but was realistic. At the same time, digital marketing was convincedthat we had createdgods gift to business creation. Processworked, had a link to existingsystems, and offeredvalue… And all of that without ever asking a salespersonwhattheywanted / needed…
  • Managing leads is drivenbyresults. Internal (ownsales) and external (
  • key is to alignwith all stakeholdersDo not stop talking… You do notknoweverythingnow, and even lessabout the situationtomorrow. ifyoudon’t, yourcompetitionwilltakeawayyour businessTakeawaydoubts, eitherby a goodstructured story, orbyreallifeexamples
  • disbelievenocooperationno interestenthusiasmeagernessforresultsmanagement to tellyou to speed up…
  • The journey: from lead management to ROI

    1. 1. The journey…from lead management to ROI Alex Ballering Global Lead Management and Direct Marketing Semiconductors
    2. 2. Who are NXP?NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) providesHigh Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Productsolutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, PowerManagement, Interface, Security and Digital Processingexpertise. These innovations are used in a wide rangeof automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure,lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computingapplications. A global semiconductor company withoperations in more than 25 countries, NXP postedunaudited revenue of $4.36 billion in 2012.Additional information can be found byvisiting
    3. 3. Our target audience? Complex DMU: Design engineers Purchasing management Component engineers Quality department 9-24 months design cycle Complex Design process: OEM EMS IDH Distributors Value added resellers
    4. 4. Agenda: the road to ROIDefining stakeholders and rolesGetting sales on boardMutual view of the ‘truth’Convert your prospectsmeasure and manage Quality vs QuantityKey take aways
    5. 5. Define stakeholders and roles1. Customers / prospects2. Sales3. Global Marketing4. Business lines Q: Who in this room is end-to-end responsible for P&L related to campaigning and lead management?
    6. 6. Day 1 traffic
    7. 7. Getting sales on board Business lines GlobalMarketingQ: If I ask two sales people in your organization what a qualified lead is, will they give the same answer?
    8. 8. Day 2 traffic nurturing lead sharing pilot
    9. 9. Mutual view of the ‘truth’ Why? When? Towhom? What? Q: can anybody give an example of differences in the points of view from marketing or sales Q: Which marketeer has requested sales to define what they would like to receive as a qualified lead?
    10. 10. stop the discussion
    11. 11. Day 3 traffic nurturing lead sharing channel lead sharing key accounts
    12. 12. Reality in NXP• Great process in theory• Mgmt: Prove yourself• Roadshow• Result: • Engagement higher than ever • More and new evidence of added value
    13. 13. Day 4 traffic nurturing lead sharing channel lead sharing key accounts improved lead filtering Financial feedback
    14. 14. Convert your audienceGo wild on your marketing! The FUN part, but also the ‘easy’ part…
    15. 15. Day 5 traffic nurturing lead sharing channel lead sharing key accounts improved lead filtering Financial feedback
    16. 16. Measure and manageQ: Who has sales complaining about the quantity of leads shared?Q: Who has changed the process or definitions of aqualified lead after the first actual leads coming in?
    17. 17. Day 6 traffic nurturing lead sharing channel lead sharing key accounts improved lead filtering Financial feedback
    18. 18. Are $$ coming in?
    19. 19. Day 7 traffic nurturing lead sharing channel lead sharing key Performance monitoring, accounts expanding lead sources and improved lead filteringdefinition, predictive investing, Financial intense nurturing feedback
    20. 20. two kinds of stakeholdersI don’t I believebelieve
    21. 21. eye openers Sales (partners) are not waiting in line for leads… Do you recognize this? Everybody is waiting for the big fish…Do your sales see this as a threat, treat it with scepticism? Until they see potential $$, leads are a waste of time…
    22. 22. Key take-awaysOngoing discussion with marketing and salesAgree on the funnel and the hand-overremove scepticism with facts, ambassadors andsuccess storiesTranslate marketing into sales languageEmbed lead mgmt in ‘normal’ sales process
    23. 23. My ambassadors… The information supports the carry over of products from one platform to We are heavily engaged in the next, offering the ability to claimdiscussions around the key chip the new design wins (Continental) sets. The Lead management information is adding to the solution selling approach (Continental) I did not know the interest in this particular device, this is an excellent trigger to get in touch (HP) Please make sure it adds value to our process and It makes sense to link aminimizes the activities that sample request to SFDC. We we need to do (Philips) have made new contacts in our account (Samsung)
    24. 24. Thank you!