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Business Info for Travel Companies from B2Bdatapartners

  1. 1. Steal our Travel Plans Travel and Tourism Marketing SolutionsB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 1/14
  2. 2. WHAT WE OFFER More than just Marketing! CUSTOMIZED DATA SOLUTIONS END-TO-END MARKETINGB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 2/14
  3. 3. Customized Data SolutionsB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 3/14
  4. 4. Why you need us 40 times more oil than expected has been recently discovered in US alone Travel charts should see a fall in prices by December 2012 A boom is coming And you are not ready to grab it We are sure your business is still in adjustment mode But now is the time for marketing We have the MARKETING DATABASE you’ve been missingB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 4/14
  5. 5. Our Data Solutions for Travel and Tourism Enterprises What our MARKETING DATABASE comprises for the Travel and Tourism sector C-level information Phone Company • Hotels Email IDs • Airlines numbers details • Tourist Destinations • Travel agencies Social Detailed media IDs addresses• Restaurant chain owners• Raw food producers• Tour guides• Site specialists• Attorneys All SIC Codes available• Travel website ownersvB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 5/14
  6. 6. A Small Cross‐Section of our Data Solutions Transport Hoteliers, Transport agents and hotel Hospitality owners managers Food & Food Agriculture suppliers Industry Details Profile (company, Details institution, (individual, program people related) related) Private Petroleum gas suppliers Training Examples of Data Expert and fitness useful in travel trainers and tourismB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 6/14
  7. 7. What we do for your database Expand • Add parties that are interested • Add latest or in‐use contacts • Focus on all kinds of new players Improve • Remove database redundancies • Correct missing/inconsistent fields • Segment data for easier searchingB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 7/14
  8. 8. Our Data Purchasing Plans PROCURE business contacts from us LICENSE them out from us, or better still… SUBSCRIBE to up‐to‐the‐minute business intelligenceB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 8/14
  9. 9. The Process We Follow on our Data RunwayB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 9/14
  10. 10. Our Data Services in a nutshell… Fill 80% of your Know about best database with real prices from market investors research Supply chains having Grab the best bulk the best transit deals from records trustworthy sources Real-time Enroll tour requirements in all managers from big tourism facilities corporationsB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 10/14
  11. 11. End‐to‐End MarketingB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 11/14
  12. 12. What we do for Marketing your Travel and Tourism Enterprise Website Development Research Web Management Pay ‐ per ‐ click Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Management Strategize Product Marketing Content Management Plan AND MORE… PROPEL OUT THE MARKETING Engage you CAMPAIGNS!B2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 12/14
  13. 13. Results of Custom‐Marketing your Travel and Tourism Business More tour managers Push your testimonial seeking a deal scores up Channelize your travel Get online visits from deals through in people who haven’t demand websites even heard about you Organize large‐scale Become a reputed Industrial tours travel companyB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 13/14
  14. 14. The Final Result A consistently growing Travel and Tourism brand Popularity of brand merchandise and widespread acceptance of your plans and packages A consistently increasing customer base And here you areB2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:- 14/14
  15. 15. B2BdatapartnersWebsite:- | Phone:- 800-382-4081 | Email:-