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Content marketing in practice: the biggest challenge seems to be to create great, effective and the right amount of content, whether articles, whitepapers or videos. How can you efficiently manage your content, re-purpose when needed and get more content out of your events?

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  • Additional ideas: to present the results, create a separate hand out, create an audio / blogradio series
  • The rule of 5 is that each and every content development undertaking should produce content assets that can be used at least 5 different ways. That also means that it needs careful planning
  • Content marketing: Recycling content | case studies – Ingrid Archer – spotONvision

    1. 1. #b2bnl
    2. 2. Content Marketing Recycling Case Studies By: Ingrid Archer, spotONvision 20th March 2012@ingridarcher
    3. 3. Charlotte@ingridarcher
    4. 4. List of possibilities@ingridarcher
    5. 5. 80% of your marketing materials is not used (source: IDC)@ingridarcher
    6. 6. Content for each phase in buying cycle@ingridarcher
    7. 7. @ingridarcher
    8. 8. The Content Challenges in NL - 2012 Main challenges are: • Interaction through content • Producing enough content • Producing right variety of content spotONvision & TNS NIPO B2B Markeitng Barometer 2012@ingridarcher
    9. 9. @ingridarcher
    10. 10. Why?  Budget  Plenty on the shelf  Reaching target audience through different channels/ways  Why invent the wheel again  Search Engine Optimization@ingridarcher
    11. 11. Repurposing: Start Big and Break Down@ingridarcher
    12. 12. The long life of a Survey Interview with the author Press release Summary of the results Blog post about the survey in general 1 article per chapter Webinar about the survey Survey results online@ingridarcher
    13. 13. The long life of an Event Video interview all speakers Impression video Report of the day 6 short articles eBook Webinar about same topic Masterclass@ingridarcher
    14. 14. Annual Reports: pick out the clever bits@ingridarcher
    15. 15. Repurposing: Start Small and go Big@ingridarcher
    16. 16. The long life of an article Publish 1 by 1 over time Bundle articles into 1 paper Blog post about the paper in general Webinar series per chapter Ppts on Slideshare Series of articles@ingridarcher
    17. 17. Good Stuff for recycling and repurposing Quality Do’s & Don’ts Annual The Employee Control for when working Reports & Manual Manufacturing with clients Brochures Magazines and Articles Whitepapers Powerpoints newsletters Content from Q&A’s Videos Events customers Infographics Demos@ingridarcher
    18. 18. Example: Quality Control Manual Make sure the front wheel is tightened completely before you put the bicycle out on the floor 20% of bicycle accidents happen because some part of the bike wasn’t properly installed. The front wheel is the common culprit, so make sure the front wheel is part if the pre-ride safety check Source: Ian Lurie@ingridarcher
    19. 19. Why invent the wheel?@ingridarcher
    20. 20. Remember: The Rule of 5@ingridarcher
    21. 21. Want more?Free download: eBook on Content Marketing (in Dutch!)