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1      Your company’s                                                             2       Matched with             Databas...
All the data that needs appending                              Once picked up by our appending                 is identifi...
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Data appending-process


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The 5 stages of data appending process

Published in: Technology
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Data appending-process

  1. 1. Email Us: Visit Us: Call Us: 800-382–4081
  2. 2. 1 Your company’s 2 Matched with Database our master database 3 The entire data is then manually verified by our team 4 Send opt-in messages to customers 5 Your company’s contact Database is now enhanced & updatedEmail Us: Visit Us: Call Us: 800-382–4081
  3. 3. All the data that needs appending Once picked up by our appending is identified by the client and team, these file are put through a compiled in one file. We ask the complete formatting process. The client file is matched with our client to upload the entire file master database of 150 million through our secure FTP. Although, business records. During this this database can be converted to process, whenever a name, any format, however, it is usually address, or business name converted to CSV files. These matches with any data in the client CSV files are then sent to our file, the corresponding email appending team, where address is added from the master technicians use both manual and database to client’s records. This automated appending process. process is repeated till all the records have been exhausted. Once the matching process is done, the appended emails are Once the verification has been dispatched to the verification team done a standard message is sent for validation. Each of these to all newly appended emails as emails are verified and validated decreed under the CAN-SPAM one by one. This is both a manual Act. This exercise is undertaken to and automated process. The express client’s wish to verification team tests the communicate with the recipients deliverability of the appended via emails. The recipients are also email. Our standard match rates given an opportunity to opt-out of are usually over 90%. the mailing list if they desire. This step can be performed by the client themselves or by us. Usually we execute this process. After 7 business days, the opt-out emails are removed from the file. Upon completion of these stages, the updated database is reformatted and re- verified by the appending team for one Want to append final time, to remove discrepancies, if Missing Data? any. The file is then converted to it’s original format and delivered to the client Contact Us by or within the delivery date. We provide Call Toll Free: the client with an option to upload the appended file in their FTP or send via any 800-382-4081 other media. For security reasons, no file is sent to the client via email. Visit Us at: www.b2bdatapartners.comEmail Us: Visit Us: Call Us: 800-382–4081