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How to create a love story between marketing and sales (Kieran Flanagan)


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It’s no secret the better aligned your sales and marketing teams are, the more success your business will see. The challenge is keeping both your marketing and sales teams on the same page. There is an inherent distrust between marketing and sales. Marketing don’t feel sales do a great job at following up on the leads they are given and sales don’t feel marketing do a great job at giving them enough leads or the right type of leads. How do you fix that problem?

This session will cover how you create a more profitable funnel by aligning your marketing and sales team to generate the right type of leads, nurture these and convert them into customers.

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How to create a love story between marketing and sales (Kieran Flanagan)

  1. 1. Kieran Flanagan @searchbrat “Highly motivated marketing geek high on data crack.”
  2. 2. LET’S FACE IT.
  3. 3. You end up with a lot of conversations like …
  4. 4. HubSpot & LinkedIn Survey
  5. 5. 81% of salespeople share relevant, professional updates on their social networks at least once per week.
  6. 6. 40% of marketers don’t think salespeople do a good job of sharing the content they provide.
  7. 7. 41% of marketers do not use buyer personas.
  8. 8. 95% of marketers said that lead quality is important to them …. … but only 5% of them think they give sales a perfect fit lead.
  9. 9. Only 6% of salespeople think that marketing gives them perfect-fit leads.
  10. 10. Marketing and Sales Agree !
  11. 11. Marketing has no idea who they’re marketing to!
  12. 12. it gets worse
  13. 13. 59% of marketers have no formal agreement with Sales … and 40% of marketers don’t even know what a marketing- qualified lead is
  14. 14. 1 Identify what matters to sales & marketing 2 Create a shared buyer persona 3 Define a Service Level Agreement Let’s Create Our Love Story 4 Define shared metrics for sales & marketing
  16. 16. Your Customer
  17. 17. Grow Top of Funnel Shorten Sales Cycle Upsell to Customers Top Corporate Objective is Revenue New Leads Close more Opps Sell more to customers Ensure that your revenue growing efforts are aligned across Sales & Marketing
  18. 18. Product marketing to bridge the gap
  19. 19. Know your competition
  21. 21. MARKETING MARY • Professional marketer (VP, Director, Manager) • Mid-sized company (25-200 employees) • Small marketing team (1-5 people) • BComm (BU), MBA (Babson) • 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6) Goals: • Support sales with collateral and leads • Manage company communications • Build awareness Challenges: • Too much to do • Not sure how to get there • Marketing tool and channel mess Loves HubSpot because: • Easy to use tools that make her life easier • Learn inbound marketing best practices • Easier reporting to sales and CEO
  22. 22. Alignment Across Funnel Leads Generate the right Traffic and Leads Pipeline Convert a higher rate into opportunities Sales More happy, successful customers
  24. 24. Track the # of Marketing Qualified Leads Track progress on these same marketing qualified events.
  25. 25. Figure out your SLA € Demo € Trial € Contact Sales € IMA
  27. 27. “Sales and marketing must have a unified picture of the funnel.”
  28. 28. Define Key Metrics Leads The # of new leads you bring in. Pipeline The # of leads you qualify for sales follow-up. Sales The number of leads who convert into customers. Identify the metrics essential for sales & marketing success
  29. 29. Define Key Metrics OWNED BY MARKETING
  30. 30. Marketing are Empowered 60% of the sales cycle is over – before a buyer talks to your salesperson. Corporate Executive Board:
  31. 31. a. Visits per channel b. Leads per channel c. Visit-to-lead ratio per channel d. Lead-to-customer ratio per channel Track Leads Across Different Sources
  32. 32. Workable New Leads Dashboard
  33. 33. Leads Followed Up & Forecast
  34. 34. Frequent Public Transparent Marketing Shared Dashboards
  36. 36. Examples of Marketing Qualified Leads: Contact who downloaded an ebook on lead gen, company is 200-1,000 employees & in the UK. A contact at a company in the UK who filled out the form to request a sales demo or started a trial. A contact at a company whose role makes him/her a decision maker, e.g. Director.
  37. 37. Examples of Sales Qualified Leads: Is the contact a primary decision maker? Do they have a defined project? Do they have a budget? Do they have a defined time frame?
  38. 38. Sales Converts Opportunities into Customers OWNED BY SALES
  39. 39. Track # of New Customers Generated Ensure that your marketing efforts are bringing in new customers
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Thank You